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This week Jaime introduces us to OKC Riversport.
OKC Riversport

Thursday, June 16 2011, 09:43 PM CDT

Jaime's Favorite Things Blog

Jaime's Favorite Things: Hummus Cafe

Hi friends!!

I have long been in love with some HUMMUS. I'm not sure what started this obsession or how I even got introduced to this deliciousness, but I eat it almost every single day. I used to have a problem with it. I'd come home after work and just devour a whole container. Since then, I've learned moderation and portion out two tablespoons along with some carrots and eat it after our news meeting most days. So when I found a restaurant NAMED Hummus Mediterranean Cafe, you know I had to go!

We were greeted by owner and restauranteur Ammar Abu-Eisheh. He was born in Kuwait, moved to Jordan, and then to OKLAHOMA. That's quite a route, eh? He says Oklahoma was the very first state he ever came to here in the great USA, and he just fell in love. Ammar says he loves the genuine and kind people here. He has a background in the hospitality field and loves making people feel at home. That's probably why when he and his wife had friends over for dinner, the friends would rave!! They were enamored by the Mediterranean dishes the family served up on the regular for dinner. That's how Ammar knew, Oklahoma would be enamored too. He opened Hummus Cafe as an extension of their home. He went into business with his nephews and says all the wives "touched" the restaurant too. The decor, the colors, the fixtures, the designs, the secret recipes all come from the ladies of the family. This truly is an extension of their home. I love the story behind this business.. but let's start talking about the FOOD.

I'll start with the rice.. because when do you ever start with the RICE!? This basmati rice must be soaked in awesome sauce. (Hee Hee) It was almost to the point of a risotto. It was so good. It has a rich, creamy, and buttery flavor. I could eat this rice all day long, any day, every day. Go for the rice!! We sampled so many things.. The falafel is a new favorite dish of mine. This one was great!! The tabouli really fresh and had that zing you want. I liked that they serve olives and pickled beets with the hummus which, of course, is homemade and amazing! I loved every single thing I tried there. The chicken skewer is the most popular dish. The steak kabob is a great choice too. But I have to tell you, the most interesting and flavorful meats I tried there were the gyro meat and the kofta. Both are a combination of beef and lamb. A quick Wikipedia search tells me kofta is like a Mediterranean meatloaf. It's good!! If you want to try a lot, order the "Royal Platter".. you'll get chicken, kofta, and steak. Then have a friend order the Gyro Plate. #Winning!!  They make the pita bread right there and I love lots and lots of that yummy tzatziki sauce. Heaven. Ok, now I'm hungry again.  But before we left, Ammar brought us dessert too! Take the Baklava to go!!

Enjoy!! Enjoy!!

See you tonight at nine.


Hummus Mediterranean Cafe

811 SW 19th St. Ste. G

Moore, OK 73160

Phone: 405.759.7024

Fax: 405.237.3286

Mon - Thurs: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Fri - Sat: 11:00am - 10:00pm

Sun: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Website: http://hummusmediterraneancafe.com/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cerreta?ref=hl#!/hummuscafe?fref=ts

Jaime's Favorite Things: Juan Del Fuego

Hi Friends!

Who's ready for breakfast!!? I know I'm always ready for a delicious meal and that's exactly what I found at Juan Del Fuego in Norman.  Juan Herrera has been cooking since he was a teenager.   As the baby of a family of ten, Juan grew up watching his mother in the kitchen.  He left Central Mexico for America and spent years at the grill
in restaurants in Norman.  He loved his work and soon fell in love with a waitress too.  That waitress, Elayne, would soon become Juan's wife and business partner in their new restaurant called Juan Del Fuego.  Juan is on fire while he's at work. He spends nine hour days manning the grill doing, what some say, is the work of five people.   He scrambles
eggs, cooks up burgers, heats potatoes and can flip a mean omelette.  Some folks grab spots at the bar of the restaurant where they face into the open kitchen and watch Juan work while they eat. 
Juan Del Fuego is a breakfast place with some lunch options too. They have a myriad of pancakes, burgers, melts, and chicken fried steak. But if you want something authetic to Juan's childhood, you want to stick to the breakfast menu no matter how late you make it in. Juan says his favorite is the enchiladas and eggs.  It might be my favorite too!  It's what Juan had for breakfast as a child and is served with a dark red sauce that's almost like a mole.  The texture of the cheesy enchiladas with the running yolk of the egg and sauce on top... is ohhhh... my mouth is watering just thinking about it.   This is served with rice and beans.   Amazing!  Get it!!
Another house favorite is the Relleno Omelette.  This is served with garlic, cream cheese, onions and poblano sauce.  It is rich, it is creamy, it is flavorful, it is delicious.  So so good.
Next up, we sample the Papas con Chorizo.  They use a very lean meat and the chorizo is homemade.  This dish consists of two scrambled eggs, chorizo, potatoes and corn tortillas.  The chorizo is spicy and tasty, not greasy, and you can tell it is
made from a leaner meat.  You can taste the difference.   That's what Elayne says about their food.  Their food is fresh and homemade. Salsas, sauces, chorizos, etc.  are all made right there in house. 

Go check out Juan Del Fuego.  Maybe take Mom there for Mother's Day this weekend.
I'll be dreaming of those enchiladas and eggs until I visit again...

See you at nine!!

Juan Del Fuego

223 34th Ave SW, Redbud Plaza (Across from Sam's)
Norman, Oklahoma 73072
Phone    (405) 310-2030
Email    ejfuego@att.net
Tue - Sun: 7:00 am - 2:00 pm


Jaime's Favorite Things: Green Chile Kitchen

Hi friends!

Hope you have been having a good week dealing with this CRAZY Oklahoma weather.  Man, it keeps us on our toes around here.  Most of us working night side got hail damage to our cars Friday, including one of our brand new reporters!!
Now as I type this, it is COLD out there on the second day of May! Well, I got something to warm you up and make you feel all nice and cozy inside.  How about some green chile queso and green chile stew?  Feel better already?? Let me tell you all about Green Chile Kitchen.

If you live in Yukon, it's possible you've known or grown up with Tara Peters. She and her family have been in the area for years. Tara had a long career in education as a principal before moving into the restaurant biz.  Her brother has a  Green Chile Kitchen in San Francisco.  This was inspired by his love of Sante Fe while going to college in New Mexico. Tara and her family decided to do a Green Chile here in Yukon too.  
And she brought out a feast for me to try. Oh, we had so much fun there.  I have to warn you, the enchiladas are flat there. So don't be alarmed. Tara tells me that's how they do it in New Mexico.. so that's how they're served here.  And they're delicious.
You can get the queso with hot or mild green chiles.   The green chile mashed potatoes are like you've died and gone to heaven. If you're eating healthy, they do a beautiful rotisserie chicken and pride themselves on clean, organic chicken.  We had the traditional
green chile stew, the posole with pork and hominy, and I loved loved loved the blue corn beef taco.  It was SO GOOD, so fresh.  For dessert, Tara brought us the green chile apple pie!!! Can you believe it!??! It was spicy, it was sweet, it was fresh, it was delightful!!! 
Plus, she had some really cool drinks... like a watermelon/green chile drink and a lemonade with green chile.  

Go there, share a bunch of plates, devour some queso, and tell 'em I sent you!

See you tonight at nine!

Green Chile Kitchen

Phone:    (405) 265-4346
12 East Main Street
Yukon, Oklahoma 73099
Website: http://www.gckrt66.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Chile-Kitchen-Route-66/364895023590436?ref=ts&fref=ts
Email    info@gckrt66.com

Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Jaime's Favorite Things: Bistro Lorene

Hi friends!

We took a little hiatus from Favorite Things.. partly because of my time off, also because we worked ahead a little bit. That gave me the time to get out of the metro! My first stop.... Chickasha! 

We visited the rather new restaurant of Bistro Lorene. You'll want to check out their Facebook page because they are interactive and great at posting pictures of the special of the day. At Bistro Lorene, they want you to "get twisted". That's because they do down home fresh food twisted just a bit. They'll add cracked pepper to a biscuit recipe or kiwi to a Strawberry Shortcake. And the Meatloaf is AMAZING. Lorene Wood is the mastermind behind these creative dishes. She started cooking as a child and has been re-working classic recipes ever since. She says she always hated hush puppies. Now they are one of the most popular items on the menu (and she likes them now too!). I brought them back to the newsroom and one colleague exclaimed "this is the best hush puppy I've ever had".  Another item with a similar story is the meatloaf. I was drooling from the moment Lorene started cooking up that thing. She used a piece of jalapeno bread, piled on a bed a of homemade mashed potatoes, cheese, then cut a healthy serving of meatloaf before topping it with her bacon tomato sauce that is INCREDIBLE.

Lorene is very big on fresh and homemade. She doesn't even have a microwave in the kitchen! You can taste the freshness and enjoy the "twisted" menu. 

See you at nine!!


Bistro Lorene 702 W. Grand Chickasha, OK Phone: (405) 224-0082

Email: bistrolorene@att.net

Tue - Thu: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm Fri: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Sat: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm Sun: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bistro-Lorene/107858249343537


Jaime's Favorite Things: Full Circle Bookstore

Hi Friends!

As I plan some summer travel, I also plan what to read on the planes and in the airport. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to stroll a good bookstore. I've always loved books. I'd buy them all if I had a place to put them. Today, we meet a man who found a place to put all those books.

Jim Tolbert bought a bookstore some 30 years ago. It's moved around Oklahoma City a time or two before Full Circle Bookstore found its home on the first floor of 50 Penn Place. This is no ordinary bookstore. Inside, you find seven rooms, three fireplaces, and a cafe with beer and wine. They also offer live music, book signings, and children's readings. Jim values a knowledgeable staff and he reads up to five books a week to stay informed on his inventory. He says his love of books goes back to childhood where he even ran the school bookstore! Now that he's retired, he spends more time in his book store and more time reading. He believes reading feeds the imagination... and the soul.

At Full Circle Bookstore, they have speciality rooms.. one for children, young adult, and travel. You'll see books either set in Oklahoma or by an Oklahoman marked by a certain buffalo you may get to know. "Pearl" guards the indoor entrance to Full Circle. She is part of that beautiful buffalo campaign we saw a few years ago as artists created their own buffalo statues and set them up across OKC. Pearl is "an inside girl" as Jim calls her. She is wrapped fully in pearls of all sizes and the kids (and myself) love to give Pearl a little pat as they walk into the store. 

If you're looking for a book for some personal growing or a little escape...Jim says ask the staff!! They are great at helping you find the right read for you or a friend.  I asked Jim about the kindle and the turn toward electronic reading. He believes that trend has hit its peak and that the return to the old school book is on the rise. He calls the book "pretty close to being the perfect devise for what it is". And I just love that. Because I agree, there's nothing more relaxing than being curled up with a book, physically turning the pages, marking your place with a cool bookmark, and then (as I do) veryyyyy slowly reading the last final pages of a really good book.

Happy reading!!! See you at nine!


Full Circle Bookstore

1900 Northwest Expy Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (405) 842-2900

Website: http://www.fullcirclebooks.com/index.aspx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FullCircleBookstoreOKC?ref=ts&fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fullcircleokc


Mon-Thurs 10 am-9 pm

Fri & Sat 10 am-10 pm

Sun 12-5 pm

Jaime's Favorite Things: The Salvage Room

Hi Friends!

Happy Spring to you! I am so ready for some warm weather so I can patio hop and stroll through the Plaza District on a warm day. If you haven't been lately, there are several new businesses moving in. I'm so excited by how our community embraces new LOCAL businesses here in OKC. It really is something special about our great city!!

One of our newest businesses in the Plaza District is called The Salvage Room. If you've been to the Mayfair Market at Christmastime, you may have met Rachael, Kelsi, Aimee and Adam. The four Mayfair Heights neighbors found they all had a passion for vintage and worked well together in the Marketplace. So when a space became available in the Plaza they went to work. They put together a business plan overnight, poured their personal collections into the store, and had the place up and running in ten days... just in time for its debut at "Live on the Plaza". Now, they are working the store while working their day jobs and scouring the state and the country for new material for the store. If you like the weird and the wacky, you'll love checking out every little thing here. They have some "very personal" bones from deceased raccoons, skulls from roadkill, broken doll heads, and shadow boxed bats and beetles!! Definitely a lot to take in.

You'll also find great vintage clothing, dresses, and jewelry. They have cool planters like one shaped like a lamb, another shaped like an old phone. The Salvage Room also features a local artist every month. This month, that artist is local tattoo artist Josh Reynolds. He carves a wooden "plate" if you will.. into different shapes (like the shape of Oklahoma) then paints beautiful state birds on them. I found a great magazine stand at The Salvage Room, took it back to work, and put it in my office. It looks great and is just what I needed.

Because inventory is vintage, it rotates quickly. You can follow what they have in the store on Instagram! They've found that's the new way of marketing and will post something new they have in the store. It's fun to watch what they are getting in every day. Got a friend who "has everything"? I bet you can find them an interesting gift at The Salvage Room. Happy shopping!!




(405) 525-0044

Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm









Jaime's Favorite Things: American Top Team OKC

Hi Friends!!

I am so excited it's spring. Hopefully now the weather will start warming up and I can get back to taking some fun and leisurely walks outside!!  The idea of getting outdoors had me thinking about personal safety.
So who else to call on for help but an MMA fighter!?  We headed over the American Top Team Gym where they teach kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, judo, and kids MMA.
Jonathan Gary is the current Sugar Creek lightweight champion and will be defending his title on April 6th at Sugar Creek Casino.  He also teaches kickboxing.   He meets me... not to get in the ring though.  We head to the mat for some self defense moves.  Jonathan shows me how to thwart an attack from behind, how to trip someone coming at you from the front, an easy way to get out of a grip, plus we do a little kicking too.  It was really great advice.  American Top Team is a touted as one of the best MMA training camps in the country.  You can enroll your little one to take classes and they offer many family options as well.  If you're looking for a new way to workout... visit American Top Team
where they believe fitness can be something the whole family enjoys together.

See you at nine!

American Top Team OKC
3010 NW 63rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 810-1034 telephone
(405) 810-1035 fax
Email: customerservice@americantopteamokc.com
Website: http://www.americantopteamokc.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/att.okc?ref=ts&fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ATTOKC

Jaime's Favorite Things: K&K Nursery

Hi friends!

One of my favorite things about my "Favorite Things" segments is getting to share people's passions. At K&K Nursery in Norman, everyone there is passionate about plants. The employees have been there years. The owners have been planting and growing since they were young. Ken and Laura Huckabee are the faces behind K&K Nursery.. named for Ken and Kids.. since Ken's children have worked with him at various times in their lives. Ken grew up on a farm and there he learned a love of weather. He finished his meteorology degree at OU and went on to work at the National Weather Service ((NOAA)) in Norman. He opened a landscaping business after retiring as a meteorologist and when the opportunity came to buy a nursery, he jumped at it. He and Laura love traveling and finding new flowers, plants, and shrubs to bring back to Oklahoma. They say they experiment in their own backyard, creating their own plant paradise in their front and backyards. The Huckabee's say they love being able to help families beautify their homes. If you're looking for help, the folks here are really knowledgeable and will help you get set up with whatever you need! In my segment, I'll learn how to care for my very favorite flower and we will introduce you to a plant that never settles its roots in soil!

See you at nine!


K&K Nursery

17550 South Sooner Road

Norman, Oklahoma 73071

Mon - Sat: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm

Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Website: http://kandknurseryok.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/K-and-K-Nursery-and-Landscape/148425255175223

Jaime's Favorite Things: Guestroom Records

Hi friends!

I love a little nostalgia. And that's what I got the day I walked into Guestroom Records. It reminded me of the place we would go in high school to find new music. We'd bring in our tired old (gasp!) cassette tapes and trade them in for "new to us" tapes. I'm not sure I ever owned that many CDs. But now there is the resurgence of .... THE RECORD.  I love the way Guestroom Records owner, Justin Sowers, described the record. He says there is something magical about taking a needle, placing it into a groove in a piece of  plastic, choosing what song you want to listen to, and then examining the album cover as you let the music play. It is quite romantic, isn't it? I have to say.. I was rather tempted by the brand new $99 pink record player I saw sitting at the front of the store. It would look perfect in my living room. I may just have to go for it.

Justin fell in love with records while a student at OU. He and his friends would buy and sell records. Soon they had a collection so big, they carried it around it big plastic tubs and would visit with friends looking to buy. Now they are three stores big, with Guestroom Records in Norman, OKC, and in Bricktown. It is an amazing place and I love the artwork that is for sale there too.  Bring in your old music and find something new!

See you at nine!


Guestroom Records

Website: http://guestroom-records.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GuestroomRecords?ref=ts&fref=ts

Twitter https://twitter.com/Guestroom

Norman And Western Ave. Locations:

Mon-Sat 11am-9pm

Sun 1-6pm

Bricktown Location:

Mon-Wed 11am-9pm

Thurs-Sat 11am-11pm

Sun 1-6pm


125 East Main Street, Norman, Oklahoma 73069



3701 N Western Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73118

(405) 601-3859


25 S. Oklahoma Suite 101 (In the ACM@UCO building) Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (405) 601.4465

Mon-Wed 11am-9pm, Thurs-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun 1-6pm

Jaime's Favorite Things: 1 Smart Cookie

Hi Friends,

I have always had a weakness for cookies. I cannot pass up a sugar cookie with icing. I can have a bite and put it down if I don't think it's "a 10". But if it's soft, sweet, and iced adorably... I have absolutely no no no chance against it. I have one sugar cookie down while reaching for another.

This was the day our Social Media Expert Patrick Allmond came to our tv station with treats in hand. He brought us a delicious delivery of mixed cookies from 1 Smart Cookie. The chocolate chip cookies were great, the M&M cookies delish... and the soft, one inch thick, smartly decorated sugar cookie dressed like snowmen were something I could not pass up. I had to know more.

Cindy Hoehner is the owner of 1 Smart Cookie. She started the business seven years ago after baking for PTA and bringing cookies to school for the kids. Now she does company logos with digital imaging and has 600 cookie cutters. So Cindy can create the perfect cookie for any event! Cindy's cookie artists take their time with the decorating, keeping all the edges perfect, and letting  the base icing dry before adding the cute little sprinkles, hearts, etc. that give the cookies such personality.

Let me tell you about that icing!! It has an almond flavor that is TO DIE FOR. If I could only eat one sweet again for the rest of my life, I might just choose that perfectly iced sugar cookie. Cindy and her staff bake up 14 varieties fresh daily! She has chocolate chip, heath, pecan sandies, and so much more. Every single cookie I tried was AMAZING. And what I really loved is that she pulls her cookies out of the oven when they are just done and yet doughy enough for a beautiful soft cookie.  Cindy even sells pre-portioned cookie dough you can keep in the freezer and cookie and icing kits so you can decorate your own cookies at home with the family. If you've got a sweet tooth, company party, shower, birthday... stop by 1 Smart Cookie, and they will make you look like a star. And ask about their "Smart Cookie"... a healthier alternative to the standard cookie.

See you at nine!


1 Smart Cookie

2100 N. Rockwell

Oklahoma City, OK

Our Hours are:

M-F 9:00am - 5:30pm

Saturday 9am - 1:00pm

Call 405-721-5959 to place your order.

Email: Cindy@1SmartCookie.com

Website: http://www.1smartcookie.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/1-Smart-Cookie/66778578435

Twitter: https://twitter.com/1smartcookieokc

Jaime's Favorite Things: Tokyo Pot

Hi Friends!!

I found such a fun place.  Actually, several people told me about it on Facebook. I love that you guys always chime in when I ask for new and interesting places to check out to dine and to play! Thank you! Thank you!
Tokyo Pot is located in Stillwater and features the Asian form of dining called Hot Pot.  Dean Chen, of Tokyo Pot, tells me every Asian country has its own form of Hot Pot.  But at Tokyo Pot, they feature the Japanese version.
The tables are situated in a way that there is a small burner and pot in the center of every plate.  The diners do the cooking!!  On the menu, a platter of raw chicken, seafood, rib eye, or veggies.  You cook 'em up family style, dumping the "non green veggies" in the hot pot.  Then taking the meat of your choice for a small dip. Dean teaches me the method to this cooking madness.  You take a slice of rib eye, dip it in the hot sauce for two counts, extract, dip in a couple of delicious sauces.. and straight to the mouth!  Some of these slices take a bit of commitment for the bite.  It's a mouthful... and it's SO SCRUMBTIOUS.  Dean is a colorful character.  I'm sure if you go in there you will see him bouncing from table to table making small talk and doling out hugs.  I had a blast
getting to know him, his passion for hot pot, and for the people of Stillwater.   We sample both the spicy and sweet sauces. You can go with one or the other or have the ying and yang bowl and have both!  Dean says for his adventurous diners... he brings out the "heaven and hell" sauces.  He says before you can appreciate the sweetness
of heaven, you must handle the "heat" of hell.   The "hell" sauce is chili based and heavy on the habanero.  The "heaven".... EGG YOLK of all things.  But dip that rib eye in both sauces, and you can't believe the magic it makes. It is spicy and yet buttery and smooth.  Really flavorful!!  If you are looking for a little road trip, or live in the Stillwater
area, you will have to check out Tokyo Pot.  Bring a couple friends.  Could be the perfect activity for a date night or even for a group setting. 

See you at nine!


108 W 10th Ave
Stillwater, OK 74074

Phone    (405) 372-8898
Mon - Sat:    5:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tokyo-Pot/123605501023078

Jaime's Favorite Things: Enrique's Mexican Restaurant

Hi Friends!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are having a great day! We are eating lots of cookies, cupcakes, and chocolates here in the newsroom. But through all the sweets, I'm thinking about MEXICAN FOOD!! I had the pleasure of making a little road trip up to Ponca City. I heard about a little restaurant serving up amazing food at the Ponca City Airport and had to see/taste this for myself.

Enrique Avila escaped from Cuba as a teenager. He met his wife while working in New Orleans. He found a job in Kansas until he heard the Ponca City Airport was offerieng free rent for a year to whoever wanted to open a restaurant there. Enrique paid the man who had the restaurant before him $1000 and moved in. Little did he know, the city had a long list people waiting for that opportunity. But the cash was paid and the city said Enrique could stay. Enrique and his wife went to work. Enrique, being from Cuba, didn't know anything about Mexican food. So his wife was in charge of the kitchen. He worked out front serving the customers even though he didn't speak ANY English. 30 years later, Enrique's Mexican Restaurant is known around Oklahoma and around the region. People actually fly into Ponca City just to have a meal at Enrique's then fly back. During my visit, I spoke to a woman who had made the drive in from Stillwater for this amazing Mexican food.

So let's talk about THE FOOD!! Enrique's is known for its fluffy yet crispy chips. They were created by mistake. There was a day when the kitchen was slammed. So the cooks gave the homemade tortillas a good stir and pulled them out of the fryer as soon as they looked a little done. But really, they were still a bit raw... and a star was born!! So now, folks flock to Enrique's for these doughy yummy chips. They are so so good. We all know guacamole is very important to me. And the guacamole here is GREAT!! They hang their hat, though, on the Hot and Spicy Texas Burrito with a jalapeno gravy. So the trick to this burrito is ... you never know how hot it will be. It just depends day to day. The fresh jalapenos they use vary in heat. So some customers ask to try the gravy first to see if they can take the heat. It has a DELICIOUS flavor and is made with chuck roast. (I love chuck roast!) The chicken enchiladas are cheesy deliciousness and the pollo loco soup is tasty too. Everything here is MADE FRESH. And that's why Enrique believes people keep coming back. He gives credit to God for creating opportunity for his family and creating a legacy 30 years strong in Ponca City.

Want a road trip? This is a great destination. Just make sure to check their hours. They close for a couple hours between lunch and dinner and are closed on Sundays.

See you tonight at nine!


Enrique's Mexican Restaurant


2213 N Waverly Street Suite 3 Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601 (580) 762-5507

Email: michael.avila@yahoo.com

Hours Lunch Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dinner Monday-Thursday, 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Closed Sunday

Jaime's Favorite Things: Mimi's Piece of Cake

Hi friends!!

It is a GOOD GOOD DAY when I come to work with a mission to taste a ton of cupcakes.  And that was my day when I got visit Mimi's Piece of Cake in Yukon. I walked in to find they were working on some of my veryyy favorite things... cake balls! I was greeted by Mimi herself, aka Megan Stottlemyre, who opened her bakery in spring of last year. She grew up loving sweets and creating shapes with Play-Doh. When she figured out Play-Doh was a lot like fondant.... she put her inner child to work and built a business around creating cool cakes and trying every flavor she could. Megan tells me she's done a "pickle" cake and a chocolate covered potato chip cake!!

These are pretty unique and the ones I got to try were as well. Megan found a way to use Jose Cuervo Margarita mix in a CUPCAKE recipe. She calls it the Margarita, of course, and tops this delicious lime cake with yummy frosting topped with SEA SALT. I do love some sea salt but this really surprised me when I took my first bite. I got the fruity light taste I expected with a "margarita" cupcake but that sea salt really gave the tiny cake a big punch. I was really impressed. Megan makes cupcakes in a variety of sizes.

The tiny, The regular. The jumbo. I sampled about six tiny cupcakes. This, after two cake balls and a very sizable "taste" of peanut butter frosting push up pop (which I did stow away in my purse for later!) . So inside each cupcake, no matter what the size, you will find a surprise. A tiny cookie baked into the Cookie Dough Cupcake, a peanut butter cup in another, even a dark covered pomegranite. My absolute FAVORITE that I DROOLED OVER not only when I ate it, but when I logged my video and watched the tape frame by frame.. was the Turtle Cheesecake. Megan told me this cupcake was "her heaven". And I have to agree. What I love was her attention to detail. In the tiniest little cupcake, Megan managed to have a graham cracker crust bottom, cheesecake flavored cupcake, delicious creamy frosting.. and inside..... (wait for it...) chocolate ganache with caramel pecans!!!!! Oh my heavens is right! You get to see this piece of perfection in my story tonight. And I promise you, it is something else. I'm a girl where every bite, every calorie counts. If I could have this tiny little cupcake after dinner every day, I'd be a happy happy girl!

Check 'em out for all your cupcake/cakeball/cake/frosting pop needs!

Oh, and Megan likes a challenge too. Think she can't make a cupcake out of something? Post it on her Facebook page and I bet she makes it delish!

See you at nine!


I may be reading the news... but I'm dreaming about cupcakes! :)

Mimi's Piece of Cake 1119 S. Ranchwood Blvd., Yukon, Oklahoma 73099

Hours Mon: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm Tue - Fri: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm Sat: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Website:  www.mimispieceofcake.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mimispieceofcake

Phone: (405) 265-7779

Email: mimispieceofcake@att.net

Jaime's Favorite Things: The Mule

Hi friends!!

It's been a mostly mild winter, but we've had enough cold nights to crave a little warm comfort food. And the ultimate comfort meal is what three OSU grads are building their lives around. At The Mule in the Plaza District, you can choose from ten different delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.   Joey Morris and Cody Rowan were roomates in college and worked together at Eskimo Joe's.  Their buddy, John Harris, worked at Hideaway and always loved to cook. So together, this fall, they came up with the perfect restaurant concept based on...  the grilled cheese.  They started experimenting in the kitchen, googling recipes, looking on Pinterest, trying every combination of cheeses and meats you can imagine. And what they came up with ... is PURE MAGIC.

I got to try the Macaroni Pony. It is Jalapeno Cornbread, Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork, 3 Cheese Mac and Cheese, Pickle. YES!! MACARONI AND CHEESE ON A SANDWICH! Sorry to yell. I'm just a little excited. So you're taking two childhood greats-- the grilled cheese and mac and cheese-- putting them together then smashing in some tasty pulled pork (John's mom's recipe!) and you have yourself a flavor explosion!!! I fell in love with this sandwich. Still thinking about it actually. Really wish I had one right now. We must ask The Mule to deliver! :)

The Portacatoosa is a favorite of the boss men at The Mule. It's Sourdough, Roasted Portabello, Fontina, Goat Cheese, Sundried Tomato Pesto drizzled with balsamic vinegar. This grilled cheese is a more refined sandwich with a Mediterranean flair. It, too, was absolutely scrumptious! Add a side of beer battered cheese curds and this girl is in HEAVEN!!! You have got to try The Mule. Might be a fun first date place because of it's cool/casual atmosphere. Plus, The Plaza District offers lots of great shops nearby if you'd like to take a walk after you dine. A former "Fave Things", Collected Thread, is right across the street. DNA Galleries next door to that.

Go have a grilled cheese. Relax and enjoy your day. One bite of these sandwiches... and it's pure cheese bliss!

See you at nine!


The Mule: Monday Closed (for now) Tuesday-Thursday 11am 'til Late Friday-Saturday 11am - 2am Sunday Closed

Email themuleokc@gmail.com

Phone 405.601.1400

Address 1630 N. Blackwelder, OKC, OK 73106

Website: http://themuleokc.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/themuleokc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/themuleokc



Jaime's Favorite Things: Urban Agrarian

Hi friends!

I love a Farmer's Market and even though you don't see them set up around our neighborhoods right now like we do in spring.. the Farmer's Market is alive and well year round at Urban Agrarian.  The store front is found... in the Old Farmer's Market District of Downtown, of course! Once you walk through the door, you are greeted with only the freshest of fruits, veggies, jellies, meats, and cheeses all produced here in Oklahoma.  I cannot tell you how my eyes lit up as I worked my way around the store. Honey, salsas, pastas. Many of them made right here at Urban Agrarian. The work kitchen is for rent, allowing some 15 start up businesses to make their goods.

Matt Burch is the man behind all this Oklahoma goodness. He fell in love with food as a teenager in OKC and worked on a farm in Georgia. He came back to Oklahoma to work at such lovely places as La Baguette. That's when he found his calling marrying the two... finding a way to get the freshest locally produced farm foods to the city.. in our restaurants and in our homes. He bought a truck that runs on vegetable oil and drives from farm to restaurant making deliveries.

I've heard from so many people how Farmer's Market veggies and fruits taste so very different than the ones you buy at the store. I'm here to tell you... IT IS TRUE. One crunch of a carrot and I couldn't believe!!! I could live on carrots if they all tasted like that. My recent new love is cherry tomatoes. I pick them up regularly.. but now, I'll have to regularly pick them up at Urban Agrarian. If you want to have your mind blown about how good a simple veggie can taste... swing on by Urban Agrarian. They promise to give you some samples. :)

See you at nine!


Urban Agrarian Info

Phone: 405-615-5797

Email: info@urbanagrarian.com

Physical Address:

1235 SW 2nd

Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Website: http://www.uaoklahoma.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbanagrarian?ref=ts&fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UrbanAgrarian

For Information on Renting Time in the Kitchen:


Jaime's Favorite Things: Bella Vida Nutrition

Hi Friends!!

Hope 2013 is treating you well so far!! We are already into week 2 of the new year, and I know I'm still feeling the impact of the holidays. It's tough to get back into the routine of work/working out/eating well. That's where I lean on Bella Vida Nutrition. I'm out in the field some days where I can't find a healthy meal quick... but then I found this place. Rachel Wilson is a 26 year old mother who fell in love with protein shakes. Upon her first sip, she knew... even though she was 7 months pregnant... she was going to open up a protein shake store right then and there. And she did! Now she has a 4 month old baby girl and 4 month old business!! I think that's pretty incredible.

Bella Vida offers pre and post workout shakes, meal replacement shakes, and energizing teas. With as much time as it would take for you to hit the drive thru, Rachel can mix you up a shake and a tea and send you on your way! I keep blender bottles and protein shakes at work to mix up with water when I'm hungry and need a protein boost. But most of you probably know, those shakes are so much better when you can add some yummy stuff like almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, or even... a small scoop of SUGAR FREE JELLO or PUDDING to the shake! That's what Rachel does at Bella Vida! Who knew! What a great idea to boost the flavor without the calories. The meal replacement shakes run about 110-250 calories each and they really do fill you up! I think we all know how I feel about food... and I don't like feeling hungry at the end of my meal. These shakes do the trick. It will cost you six bucks for a shake and a tea. And you can feel great about feeding your body some 20 vitamins at one time. The flavors are awesome too!! I've had the gluten free blueberry, pumpkin spice, german chocolate cake, and my new favorite Strawberry Cheesecake. Delicious!!

Check out Bella Vida and treat your body good!! :)


Bella Vida Nutrition 6900 N. May, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (405) 753-5365 Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sat: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cerreta?ref=hl#!/BellaVidaNutrition?fref=ts


Jaime's Favorite Things: In The Raw

Hi friends!! Happy New Year to you!

Hope you had a great holiday and many blessings to you and your family in the new year. 
Hope 2013 is a great one for all of us. 

Let me tell you about someone who had one INCREDIBLE 2012.
Anna Mains got married, traveled to Ireland, and bought a business with her husband... all in one year!!
Talk about a year of milestones.  For me.. it was a milestone when I learned to love sushi.   And it was
actually at In The Raw, where my love of sushi began.   I got hooked on the shrimp tempura rolls, and the
Thunder rolls, and of course, the traditional California Rolls.  For me, In the Raw is where it began.
And for Anna, so much started for her here too.

Anna picked up a side job at In The Raw after college.  She'd always loved the one in Tulsa and wanted to be around
a similiar environment here in OKC.  That's when she met Drew Mains-- a fellow bartender-- who would soon
become her husband.  They got married, took a honeymoon to Ireland and decided to buy that sushi restaurant they loved so much.
Since then, they've been making a lot of changes.  They want freshness, great food and great service to be what they're known
for.  And they are working hard at making it happen.   They hired Ashley Nguyen, who's worked at numerous sushi restaurants around
town.  She's made her "Ashley Roll" rather famous for it's sweet and hot pairing.  I never imagined I'd like a strawberry on my sushi.. but IT WORKS.
And it's great combos like that strawberry habanero combination of the Ashley Roll that's winning over sushi lovers around the metro. 
The Thunder Roll is the crowd favorite at In The Raw.  It's crab and cream cheese along with jalapeno inside.  Smoked salmon on top covered in
Thunder Sauce.  Ashley makes the Thunder Sauce herself. NO ONE ELSE knows how to make it!! It is her secret weapon, and one taste of that
delicious spicy Thunder sauce and you'll be begging for the recipe.  It's delish!!  
I tried the Tuna Tower which is topped with a spicy marinated tuna.   The tuna nacho is AMAZING.  And if you don't like sushi, you will NOT
be disappointed in the STEAK!  A prime filet with a peppered crust topped with a cabernet sauce and fresh mushrooms.  It's served with asparagus
and wasabi mashed potatoes.  Can you say Heaven??  Anna wants you to have many options at In The Raw.  So they added wraps to their
lunch menu and also offers various noodle dishes in case you're not a sushi fan quite yet.

In The Raw is located in Lower Bricktown right above Red Pin Bowling Alley.  It's a great spot and I love their patio on a sunny day.  It's fun
to look down on the canal and watch the families hanging out around Bricktown while downing some sushi.   In The Raw also offers
great specials especially at happy hour or for Thunder games... so be sure to follow them on Twitter.

I hope you check them out.  If trying new things is one of your resolutions this year, I promise, the folks at In The Raw will guide you through
the sushi menu so you can try something you're comfortable with and maybe get something adventurous for the table!

See you at nine!!

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ITRBricktown
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/InTheRawBricktown
Web: http://www.intherawsushi.com/index.cfm?id=1

In the Raw - Oklahoma City/Bricktown
Lunch Mon-Sat 11-2:00
Dinner Mon-Fri 5-close
Sat Noon-close
and Sundays for Bricktown events
200 S. Oklahoma #130
Oklahoma City, OK

Jaime's Favorite Things: Plenty Mercantile

Hi friends,

Around this time of year, we think a lot about charity and about money.  We are spending a lot on the holidays and we give what we can.  But what if we could give throughout the year,  through our natural buying habits?
That is the mission of Plenty Mercantile in Automobile Alley.   They are focused on meaningful buying... so much so, that they plastered the words across the windows.   ARTFUL SOULFUL MEANINGFUL and PLENTIFUL stretch across the front of the building.  For Brittney Melton, her mom Traci Walton, and their business partner/family
friend Chris England... those words are words to live by.  

They opened their doors Thanksgiving weekend after scouring the internet for products with purpose.  They have rainboots that when you buy one, the maker donates a pair to people in wet countries who need shoes. They offer toothbrushes that do the same along with organic cleaning supplies, and blankets made from women's saris in India.   They are all simple products you need for your daily life.  But at Plenty Mercantile, they are hoping for a ripple effect.  They hope by small purchases made through their store, they can make a little ripple.. maybe just maybe makes life a little better across the globe.  

They carry "found" products like a cool tree made from driftwood rescued on the beach to awesome old vintage bar sets.  They have knitted "crowns" that a girl does for the shop.  Candles that are hand-poured into recycled bottles.  The mission is sustainability and living a thoughtful life.  At Plenty Mercantile, they know the story behind
every product in the store.  They know the artist, the creator, the process behind the label.

Plenty Mercantile has revolving merchandise.  So you never really know what you're going to find.  I loved the lollipops and the cool little cards.  They even have an old typewriter out for you to use, so you can type a note right there and then.
They have cheeseboards made from slates, some really cool art.  I love the inspirational artwork and jewelry.  Plenty also plans on offering workshops too on things like wine pairing and box gardening.  It's a great local store with a big city feel.  Check it out.  I bet you find something great!


Plenty Mercantile

Artful Home | Soulful Living | Meaningful Giving

807 North Broadway Avenue
OKC OK 73102
(405) 757-1925

Trading Hours:
Monday-Wednesday | 10:00a - 7:00p
Thursday-Saturday | 10:00a - 9:00p
Sunday | 1:00p - 6:00p



Jaime's Favorite Things: Teaoli

Hi friends!!

Are you ready for the holidays?  I cannot believe we are at this time of year again.
Christmastime reminds me of my very first Jaime's Favorite Thing.  I started the franchise in December of 2010 and featured Shop Good.  I have been so loving shooting and writing these stories.  Thank you for your support of "Favorite Things" and of LOCAL business.  It's really an honor to tell the stories of people who are turning their business dreams into reality.  I hope you use this blog as a sight-seeing and dining road map.  I promise to keep 'em coming for you.  And I rely on you, too, for suggestions. 

My new twitter friend, @adalernOK , suggested this week's Favorite Thing to me.  Thank you!!

Teaoli is a place where you can find teas, olive oils, and balsamic vinegars from all over the world. You step into the store and feel like you stepped into a vacation.  Larry Rhoads is behind Inspirations Tea Room and Two Hearts Inn, so he knows a thing or two about making you feel at home. He also knows A LOT about EVOO.  At Teaoli, they have some 20 olive oils, 20 vinegars, and lots and lots of tea.  We went on a taste testing bonanza. 

We started with an olive oil and Tuscan vinegar pairing.  This tasted like a bread dipping in Florence. The vinegar is infused with sundried tomato, garlic and herbs.   AHHHMAZING.
Next up, an apple balsamic with an olive oil that would bring a boring salad to life.  We also sample the chipotle olive oil with a blackberry ginger balsamic.   Interesting combo, right?? It's sweet and heat.   The sweet... sweet.  The heat mild but present.
Larry says to try that one with a feta salad. 
Then, we move over the dark chocolate vinegar that you COULD DRINK... or drizzle over strawberries.  :)
And the pomegranate balsamic with lemon olive oil has a zing to it. 

I love a good bread dipping, but I was blown away when Larry brought me some air popped popcorn with a natural butter olive oil drizzled over it.  This was DELICIOUS!!!! BUTTERY! Amazing!  I'm still thinking about it and planning my next popcorn eating adventure.

Gotta wash all that down with a great tea, right?  And Teaoli has a huge variety.  Green, black, herbal.  They have them all.  I sampled the green Hot Cinammon Sunset.  Which was a delicious Christmas-y drink.  Then, I followed that up with the sweet Lemon Souffle.  I think we all know I have a major sweet tooth.  This tea could calm that sweet tooth down a little.  The tea tastes like a cupcake and is just enough sweet to hit the spot. 

Go check out Teaoli.  Take your time.  Do some tasting.  It's a whole lot of fun!!
They also offer food demonstrations!


1389 E. 15th St.
Edmond, OK 73013


3720 West Robinson Suite 129
Norman, OK 73072

Website: http://teaoli.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Teaoli_EVOO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teaoli/235600809803814



Jaime's Favorite Things: Junk Hippy Roadshow

Hi friends,

Whenever I can't sleep, I scroll through Pinterest on my phone with one eye open. I dream of how I would hang white Christmas lights in the bedroom or rework my ugly old dresser. The only things I have managed to do is cook up a couple simple Pinterest recipes and position my t's verticallly instead of laying them flat in my drawers. Not much progress, but at least I don't make a mess reaching for the Tshirt at the bottom of the pile anymore.

Kristen Grandi has been the queen of crafty before we even knew what Pinterest was. She started with a furniture business called Gypsy Green. Her signature color "Gypsy Teal"-- a beautiful hue of blue-ish green. She finds things at estate sales, garage sales, big trash day, even the side of the road. Kristen rescues old furniture, sands it down, paints it, and distresses it again. Turning what would be junk into incredibly cool pieces. Kristen says she's always loved a deal and loves seeing where her creativity will take her. She says she found a busted old rocking chair once, sawed down the legs, and turned the thing into a princess chair. I watched as she took an old skirt from a thrift store and used it to reupholster a chair! I don't know how she does it!! I'm just glad she does.. so I can sit back, she what she comes up with, and BUY! (Let her do all the work) :)

Kristen did teach me how to create zinc-like letters that I bet I could do on my own. She bought cardboard letters to spell the word "junk" for two bucks a pop at Hobby Lobby. We covered them with a thin layer of black paint, covered that with a silvery pearl color and bam-- you have yourself letters that look like they're made of metal and at a certain store, could cost you $20 a letter!! Wow!!

Kristen loved doing all her crafts at home and selling them on Facebook but she wanted to bring more crafty people like herself together. That's how she started the Junk Hippy Roadshow. She and her 99 best friends (or vendors, whichever) all show up to sell their wares at craft shows hosted by Kristen around the country.

And you better believe, there's one THIS WEEKEND at the State Fairgrounds.

I know I'll be there and ready to buy.

See you guys tonight at nine!!






Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JunkHippy?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gypsy_green

Phone: (405) 242-3290

Email: gypsy.green@live.com

Website: http://www.junkhippy.com

Jaime's Favorite Things: Tree and Leaf

Hi friends!

Sometimes, one Favorite Things will lead to another. Three boutiques I have highlighted over the last year carry the merchandise of this week's Favorite Thing. You can find the awesome t-shirts of Tree and Leaf Clothing at Blue 7, Collected Thread, and Unlabeled Apparel.

I'm sure you have seen them before... Tree and Leaf is behind the "Thunder U", "Home Sweet Homa", and that famous "Beard" shirt that you can flip up at the bottom and it has a beard on the inside. I know you've seen those. I had to track down Tree and Leaf when I learned they created a Rumble shirt I fell in love with and had to get as soon as I saw. I even hunted Rumble down at the game the next weekend to get a pic with him in my Fabulous Tree and Leaf T.

I was shocked and amazed to learn these awesome Tshirts capitalizing on our love of the Thunder and our love of Oklahoma are made RIGHT HERE in the metro. In a great shop behind the Looney Bin Comedy Club, John Milner and Dusty Gilpin are going to work designing and printing the t-shirts themselves. They have new shirts with a shield, a fighting thunder cloud, and some that boast "Thunder City". John and Dusty started their biz in a vacant two car garage. Now John tells me it is surreal to see people wearing their designs. He says their T's are the perfect marriage of local art and local business. With a purchase of a Tshirt from Tree and Leaf, you are supporting both!

Maybe you'll find a Tree and Leaf T in your stocking this year! I already have several!! :)

Tshirts run about $22-25 Sweatshirts $35-45 Poster prints $15

See you guys tonight! Remember, I want to know YOUR Favorite Thing. Email me at jcerreta@okcfox.com


Tree And Leaf Clothing, Inc. 8405 N Rockwell, Suite #11 Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Store is located on the Southwest Corner of NW Expressway and Rockwell Avenue in the Rockwell Shopping Plaza, towards the back around the corner from The Looney Bin Comedy Club.

Store Hours: 2pm to 7pm, Mondays 10am to 7pm, Tuesday - Friday 12pm to 6pm, Saturdays

ph: 405.728.2026

Website: http://www.treeandleafclothing.com/home-page

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TREEandLEAF

Twitter:   https://twitter.com/treeandleaf

Jaime's Favorite Things: Iguana Cafe

Hi Friends,

I know many of you know the Iguana Grill on 9th Street.  The folks there seemed to almost invent Twitter here in OKC. 
They certainly were some of the first I saw really using it and maximizing it as a business tool and they credit a lot
of their success to the great interaction with the community they found through social media.

Iguana Grill has a spin off.   It's called Iguana Cafe in Nichols Hills Plaza in the former Chica's location.
It's all the great fun and food of the Grill in a smaller more neighborhoody venue.
And as you all probably know... the food at Iguana is AMAZING.

I always go for the chips and guac.  I cannot live without some GUACAMOLE.  At Iguana Cafe, they boast
the guac trio... with a sampling of treats atop the servings, like bacon and blue cheese and pomegranite
and pumpkin seeds!! It's surprising but so so good.  I got to sample the street tacos, shrimp tacos, and the
house favorite... the chimichurri steak. It's made with a special house seasoning--which they keep a secret but they may
be bottling and selling soon. At Iguana Cafe, you can also get an Arts Festival favorite.  It is the stacked chicken
enchiladas.  Some 12 layers of yummy deliciousness.  Sour cream sauce, chicken, fresh tortilla and cheese!!! What
is NOT to love!!?? Iguana is also famous for their variety of salsas.  And they may soon be selling salsas to go as well!!
Plus, the stacked enchiladas are panned and sold to go.  So if you want to have some around the house at Christmas,
your family will be sure to eat them up!!! They are amazing!

To me, my Iguana experiences have always been filled with lively people with a passion for food and fun.  You can
tell the folks who work there really love being there.. and the scrumptious food is a reflection of that love.

See you at nine!

Iguana Cafe

6482 Avondale Drive
Nichols Hills, OK 73116
(405) 608-0600


Iguana Grill

9 Northwest 9th Street  Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 606-7172

Twitter: @iguanaokc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Iguanaokc?ref=ts&fref=ts

Jaime's Favorite Things: Tucker's Onion Burgers

Hi friends,

Have you tried Tucker's Onion Burgers yet? They have two locations. The first on 23rd Street. The second just opened this fall on Classen Curve. They have a minimal menu at Tucker's. Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Turkey Burgers, Fresh Cut Fries, The One Salad, and MILKSHAKES.

If you love In-N-Out Burgers, you have got to try Tucker's! The restaurant is sleek and modern with a blue and red color scheme (that I love) for their signs and cups. In big bright red neon, the restaurant boasts... EAT LOCAL. And you can't get more local than the onion burger. The onion burger was invented out of necessity during the depression and has a long history here in Oklahoma. And the folks at Tucker's are definitely doing it right. They want to keep it simple and do what they do well. Their buns are fresh made from local bakery Prairie Thunder. The meat comes from a farmer just on the other side of the Kansas border. The cheese on the burger... American. I'm told because it's classic!

I took my sister to Tucker's about a year ago and she fell in love. And I might add she doesn't live that far from an In-N-Out burger. Yet, every time she's in town, she demands Tucker's. She's also a big foodie with a resume in food writing, so she knows her stuff.

So let's get to the Mother Tucker. It is the "Mother of all Tucker's" and is the biggest burger I've tried to eat.. ever. The Mother Tucker is three quarter pound patties of hamburger, ONIONS, tomato, lettuce, jalapeno, cheese, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and mayo. Phew!! It weighs about 1.6 pounds!!!! It's quite the hardy meal.

At Tucker's, the mission is fast, friendly, and fun. And I promise, it's all those things. And if you don't feel like taking on the Mother Tucker, the single cheeseburger is delish! You can also get a turkey burger wrapped in lettuce leaves if you're trying to be healthy. :)

Keep your cup for when you make a return visit as part of the Refill Our Community program. When you buy a 99-cent refill, 50-cents will go to a neighborhood school.

Do not leave without fries and a yummy milkshake. It is pure happiness!

Burgers run from $5-$9.

See you tonight! Jaime

Tucker's Onion Burgers Website: http://www.tuckersonionburgers.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TucksOKC?ref=ts&fref=ts

Twitter: https://it.twitter.com/TucksOKC

Two Locations:

5740 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 3 Oklahoma City, OK 405.286.3331

324 N.W. 23rd St. Oklahoma City, OK 73118 405.609.2333

Jaime's Favorite Things: Rosebrook Vineyards

Hi friends,

The first time I stepped foot on the Rosebrook Vineyards, I felt like I was transported
somewhere else.  Somewhere European.  Somewhere in the wine country.   The vineyard was hosting
a lovely dinner with a long table running through the aisle between two rows of grapes.
The sight itself was amazing!! 

Rachel Odom is the woman behind the wine.  She traveled all through Europe in college and
after one trip abroad, she decided to bring the wine country back with her.  Now rows and
rows of grape vines grow where a dairy farm once stood.  Rachel's brother is learning the
wine business and Rachel is already an avid host.  She's setting up and planning wedding events
at the Rosebrook Vineyards.  The aisle between the grapes is one option.  The 19th century barn
the other.  The barn is adorned with twinkling white lights and all the rustic charm  you would expect.
It is gorgeous.  Oh.. and you won't believe this place is JUST off I-44 near the airport.  With
a quick drive you feel like you're in the country of Tuscany... walking the rows of grapes... just taking
it all in.  Rachel has big plans for the vineyard too.   Their own line of wine, a tasting room, and you
can already take tours of the vineyard.   If you're planning a big reunion, family gathering, or.... a
WEDDING soon, check this place out, it will take your breath away and creates such a beautiful
and unique venue in which to celebrate.

See you soon!

Rosebrook Vineyards
3800 Southwest 134th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73170
(405) 361-9821

Jaime's Favorite Things: Chester's Party Barn

Hi friends,

It is so much fun to pretend you are a kid again.  And that's exactly what I did on my visit to Chester's Party Barn in Piedmont.  You walk in and are overwhelmed by everything going on. There is so much to see and do and right away... I want to be doing it all!!
"Chester" greets me at the entrance and you can tell he's been in the entertainment biz
for a while. He puts you right at ease as he helps you navigate a myriad of new experiences. Chester is from Jay, Oklahoma and got into clowning through a friend.  But clowning became his true love and his career.  He moved to Oklahoma City and became a full time clown, even appearing on a kids show right here on our Fox station.  He then moved on to become a Ronald McDonald.  Quite a coveted gig!
Now, he's created his own fall farm wonderland in the form of Chester's Party Barn. There are pony rides, farm animals to feed, a hay ride, corn maze, playground, pumpkin chunkin' with an air cannon, a pumpkin patch, and even... The World's Largest Ant Farm.  He's going to have the folks with the Guiness Book of World Records come check it out and verify it in 2013. Chester also has plans for paddle boats and a zip line in the future.  He wants to create "firsts" and memories for families.  And I had a great time there, experiencing my own "firsts".

You'll have to watch to see.  :)

I hope you check out Chester's. Take the fam!


Chester's Party Barn

5201 Cimarron Road Northwest Piedmont, OK 73078 (405) 373-1595


Tickets are $8 for Children and Adults.  Infants and Seniors 65+ are free
Monday - Saturday 9am- 6 pm
Sunday 1pm-6 pm
Chester's closes down for private parties Nov. 5.. so get there soon! :)

Jaime's Favorite Things: La Baguette

Hello friends!!

I wish I had more than two minutes for my story on La Baguette tonight.  It truly is so delicious
and I had to leave some great stuff on the cutting room floor.  I guess that's where the blog comes
in handy! 
Our good friend and former FOX 25-er Lauren Richardson introduced me to La Baguette some five
and a half years ago.  We were celebrating my birthday and Lauren showed up with the most delicious
Strawberry Bavarian Cake.  I fell in love right then and there and often celebrate birthdays with a La
Baguette cake.  In fact, this year, another girlfriend got me a cake from La Baguette!  Italian Creme, I
believe it was... and equally amazing.
La Baguette has the most delicious dessert case you will ever see.  I walk in there and get lost in time.
My eyes are immediately drawn to the chocolate and strawberry treats behind the glass.   I love picking
up a cake and getting a little cookie to nibble on as I walk to the car.  They also have an array of meats,
cheeses, prepared potatoes and cooking supplies to fancy up supper tonight.
Inside the Bistro, you feel like you've escaped into another world.  That's due to the work of French brothers
Michel and Alain Buthion.   They come from a long line of relatives active in the food world, running cafes,
restaurants, and grocery stores in France.   Michel and Alain thought they'd open their bistro in OKLAHOMA.
Michel tells me people grabbed onto the concept 25 years ago and the restaurant is still going strong.  He
says the greatest compliment comes when people travel to France and return to tell him their food is better
than they had abroad.  
On this day, I got to sample a bevy of incredible dishes.  Michel spoiled be rotten and kept ordering more dishes
to the table.  We started with a baked brie.  I'm a huge fan of brie.  My family likes to enjoy it on the holidays and there
is a luxorious feeling attached to brie for me.   Next, we have a bite of the popular lunch and dinner dish, the Chicken Crepe
Normandie.  This was SAVORY and scrumptious.  It will probably be what I order next time I'm there.  Unless of course,
I go for the Croque Monsieur.  It's hard to pass up on such a famously French dish.  The very fancy ham and cheese open
faced sandwich looks like a slice of heavily cheesed pizza when presented to the table.  What a beautiful meal.  It's served
with pomme frites.. which are french fries, of course! And some "sauce American" as Michel calls it-- ketchup!!
We move on to the desserts.. which I think we all know, is the reason I'm there! :)
We sample the fruit tart with custard and chocolate at the bottom. It is light and delicious.
The Chocolate Mousse Cake is the number one seller at La Baguette.  It is several layers of moist chocolate cake
with chocolate filling in between covered with chocolate sprinkes and shavings!!
Next up, the Key Lime Breeze.  I'm a key lime fan and this does not disappoint--at all!  Very different than the rich chocolate
cake, the key lime is light, fluffy, and has that zing to it. 
I had so much fun eating all these amazing treats.  I always ask the people who work there what their favorites are too.. and the
girls behind the counter say the "chocolate mice" are something to try.  So even if you don't have time for a full meal... stop in,
and pick up a little something sweet from the bakery.  It will definitely brighten your day.  Want to impress someone?  Definitely
take them for lunch or dinner!  Great date night place.  Miss Priscilla Luong says this is one of her favorite places in town for Brunch too!
Bon Appetit!

See you at nine!

La Baguette Bistro

7408 North May Avenue  Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 840-3047
Mon-Thu     8am-10pm
Fri-Sat     8am-11pm
Sun     9:30am-2:30pm

Website: http://www.labaguettebistro.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/La-Baguette-Bistro/71150136933?fref=ts

Jaime's Favorite Things: North Pole City

Hi Friends!!

Here we are again.  Can you believe we are already in fall? I'm not sure what happened to 2012 but spring and summer just seemed to zoom past me this year.  Now here we are... getting ready for cooler temperatures and gearing up for the holidays!
At one business in the metro, they spend all year preparing for this season.  North Pole City is a locally owned business celebrating 25 years in the metro.  What started as a fan business needed a little something to get through the winter months.  That's when the Christmas concept was born.  Once you walk in the doors, you are greeted with lights, glitter, ornaments, and of course, Christmas music.
The first time I went to North Pole City, I couldn't believe this magical place.  Now every time I pass it on the way to the airport, I smile because I know the wonderland that lies behind those doors.  This year,  a life size nativity stands right at the front, birds are the big trend for Christmas flair, and a flameless candle is ALREADY flying off the shelves.  This candle uses the same technology as they do at Disneyland.  You've seen this technology before in the Pirates of Carribean or the Haunted House rides... now you can take it home.  The candles run about $30-40 and even include timers.
This place has EVERYTHING.  Western trees, hunting and fishing trees, gingerbread trees, snowman trees, peppermint trees.  It honestly would take hours to walk to through all the beautiful things.  Many families make it tradition to stroll the aisles together in the holiday season.
North Pole City has expanded its LED lighting line and is now launching a lighting service.  So if you don't want to string your own lights this year you can give them a call.
Rosana Silvestri gave me a tour of the facility. It is pretty big.  With rooms dedicated to Christmas villages, Christmas trees, Christmas tree lights and so much more.  Rosana says the magic of North Pole City comes from the love of the customers, the tradition, and of course... the train.
The North Pole City train's been running for 25 years and is a perfect treat for the kids.. or for me.  :)   It was the perfect way to cap off my trip to Christmas in October. 
Take the family and go enjoy a couple hours at North Pole City.  You'll have a blast!

See you soon!

North Pole City

4201 South I-44 Oklahoma City, OK 73119
ph.405-685-6635 or 800-526-5829
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NorthPoleCity?fref=ts
Twitter: @NorthPoleCity

Jaime's Favorite Things: Savory Spice Shop

Hi Friends!!

I am no chef.  I never cook.  I'm never home at dinner time.. so really, why would I?  But, I've been trying to eat healthier these days and have been spending some time on the weekends trying to food prep for the week.  Sadly, I've ended up tossing a lot of the chicken I cook because it just doesn't turn out well at all.   Well... that my friends, has changed.  Just today,
I ate (AND ENJOYED) tilapia I cooked myself!!  This is a Christmas MIRACLE!!  A.  I don't love fish even though my trainer really wanted me to start eating tilapia  B.  I cooked and it was edible.  C.  I cooked and it WAS GOOD!!

I owe that to Able Blakley.  Able is the owner of a new business in town called Savory Spice Shop.  Able is an Okie.  He grew up in Enid and went to OU and moved to Denver for a couple years.  While in Denver, Able loved to grill and BBQ. That's how he found the Savory Spice Shop.  He was going there once a week to pick up new rubs and spices.  When
he had the chance to move back to Oklahoma, he had to bring the business with him.   He and his mother bought a Savory Spice Shop and moved in on 44th St. and Western.

You walk in and right away... you want to know how to cook.  You just want to put all these delicious looking, amazingly fragrant spices, salts, and rubs to work.  Able is very knowledgable and can lead you around the store with ease. You get to look at, smell, and even taste anything you'd like.  400 products in all.  Over a hundred different individual spices.  You can buy in any size you'd like... from very large to just a tablespoon for a recipe. 

I told Able about my cooking conundrum and he led me to the Capitol Hill seasoning for fish.  I used a little olive oil with the seasoning, threw the tilapia on the George Foreman... and IT WAS AWESOME!!  I'm so excited about this.  I even splashed a little fresh lime on it. 
Amazing.  This is a breakthrough for me!  Maybe, with Able's help, I'll master cooking chicken at some point too. He told me a cooking thermometer would help.  Of course, I bought one and broke it right out of the package... so that will have to wait for another day.
I'll just relish in my fish victory for now.   As you get ready to cook for family and friends through the holiday season, think of Savory Spice Shop.

Able is also holding cooking classes. You can check his Facebook page for more info.

See you at nine!!

Savory Spice Shop
4400 N. Western Blvd.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Phone    (405) 314-6209
Email    okc@savoryspiceshop.com
Website    http://www.savoryspiceshop.com

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/savoryspiceshopokc
Twitter:  @savoryspiceOKC


Jaime's Favorite Things: Cajun King

Hello friends!!

I have heard my colleagues talk about a place called the Cajun King for a couple years now.
As some of you know, I came to Oklahoma after four years in Beaumont, Texas.. which is nestled in Cajun country.  I learned all about gumbo, boudain balls, and rice and gravy during my time down there. And I loved it.

When I walked into Cajun King, it was like I was transported back. I love that Zydeco music.  If you are ever having a bad day... put on a little zydeco and it's sure to have your foot tappin' in no time. Now.. start to eat at Cajun King... and you are in heaven!!
Cajun King is a buffet.  So when you visit, be ready to forget the calories, eat a lot, and eat with enthusiasm. At many restaurants, bread and butter or chips and salsa come to the table to get you started.  At Cajun King, it's catfish!!  Chef Ken Mills and his business partner Simi Adda hang their hats on this catfish.  People talk about this catfish.. and it is, definitely worth the hype.  It's crispy, yummy, not fishy, and flavorful.  Dip that in the Tiger Sauce and it's a party! I tried twice to get out of Ken or Simi what is in that Tiger sauce both of them told me... if they told me
they'd have to send me to heaven! So I guess ignorance is bliss in this case.  It's fabulous and that's all I need to know. Next, they bring beignets out to your table.  A Cafe du Monde staple.. you can't go to New Orleans without having some of those delicious little fritters covered in powdered sugar. We sampled the shrimp and crawfish chowder.  It almost seemed to have a potato type base.  It was so comfort foodie.  Delish!
The etouffee is scrumptious as well.  If you folks are worried the food will be too spicy, don't be.  Everything is yummy. Some things have a little bit of kick but nothing I couldn't handle at all.
The main meal.. Cajun King's famous fried chicken, the blackened pork chop, and jambalaya.  I cannot wait to take my parents here the next time they are in town.  They will love love love it.  
To wrap it up... bread pudding.   This bread pudding just melted in my mouth.  I try to just sample everything, but the bread pudding I had to finish all by myself. It's amazing!! Don't leave without having it!  Sooo good.

Ken Mills lived in New Orleans for 30 years and was a chef there for several restaurants.  He met Simi when they worked at a car dealership together here in Oklahoma City.  They gave up the car biz to bring Cajun country to OKC.  And once you hit that buffet... you'll be sold!

See you guys at nine!

Cajun King has locations in OKC and Norman.
$8.99 for lunch
$10.99 for dinner




5816 Northwest 63rd Street  Oklahoma City, OK 73122
(405) 603-3714
(405) 928-5050

West Norman
700 Ed Noble Parkway  
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 928-5050

Jaime's Favorite Things: Humble Pie Pizza

Hi friends!!

After watching a show on the Food Network about the amazing deep dish pizza they have in Chicago... I took a trip out there this spring and made "get a deep dish pizza" a top priority on my list of things to do.  Yes, I take trips centered around food.   And it turns out Matthew Heard does as well.
He's an Edmond native who worked for the Department of Homeland Security before "retiring" to become a pizza perfector!  You see, Matthew spent some years in Chicago and fell in love with the food there.  When he came back to Edmond, he started working on the perfect deep dish pie.  He even took a little day trip himself... drove up to Kansas City, ate some deep dish pizza, and headed back home.  That, my friends, is a man who loves his pizza!  

And when you enter Humble Pie off of Broadway in Edmond, it feels like you just stepped into a little place in Chicago.  There are dollar bills hanging from the ceiling.  They are donation money Matthew is collecting for OATH to prevent human trafficking.  The aroma... will get your mouth watering.  And when you lay your eyes on that deep dish pizza pie, my heart jussstt might have fluttered... a little. :)   We had my favorite combo-- pepperoni with black olives and extra sauce.  Now, I grew up in an Italian family.  Spaghetti dinners were all day events just to prepare the sauce and the marinara on this pizza is delicious.  The pound of cheese that lies beneath.. the icing on the cake.   Then Matthew walks to the table with an enormous meatball.   You know those delicious ice cream balls they have at Cheever's?  It looks like that.. only made of sirloin and covered in marinara and freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Wow!!!

Matthew's big into "go big or go home".  And you can see that with his Humble Pie pizza challenge.  The dare?  Complete a 7 pound deep dish pizza AND keep it down for 15 minutes.  No one's won yet and the monetary pot keeps on growing.  Matthew tells me two college football players took the challenge when it was an 8 pound pie.  They couldn't do it, that's why they brought it down to 7.  Now, they wait for the person who can get it done. 

Matthew says he is a self-proclaimed pizza freak.  He could eat it every day.  And I'm betting he does.  You can see the passion in his eyes when he talks of the new combinations he's working on.  He creates his own chipolte sauce and has a myriad of pies that are not even on the menu!  You can head to the Humble Pie Facebook page and in the "Notes" section, are some things they are working on in the kitchen.  His favorite right now, the Pie-fecta.   I had the Greek inspired pie with sun dried tomatoes and artichoke.  Delicious!!

Take the fam to Humble Pie!!!  It is sooo sooo good.   I have to give my friend, Jonny Slater, a shout out before I sign off.  He is always on the search for the best pizza in town. His NY roots make him especially picky.  He told me the deep dish at Humble Pie was superb and that Slater knows what he's talking about.  I'd even give it a 10 on the Slater Rater.   (What?? Too cheesy?) 

See you guys at 9!


1319 South Broadway  Edmond, OK 73034
(405) 715-1818


Jaime's Favorite Things: Roxy's Ice Cream Social

Hi friends!!

Did you have a great Labor Day? As summer comes to a close we are celebrating a summer treat. Roxy's Ice Cream Social is a new food truck in town. It made its debut this May and is getting rave reviews at festivals/functions/street fairs around OKC. Many of you are foodies like me and know Oklahoma City is just picking up on the food truck trend. And when you see this bright yellow and pink waffle cone ice cream truck rolling down the road, you really have no choice but to smile.

Raena and Shane Mutz are only in their 20's but already have a history with food trucks. They owned and operated "The Munch Box" until someone offered to buy it. Raena wanted to keep a business on four wheels so she got on Craig's List and found an old Good Humor truck for sale. She convinced Shane it was a good idea and put him to work rebuilding the truck. Good thing Shane's had a business in decorative concrete so he was able to recreate the old ice cream truck from inside out. Now freshly adorned with a new and bright coat of paint, Roxy's was born. Roxy, of course, is the Mutz's dog!! The person who makes the ice cream... Raena's aunt. She'd always made ice cream for the family before and Raena decided it was time to share her aunt's sweet treats with the public.

So now, Raena and Shane travel around OKC serving up single dip cones for $3 and double dip cones and ice cream sandwiches for $4. You have to try the Cookies and Creme ice cream cookie sandwich. Homemade hand dipped gourmet ice cream sandwiched between two homemade cookies from local bakery Someplace Else. Roxy's Ice Cream Social offers a variety of flavors like salted caramel, pistachio, cookies and creme, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry lemonade, and strawberries and creme. All made with fresh local products.

Raena says she didn't expect the overwhelming response to their ice cream truck but loves when she sees kids jumping up and down as they see her coming down the street. Now, the Mutz's are planning for two more trucks next summer and a storefront very soon. They are going to keep on rolling until the weather gets too cold this season.

You can follow Roxy's Ice Cream Social on Facebook and Twitter to find out where they will be next. They are out most every day and will come to your function or party too! See you at nine!


Roxy's Ice Cream Social

Phone 1 (405) 596-3133

Email icecreamokc@yahoo.com




Jaime's Favorite Things: The Paramount OKC

Hi Friends!!

Looking for something fun and different for a date night? Or looking for a place to grab a bite downtown? The Paramount, OKC can meet both those needs. The Paramount boasts "Reel Art, Wine, and Coffee". It's part screening room. Part Deli. Located on Film Row.

The Paramount used to the be the old screening room for Paramount Pictures. It is the last of four screening rooms standing on Oklahoma City's Film Row. It was where theatre owners in Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas came to screen Paramount's new films and decide whether to buy for their theatre back home. If they did, Paramount crews went to work printing flyers and posters upstairs. Now owner, Melodie Garneau is breathing new life into the old building. The theater seats about 70 people and has the seating from the 30's or 40's. The Paramount shows the classics every Monday, Friday, and Saturday. Melodie also hopes to grab the attention of local filmmakers and provide a place for students to show their works on a big screen at an affordable price.

Since there are licensing rights on the movies the Paramount will show, the Paramount is operating as a "private club" for screenings. And since it just opened earlier this month, you can become a member for any price you'd like (over $5) then see as many movies as you'd like!

The Deli section of the Paramount is a great way to come in and check out the place. It's open 7:30 am-9 pm Monday through Thursday. Fridays 7:30-11pm and Saturday 11am- 11pm. Come in, have a breakfast burrito and a smoothie on your way to work. Come back for a turkey sandwich and some soup on your lunch break.... then check out a movie on your Friday night. The Paramount has a signature pie (called "The Paramount") made by the locally owned Pie Junkie pie company. "The Paramount Pie"... is indeed ... paramount!! It has a graham cracker crust, espresso infused chocolate ganache and homemade marshmallow top that is torched to your liking. It is a s'more on a plate and it is divine!!!! I also sampled the key lime pie dessert shooter that they make in house. It's the perfect amount of zing combined with the perfect size.

This is a place you can set up shop for an informal meeting, meet the girls for a drink after work, or have a wine/cheese/movie date. I can't wait to make of a night of it. What a great addition to our blossoming Film Row. I hope you check it out!!

Email me and tell me what you think if you do. And, as always, email me with some of YOUR favorite things. See you at nine!! Jaime jcerreta@okcfox.com    


Monday through Thursday 7:30 am-9 pm Fridays 7:30-11pm Saturday 11am-11pm   http://theparamountokc.com/

701 W Sheridan, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 (405) 517-0787

Email us: info@theparamountokc.com



Jaime's Favorite Things: Green and Grilled

Hi Friends!!

You guys all know I have a sweet tooth! But this week, we are EATING HEALTHY. My good friend and trainer Carey Lea introduced me to a place called Green and Grilled. I stopped by skeptical... but fell in love. Healthy food that is DELICIOUS!!? Can this be? Now, if only they delivered to FOX 25 I'd be eating it every single day!! (hint hint)

Green and Grilled is a concept brought to you by Juan Suarez. He came to America from Columbia and you'll enjoy his country's influence on his food. The plates are simple... a protein, veggie, and starch. You can choose from chicken, beef, pork, or tofu. Have a starch of potatoes or rice. And for the veggie, mixed veggies or a salad. The apple spinach salad is AMAZING. I"m afraid I'll never try another one because I'm stuck on this one! It comes with a light citrus/poppyseed dressing that has a refreshing zing to it. Smashed walnuts dust the salad for a little bit of crunch and you get a pop of flavor from the cranberries that adorn the salad. I had this with the tofu. Now, I've only really had tofu in my miso soup... never as my entree. But with a mixture of soy and honey, the tofu is carmelized a bit. Oh my goodness... it is flavorful. I immediately fall in love. I am so going back to have this tofu. But I might have to box up a beef dish to take home. They have a special marinade they use on their meats and I love the flavor. The rice is delicious too. And can I tell you about the butternut squash soup??!! Butternut squash is a favorite of mine during the fall months. I usually get a little box of the stuff at the store. But now, I can't go back to that. Juan peels, cooks, and mashes the squash before pureeing the mixture into this creamy bowl of heaven. I happened to have visited Green and Grilled the day I was nursing a sore throat and a voice that had gone MIA. That butternut squash soup was just what the doctor ordered!!! Please, get some when you stop by, even if you take it home to enjoy later.

Juan is very passionate about giving back to America, the country that welcomed him with open arms. He feels it is his duty to provide folks in Oklahoma with healthy food to eat. You'll also see an eco-friendly influence around the restaurant. Juan and his family are careful about what they buy... opting for eco-friendly cups, plates, etc. Even the little table numbers are recycled. It's great to see a family business thinking so progressively about our environment while providing us great nutritious DELICIOUS meals to nourish our bodies. And this week, I don't have to dodge my trainers when they ask about what sweet thing I'll be eating on the news!! Guilt free enjoyment! From Juan's family to yours... who can ask for more?? He is living the American dream... and we should completely support him. You won't regret it!

Let me know when you try it!!!






Green and Grilled - 8547 N. Rockwell Ave - Oklahoma City, OK 73132 jsuarez@greenandgrilled.com - (405) 563-2605

Hours of operation - Monday through Saturday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm - Sunday 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Jaime's Favorite Things: Stash

Hello Friends!

I headed down to Norman this week to check out a place called Stash.  My friend and Fox 25 photographer Jamie Dickson suggested to me. She's always finding places with cool and quirky stuff.  And that's what you will find at Stash.  

The store is a mix of things from your childhood combined with the very new.  My eyes lit up at the sight of "Golden Books", old pencils, and notepads.  Call me crazy, but I've always been a sucker for a pen and paper.  I just love buying more and more of them. Good thing I get to use them for work! :)   You'll find old housewares, cool vintage wine decanters, drawers full of old keys, and even bowties.  

Della Patterson and Rebecca Bean are the masterminds behind Stash.  They were great friends and decided to become great business owners.. together.  The store will celebrate its one year anniversary in September.  Della and Rebecca love the art of searching for something fabulous.  They scour countries abroad and estate sales here at home to find lovely items they fall in love with.  Once they clean them up, they mix them in with the new products in the store and hope you will fall in love as well.   Stash is... well, a stash of great new things too.  They are big into local art, Oklahoma tshirts, and cards, etc.  You'll find turquoise and silver jewelry along with necklaces and rings made from copper wire.  They also have the cutest tshirts with a map of the US on them with a heart in Oklahoma.  Adorable!  Della and Rebecca focus on fair trade, ethically made products.  They're cool girls!! You should definitely stop in, shop, and say hello!

See you at nine!



Mon - Sat: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

412 E. Main, Norman, OK. 1 (405) 701-1016


Jaime's Favorite Things: House of Clay

Hello friends,

I know some of you are dying for something INSIDE to do because of this intense heat. I have driven by the House of Clay for probably five years now. I've always wondered what went on there. When I did a little research, I learned this was a six decade old family run business based... on clay! Judith Wagenseller's parents bought the store for a few hundred bucks 62 years ago. The day Judith was born, her dad was making the purchase. So she... along with the business... were her parents' "babies". Judith grew up running around the store as a child, learning to paint and create. The House of Clay sells many types of clay and tools, but it also has classes you can attend. The store is filled with little ceramics --all white-- just waiting for you to add color to their lives. At any time the store is open, you can walk in, select something to paint and go to work. A mug might cost five dollars and the studio fee is $10.

The House of Clay offers painting classes, hand built pottery and wheel throwing classes. The day we came, in a mother and her son were working on some hand built pieces of clay. I sat down with Marvin Embree who teaches the wheel throwing classes. Marvin fell in love with pottery in college. He had to take the course... the rest was history. We start with a lump of clay and a little water to lubricate the clay. Marvin keeps his foot on the pedal to keep the wheel on the move. He simply moves his hands and the clay moves with him. It doesn't seem as magical when I give it a go. I'm glad I have a pro with me. It was really fun though and I think we ended up with a decent candy dish. Maybe not the best piece of work that ever walked out of there.. but this one had my fingerprints on it. And that's good enough for me! :)

See you at nine!!  


The House of Clay In Oklahoma City

1100 N.W. 30th Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (405) 524-5610 thehouseofclay@yahoo.com Hours of Operation: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm



Jaime's Favorite Things: Unlabeled Apparel

Hi Friends,

I think by now you know I have a soft spot for LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL. So a boutique that boasts Made in Oklahoma and Made in the USA is sure to catch my eye. That's what I found in a little place called Unlabeled Apparel. Breanne Mollman is the shop owner. Her soft spot lies in art and she has a variety of works from local artists (and a few of her own) hanging in her store. The jewelry in Unlableled is made in Oklahoma. Some come from Tulsa.. others from just down the street in Norman. Breanne searches art fairs for the very best stuff she can find with local ties. She sells Oklahoma t shirts that are made right here in Oklahoma. Some show the shield... others the scissortail. I got a kick out of the Severe Weather Bingo with references to wall clouds and mobile homes. They also carry a Pregnant Woman Bingo with all the crazy things people say to pregnant women. A woman in Guthrie is behind the cards. In Tulsa, Okie Crow cooks up Oklahoma shaped dog biscuits and soaps for you. They also feature felt-wrapped soaps. Breanne tells me the felt is a natural exfoliant and you keep the felt on the soap as you lather up. I fell in love with these hand blown heart shaped glass ring holders. They are so beautiful and made by a family of artisans in Tulsa. A woman in Norman is behind a line of jewelry sporting semi-precious stones. And another lady from T-town makes these cute painted metal items. I ended up leaving with a cute little bracelet with a tiny little deer attached. Adorable!

Besides the artwork, everything in Unlabeled Apparel is LESS THAN $100!! How cool is that?! Need a present for a friend who moved from Oklahoma or just want a great gift with a cool story... check out Unlabeled. You won't be disappointed. :)

See you at nine! Jaime

You can also shop Breanne's online store.



Hours Monday-Friday 11:00a.m.-7:00p.m. Saturday 11:00a.m.-6:00p.m. Sunday Closed Shop Online 24/7 Phone: 405-366-8484 E-mail: Unlabeledapparel@yahoo.com Address: 1272 N. Interstate Dr. Norman, Ok 73072

Jaime's Favorite Things: Rock Louie

Hi Friends!! 

If you want a company that embodies the meaning of summer... it is Rock Louie. On their logo... a wave, a palm tree, and a mountain. Rock Louie wants to dress you up in everything you need to wake board, long board, surf, or just look really cool at the lake.

Rocky Cook is the man behind the brand Rock Louie. He is an Oklahoma City kid who grew up doing all kinds of sports. When he got older he lived in Colorado and California and fell in love with snowboarding and surfing. He moved back to Oklahoma and finished up his degree in Fashion Marketing and Business Administration at UCO. He is now the founder, president, and CEO of Rock Louie. Rocky says he wants to inspire kids to get outside and PLAY again. He says outside, in nature, is where he feels true bliss and he wants to make sure you look stylin' when you're there. He's always had a knack for accessories and developed the brand Rock Louie with shirts, hats, scarves, and beanies. But the focal point is the Rock Louie sunglasses.

The sunglasses are built to cover your face and make a statement. While the black, tortoise, and white are the best sellers... Rock Louie is known for its crazy combinations. Each pair of sunglasses tells a story . The Sam Bams are purple and gold. The High Fives are purple and lime. The City Jams are blue and orange for the OKC Roller Derby. The City Dolls white and red with clear lenses for the Victory Dolls Roller Derby. I love the idea of the Statehood Series. There are the Roserocks. That are a cool matte "roserock" color. The Scissortail is gray with roserock accents and glossy to match the shimmer of the feather on the scissortail bird. There's even a pair of shades for the state lizard!!! And a pair of shades for me.

Dan Hays is the marketing guy behind Rock Louie. And I was so excited when he wanted to do a pair of sunglasses for me. I'm a Mustang girl at heart. From the day I turned 16, I've driven a red Mustang Convertible with a black top. So of course, I wanted red with black. Dan dubbed them... "The Heartbreakers". I didn't ask why... :) But they look awesome .. and I've already had a blast.. dropping the convertible top and "rockin' my Rock Louie's".

Thank you Rocky and Dan!!!

Sunglasses are $22.95 Beanies are $10 Shirts are $25 Bandanas $5



You can find Rock Louie at... Core Extreme Sports at 10467 N. May

Science Museum Oklahoma

Switchblade Rosie's at I-240 and Penn

Industrial Skate Park in Norman

Nachitos in Tuttle



Jaime's Favorite Things: Il Dolce Gelato

Hello my friends!!

How is everyone doing on this fine Thursday afternoon? I don't know about you, but it seems like this summer is just flying by!! I can't believe we already into the middle of July. I think we're having a pretty nice summer. Hot enough to make for great days at the pool or the lake... and the perfect temperature for GELATO!!

My family traveled to Italy for my father's 60th birthday. My great grandmother and great grandfather came over to America to Italy.. so it was really fun to see, feel, and TASTE our heritage. And you better believe the Cerreta fam was eating a whole lot of gelato on our trip. In just about every city, we stopped to sample some gelato. So to see gelato now,  is nostalgic to me and I appreciate it very much.

Neil Buss and his wife Sommer behind Il Dolce Gelato also have a soft spot for gelato. They discovered the Italian ice cream while traveling to bigger cities here in the U.S. Neil had a snow cone shop in college and already loved with making people smile with frozen treats. So the Buss' decided to make gelato their business. They took a trip to Italy and studied with a master gelato maker. They also tasted gelato four times a day in every single city while there!! What great research!!

Today, they bring us Il Dolce Gelato with stores in Norman and Moore. They have 24 fresh flavors for you to choose from every day and make the gelato right there in the store. I asked Neil for a look at the gelato making process and he said no!!! He said... like any Italian gelato maker, he uses secret family recipes, and telling a reporter would be against tradition! :)

So I'm forced to just wonder... and just enjoy the fabulous flavors. I got to try several. My favorite was probably the chocolate haberno!! I love love love the taste of chocolate and chili together. Watch tonight to my reaction to my first bite.

You can also find Il Dolce Gelato featured at restaurants such as LOCAL in Norman.

Get yourself a little gelato this summer. You'll thank me later. It's that good. :)))

See you tonight!




* Norman 1318 N Interstate Drive nw corner of I-35 & Robinson directions 405.329.7744 mon-thu 12-10pm fri-sat 12-11pm sun 3-9pm

* Moore 937 B SW 25th Street south of 19th street & telephone road directions 405.794.7266 mon-thu 12-10pm fri-sat 12-11pm sun 3-9pm

Jaime's Favorite Things: Crystal Bridge

Hi Friends!!

Have you been to the Crystal Bridge Conservatory? I've lived here almost six years now.  I've driven by that place, bragged about it, checked out the cool lights... but I had never been inside until now.  Oh my gosh! I was blown away.  First of all, I had the best tour guide!  Kenton Peters is the Education Coordinator there. He's worked at Crystal Bridge for 18 years and he loves plants and trees so much that you cannot help but to get caught up in his enthusiasm.  We walk in and you're transported.  Right away you are in another world.  The entire place is a beautiful mish mash of plants, trees, flowers, cacti, and waterfalls with one shrubbery leading into another.  I was so impressed.  We got to see a banana tree, a chocolate tree, and even the lipstick tree!! Oh yea..  a lipstick tree.  There are also some animals in there.  A spiny lizard, cute little tortoise and a 30 something year old snake named Spot.  I had a ball.  Kenton would stop and pull a flower, split open a leaf, and I was amazed by the smells.  It's 80 degrees in there and at 100 percent humidity.  I have to warn you, I was pretty darn hot there for a little bit... but once you make your way to the other end, things cool down.  I absolutely loved my time there and cannot wait to take my mom there on her next visit.  She loves to garden and is a fan of botanical gardens.  I only wish I'd visited this place sooner.  It was amazing!!!

I highly suggest setting up a tour.  They are free!  Call this number to set up a tour: 297-3611 

Enjoy your summer, my friends!


Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory Hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday 11am-5pm (after Labor Day-May 31) 11am-7pm (June 1 - Labor Day) Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day

Adults $7 Seniors (62+) Students (13-18 or w/ valid college ID) Active Military $6 Children (4-12) $4 Children 3 and under FREE Myriad Gardens Foundation Members FREE Groups (10+) $5 adults; $3 children (4-12) Outdoor Grounds Hours & Admission: Open Daily Admission 6am-11pm FREE


Located at Reno & Robinson in downtown OKC 301 W Reno, OKC, OK 73102

Phone: (405) 297-3995   Fax: (405) 297-3620     

Jaime's Favorite Things: Soup Soup

Hello friends!!

I hope you all are enjoying your summers. Since many of you who read this blog are also my Facebook friends, I've been having fun living vicariously through everyone's fun summer check-in's and vacation pics. We sure do know how to have some fun here in the OKC, don't we? And let me just say... Oh My Thunder!!! What an amazing season it has been!! I am so proud of our young and talented team. They have brought the OU and OSU fans together to root for one team and has just solidified this already incredible community. I swear I thought I'd have a heart attack a couple times during finals but if I managed to post this blog, it means I survived!! :) Congratulations to our Thunder. They have done so much and this is only the beginning for our NBA team! I love the positive recognition the Thunder has brought to our state. Can't wait for whatever next season holds!!

So.. on to my favorite thing this week. It's actually been a favorite thing for a while. I found Terry Sinclair's veggie tamales at Crescent Market several years ago. I'd stop on the way back from a shoot, pick up some tamales at that great old grocery store, then heat up two tamales for myself at work. I ate for three days off that bag of tamales with queso and homemade salsa. Everyone in the break room would drool... and I can't say I ever shared. (ha!) I've been trying to track down Terry for some time now and am glad to announce she just opened a STORE FRONT! Terry Sinclair is the woman behind Soup Soup. She has been making soups and other prepared foods for 23 years here in Oklahoma City. You'll find her goodies at Whole Foods and Bill Kamp's. The label is red and white checkered and I bet you've seen them before. Terry and her friend started Soup Soup... by--guess what-- making SOUP! They were stay at home moms looking for something to do while the kids were at school. What started as soup grew in to a full service catering business. Terry also does a tremendous amount of grab and go foods to make dinners easier for families in Oklahoma City. She has casseroles, quiches, baked spaghetti, AMAZING twice baked LOADED potatoes and some incredible desserts. Terry, of course, still offers a variety of soups. Tomato, potato, and minestrone are usually available. She also makes an amazing hummus and I fell in love with the black bean salsa with pita chips!!! She also had us try the ceasar salad. She makes the dressing herself. It is rich, it is tangy, it is delicious. And speaking of delicious.... how about that key lime CAKE, cheesecake, and lemon bars. OH MY GOSH. So you must stop by Soup Soup. Tell Terry I sent you. Let her make you dinner tonight. If you know where Green Goodies used to be.. that's where Terry is now on Western.

If you want to call ahead.. you can make sure she has those VEGGIE TAMALES before you stop by. I dream about those things.  Terry makes them every Thursday.

See you tonight!


Soup Soup

7606 N. Western Oklahoma City (405) 476-2356

Mon- Fri 10am - 6pm Sat 10am - 2

Jaime's Favorite Things: St. Jude Dream Home

Hello Friends,

I am so honored to be part of the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway again this year.  It will be my 5th year hosting the telethon on Fox 25 and I am so grateful for the opportunity.  We raise about $700,000 every year with this telethon.  And it's because of your generosity that we have been so successful.  Last year, we had to hold back ticket sales so we would have something to sell on the telethon and I would love for that to be the case again this year!!! It means so much.

I've had the great experience of touring the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis.  It's great because the PR people there always find people from Oklahoma for me to interview.  One nurse I spoke with wanted to move back to Oklahoma with her husband.  She did... for a couple years...  only to return to St. Jude!!   She said that hospital was where she belonged. 

St. Jude does not charge for treatment.  The hospital pays for patient family travel, lodging, even food.  St. Jude is incredible.  You feel the heart of the place the moment you're on the campus.  It is a special special place and it offers so much help and hope to kids from all over the nation... and of course, from our own Oklahoma.  We need to help keep it running and going strong.

St. Jude has a lab to bedside mentality.  Doctors are studying and experimenting right there on the campus... when they find things that work, they put that new research right to work on the children there.  I hope you will help support the beautiful project and hospital that is St. Jude.  The children there need us. 

Of course, the St. Jude Dream Home is GORGEOUS as always.  It is so pretty... that I will let you watch the story to check it out.  Please help us in raising money for St. Jude.  Buy a raffle ticket (or 2 or 3 or 10) and tune in for the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway on June 24th.

Here are the specs of the home and I gave you info on how to buy a ticket too!!

Thank you so so much,


The beautiful 2012 St. Jude Dream Home, built by Dunhill Fine Homes, is currently underway in the beautiful Chitwood Farms community of Edmond, OK.  The 2012 house is valued at $575,000 and features:

 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths

 3,900 square feet

 gated community and community pool

 entertainment and security wiring pack­age

 Icynene foam insulation

 upgraded plumbing faucets and fixtures donated by Brizo 

 Open Houses: May 13"June 17

 Live Giveaway: June 24


FOX 25 is a sponsor of the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway. Find details here on what St. Jude means to Oklahoma and get your chance at a $575,000 Dream Home for $100.

Live Drawing
Sunday, June 24th
2:00 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased at any Citizens Bank location, www.dreamhome.org, or by calling 1-800-592-1596.


Jaime's Favorite Things: Blush

Hi friends!!

I found the greatest boutique in Norman for you. I'm not much of a boutique shopper because I always fear a hefty price tag, but when my friend told me Blush in Norman IS affordable I had to check it out.  

When I walked in... I'm hit with a bevy of color.  Owner, Amanda Clark, has filled every nook and cranny with summer brights.  She has jeans in a rainbow of colors, flowy tops, maxi dresses, skirts, dresses, rompers, etc.  She has shoes, accessories, purses, wine glasses, serving plates.  Her goal is to offer a place where you can come in.. get a dress for a party and a present too.  She wants to dress you from head to toe for $100.  And at Blush, she gets the job done!!!

You see, Amanda was once an OU college co-ed too.  She went to undergrad as a Sooner, worked at Shoetopia on Campus Corner, then got her Master's Degree at UT in advertising.  When she finished, she realized her passion was in retail.  She came back to Campus Corner and opened up her very own boutique at the age of 26.  I could not even imagine.  Five years later, Amanda says she's learned a lot as a business owner and is loving it.  Her biggest success... finding adorable and AFFORDABLE  things for the people who shop here.   The price range $40-$60.  But she likes to keep most things under $50!  I couldn't believe it as I roamed through the store. 

I went back to the dressing room with arms full of things.  All brights, a lot of pink, and some things you've already seen me wear on the air.  Shopping is SO MUCH FUN when it's in a decent price range.  I'm not a shopper, that's why when I do boutique stories... I want to make sure they are a place most people can come and feel good about shopping.  I want to feel good about shopping too.   When I left... I had two dresses, a pair of shorts, two tops, a cami, a pink pair of shoes, earrings, necklace, belt.  When all that rung up at $175, I threw in the bag I'd been eyeing to make it $200.  What a haul!!!!

I will definitely be back to Blush again and again!!

I hope you will make the trip too.


Blush 566 Buchanan Avenue  Norman, OK 73069(405) 701-8600

Twitter:  twitter.com/#!/shopblush

Facebook:    http://www.facebook.com/BlushNorman

Jaime's Favorite Things: Summer Baseball

Hi friends!!

Well... I got to do something really unique this week.  My dear friend, Kassidi Gross, with Oklahoma City Allsports Association asked me to throw the first pitch at the Big 12 Championships.  I've never played much sports growing up and can't tell you the last time a threw a ball.  So I called in the professionals for some help.

Sergio Perez is the pitcher with the Redhawks.  He met me at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark for a little lesson in pitching.  Sergio's quite a character and had some story telling to do while giving me some tips for the pitch.  I threw a couple decent ones and a couple stinkers.  It just felt strange to even be on the field... let alone imagine people in the stands.


So.. today was the day!! I took the mound before the Kansas State/Baylor Bears game. I was enthusiastic, hopeful, nervous.. praying for a miracle and yet knowing my athletic skills may fail me in the moment. I try to say "yes" to different opportunities that come my way and look at them with fear of failure.  It's fun to try things that if you fail.. you have little to lose!  It's just fun... a little scary.. and this time.. there were people in the stands!!

They called my name and I made my way to the mound.  I was hoping to do well.. and maybe even distract the crowd with some theatrics.  I "shook off" a couple of the catcher's calls.. and waited until one I "approved".. gave the mound a little scratch.. then swung and screamed!! Yes, I let out a little squeal as the ball caught air.. then rolled to the catcher.  Lol.. It was fun.  It got me out of my comfort zone.  And I will totally do it again.. (if asked).  Until then, I will enjoy my place in the stands.. enjoying the sun, the game, and a bag of peanuts.  Game on.... :)


Next week is Softball in town!



Jaime's Favorite Things: Liberty Theatre

Hello my fabulous friends!!

You may remember I put out a call on Facebook and Twitter for some of YOUR favorite things. And you gave me A LOT. I printed off the pages and am still working off of them. I wanted to get out of town and you gave me the opportunity to do so. Teri Pierce suggested the Liberty Theatre in Carnegie, Oklahoma. I did a couple online searches and fell in love with the idea.

The trip to Carnegie was just shy of two hours. Ours started with a stop by Discount Tire because thankfully, my photographer Jamie noticed a slow leak in the tire. An hour later, we were on our way. We enjoyed the drive and were pleased to arrive at 9 West Main Street... the home of the Liberty Theatre. I love an old town Main Street. There is such a feeling there of the years that have passed. The Liberty Theatre is a beautiful compilation of past and present. You walk in and there is a grandeur there. The old glass window box office is there. The ceiling.. original gold decorative tile. The carpet.. red, of course! In the lobby, a picture of a big ole gorilla and movie posters from the past and some from the present. This theatre wasn't always home to film. Liberty Theatre is the longest continuously running theatre in Oklahoma!! It was built in 1915 and was home to live theater. Big names like Will Rogers once graced the stage here. The dressing rooms for the actors were on both sides of the stage. Those dressing rooms are now restrooms in the theatre and the organ pit is still there with the pipes behind the wall. You can feel the history in this great little theatre. It's a place where folks used to pull up on horse and buggy to see a show.

Now, Liberty Theatre is slowly transitioning to digital movies where FILM will soon be out of date. I'm sure by now, you guys who have been there are wondering... did she get a show dog?? Well, of course, I got a show dog!! It's the thing to do when you come to the Liberty Theatre. A show dog and show coke are mandatory!! And at the inexpensive prices, how can you not!? I loved that people were filing in around five pm, not to go to the show, but to get a dog! The show dogs are truly dinner made with love at the Liberty Theatre. Manager Gay Jones says it takes her hours to make the chili so perfect. They've worked on the recipe for years, tweaking a few things until they came up with the perfect recipe. The chili is made fresh daily and it's a process. The spices are added through out the cooking process. So, what's a show dog? It's a hot dog topped with that homemade chili, cheese,and onions. And IT IS AMAZING!!!!! Two dogs and a coke and I'm a happy girl. I wish I could have stayed and seen a movie. But the newscast was calling and I got my dog, popcorn, and a coke! If you guys are looking for a little road trip this summer.. I strongly suggest the Liberty Theatre. I love the history behind the theatre and there is clearly such love and passion behind the people who work there. There must be!! The Liberty Theatre is open EVERY DAY of the year. And they do it on the cheap so more families can come. Two dollars for dogs. Four dollars for the show. That's a love of their customer right there.

See you tonight!


Liberty Theatre

9 W Main Carnegie, OK 73015




Jaime's Favorite Things: Brown Egg Bakery

Hello my friends!!

Tonight we're finding out who really makes some of your favorite treats in town. Allison Dake-Mann has her scrumptious desserts at Deep Fork, The Wedge, Cafe Nova, and Deep Deuce Grill. She developed Brown Egg Bakery a year ago when she saw a niche in the restaurant market that was unfulfilled. Allison spent ten years in the restaurant biz starting as a hostess and working her way into bartending and waiting tables. She noticed many restaurants did not have their own pastry chef. They had four or five desserts that never changed. Allison wanted to offer restaurants fresh seasonal sweets that are homemade.. by her! Allison's always been a perfectionist and that trait spills over into her baking, resulting in delectable dishes for us! And let me tell you... the day I met Allison, she spoiled me rotten. We got to try a chocolate ganauche tart with triple chocolate dipped Oreos! Are you kidding me?? The Oreos alone were amazing, top that with homemade whipped cream on top and I'm in heaven. Next up.. a chocolate cheesecake I remember well from a visit to Deep Fork. It's one of the restaurant's most popular desserts. It's a triple chocolate cheesecake infused with coffee with an Oreo crust. And get this... it has ALMOST A POUND of chocolate poured over the entire cake. If you are a chocolate lover... this is a must!! Get yourself to Deep Fork and fast. You will not regret it! I'm a Key Lime Pie girl... and I don't like that mellow soft key lime. I like a key lime with zing!! And Allison's key lime ice box pie will make you smile. It's a lightly baked key lime custard finished with miniature wafers and whipped cream. I asked Allison how she made the key lime pie so good. She says it's from key lime juice. Then... did you know The Wedge has a grab and go five dollar breakfast?? They do on Monday and Friday! This cinnamon roll is pretty much the size of my head!!! It's ahhhhmazing. I'm not lying to ya, folks. This Allison knows what she is doing when it comes to the sweets. We finish off the day with one her new custard stacks. They come in different flavors but we try the butterscotch. It comes in a little jar like a jam jar and consists of delicious layers of snickerdoodle crust with a homemade traditional butterscotch custard with salted caramel. The caramel is mixed with some sliced bananas and english toffee and that is topped with whipped cream. You can find these jars of deliciousness at Deep Fork and The Wedge.

Allison Dake-Mann of Brown Egg Bakery. She's the Sweets Queen of OKC!!!  You can find her desserts at Deep Fork, Cafe Nova, The Wedge, Deep Deuce Grill.

Brown Egg Bakery Phone: 405-343-0309

Email: browneggokc@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/browneggbakery

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/BrownEggBakery

Jaime's Favorite Things: Local

Hello my favorite friends!!

I took a little hiatus from the Jaime's Favorite Things (JFTs-as we like to call it) to do some research and even get out of town.  I love love love all your suggestions so please do keep them coming!! 

JFTs are now EVERY THURSDAY.. from here on out!! I'm so excited to highlight our wonderful area.  I could not ask for a better assignment.  I truly do love it and hope you enjoy them as well.

This week.. we take you to LOCAL.

When I heard Iguana Grill's Ryan Parrott had a new project, I had to learn more. That's how I discovered his latest restaurant was all about Oklahoma, family, and is a real treat for the parents. "Local" is a place where you can have a date night and you don't even have to get a sitter!! Local is owned by three sisters.. Heather Steele, Abby Clark, and Melissa Scaramucci. They grew up in Oklahoma City and now all three have very young kids. Melissa took a trip to Orlando recently, and when she did, a restaurant there had a play place for the kids. She and her husband happened into this great date night while their kids played in another room. She wanted to bring this concept to Oklahoma and that's how Local came to life. The sisters also grew up as a farm family. Their uncle is the man behind Walnut Creek farms and the business has been in the family since the land run. Now, they want their children growing up on pure, unprocessed foods like they did. They want to give their kids better options and that's the goal behind the Local menu. Nothing is bought pre-made. Chef Ryan Parrott and his staff make their own ketchup and sauces every day. They buy a whole pig and roast it themselves. It is a farm to table concept. Nothing new, they say, but returning to the way things used to be. They are providing the same types of food the three sisters grew up with and something they'd like to offer Oklahoma families. On the menu, a pork belly with cheddar spoonbread and local succotash. It was soooo good. That texture on the spoonbread was delish!! And the pork belly- as Chef Parrott told me it would be-- was the best bacon I've ever had. I also got to try the Morrocan Lamb with parsnip potato cake. Chef Parrott called the potato cake a grown up tater tot! And it's so good... along with the lamb marinated in such beautiful spices. When it's time for dessert, we have a Banana Split Bread Pudding. It has all these amazing sweet tastes all wrapped into one dish. Homemade gelato. Homemade Bread Pudding. Chocolate, Caramel, Homemade Whipped Cream, and a cherry on top. YUUUUM!! You can enjoy all this while your kids are in Localville. They have movies for the big kids and all kinds of great things for the younger kids, and even a place for newborns.

Local is restaurant born from the needs of three sisters who are now new parents with a dedication to food grown and raised here in Oklahoma.


2262 West Main Street Norman, OK 73069


info@eatatlocal.com eatatlocal.com

Jaime's Favorite Things: Bella Forte Glass Studio/Italian Jim's Restaurant

Hi Friends!!

I had so much fun shooting this week's Jaime's Favorite Things.  In downtown Edmond, there are two back to back businesses owned by one family.  Chris McGahan, his wife, and three children run Italian Jim's restaurant and Bella Forte Glass Studio.  Italian Jim's hangs its hat on its amazing pizza.  Not only is it pretty.. but it is DELICIOUS.   The recipe is Chris' Italian father-in-law's Jim.  Chris says it took seven years of marriage to Jim's daughter before Jim finally trusted him with his secret recipe.  Another seven years later, Chris asked Jim if he could open a restaurant based on that secret recipe.  Jim said... on one condition, you must keep the recipe a secret.  To this day the recipe for the sauce and the dough is kept a secret.  Only family makes the sauce packets they use in the kitchen. 

Chef Chris Harvey knows his way around the kitchen.  Just talking to him... you can tell he's passionate about cooking.  He whips up with ease a Chicken Capellini dish for me with fresh onions, pepper, mushrooms, and olives.  I take a bite.. and it is sooo delicious.  I come from an Italian family with our own "secret recipe" for marinara too and this dish was delish!! I was really impressed.  

From the kitchen we moved next door to Bella Forte Glass Studio.  A crowd is already gathering as Chris and his son get ready to go to work.  Today they are working on a hanging vase.  They work in unison to blow, roll, and design the glass into exactly what they want.  It's really hot in there and the ovens they use are at incredibly high temperatures. It takes about an hour of "body wraps" and "noodling" and lots and lots of rolling before the vase chandelier goes into the oven. 

We've worked up an appetite and go back to Italian Jim's to check out this famous pizza.  They bring out a supreme.. which is supremely designed.  They want their pizza to look pretty at Italian Jim's.  And when the Super Pepperoni hits the table.. my jaw hits the floor.  My photographer cracked a smile.  This thing is LAYERED in pepperoni.  You do not see any cheese.. just a barrage of slices of meat.  I hault all conversation and have to take a bite of this impressive pizza.  I've never seen anything like it.  And it was delicious!!!!!! If you love pepperoni, you owe it to yourself to go have this pizza.  It's something you'll probably talk about for a long time to come. 

Italian Jim's is adorned with much of the glass Chris blew next door.  Some for sale.. some not.  The prices range from $20 to $50,000 depending on what you'd like.  I saw some beautiful glass bowls that were priced around $120.  Would be a great piece to give someone on a special occasion.  

Italian Jim's is also the only place in the world that Chris is aware of... that has a place where you can dine and have piece of art made where you can watch.  There is a table set up right by a large glass slate so you can eat your pepperoni pizza and watch Chris work on the piece of art you'll bring home.   Really cool stuff!!

Bella Forte and Italian Jim's
13 S. Broadway, Edmond, OK 73034
1 405.285.8800
Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Fri - Sat: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Jaime's Favorite Things: Tiger Safari

Hi friends!

We are having some big time fun this week. We've been working hard this Feb and I was ready for a little something adventurous.  My photographer Jamie and I made our way to Tuttle to Tiger Safari.  It is an interactive zoological park started by Oklahoma City firefighter, Bill Meadows.

Bill says his love of exotic creatures started 20 years ago when he brought home a baby cougar.  The family fell in love with the animal and so did he.  Now Meadows has almost 200 animals at Tiger Safari.  He has rare snow tigers, bears, otters, owls, lions, turtles, lemurs and more.  I got to meet a 10 foot long snake named Banana.. who got just a little too close to my face.  The owl I met smacked me on the head with his wing.  And I got kisses from a coatimundi.  It was awesome and just the adventure I was looking for!!   And for the brave of heart, Tiger Safari offers an African Hut where you can stay for night and listen to the lions and tigers roar overnight!  That would be an amazing experience. 

Meadows is very interested in conservation and preservation of our animals.  He's passionate about education and teaching our youth about animals that need our help.  He's met animal greats like Jack Hanna and is truly passionate about animals.  He says you wouldn't believe the connection you develop with an animal when you've raised it since it was a baby.  And when I witness an 850 pound grizzly bear lick Meadows on the cheek... I'm forced to believe it is a deep connection indeed!

Tiger Safari has VIP Sundown tours.  You can also take pictures with baby animals and there are tours for schools and field trips etc.  I think this would be such a fun place to take the family for Spring Break and the entire family would have a blast!!

See you guys tonight!!


Tiger Safari

963 S Frisco Rd  Tuttle, OK 73089
(405) 381-9453

website:  http://www.tigersafari.us/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002064120975&ref=ts

Info from the Website:

  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  •  By Appointment For School Tours, Private Tours, Day-Cares Tours!

Special Pricing for School field trips, Churches, Day-Cares, and Nursing Homes! For pricing and booking call: 405-414-9365!


  • Weekdays -$10.00 , vip tours upon request
  • Weekend Feeding Tours  $10.00 Tiger Feeding ,Petting Zoo Feed  ,and Deer Feeding
  • Weekends: Adults - $7.00 With out Feeding 
  • Children - $5.00 With out Feeding
  • Children under two - FREE
  • Standard tour includes feeding Stations  $10.00
  • Vip Tour $20.00, upon request
  • Sundowner Safari Tours (  Limit 10 people photo shot with Six Exotic Animals ) $55.00
  • Private Photo Shots  with over (20 animals to pick from ) Call for pricing
  • Overnight Stay    (  Jungle Safari Tree House) ( African Safari Hut) ( Primitive Camping)

Park Director: Bill Meadows
963 County St. 2930
Tuttle, Oklahoma 73089


Jaime's Favorite Things: Lush Fashion Lounge

Hi friends!!

Hope you guys are enjoying this lovely MILD winter so far. I am so so appreciative.  I think we earned our keep last year.  I just do not do well in snow, so I am over the moon with excitement that it's been so nice!!!

Tonight, I'm going to take you to a locally owned boutique I hit up for great clothes ... A LOT.  If I'm not working, I am probably wearing a top from Lush Fashion Lounge.  I've managed to pick up a few blouses and jackets I wear on TV from Lush too.  When I hear the word "boutique", I usually think "outrageously expensive".  This place is not.  And yet, it's extremely stylish and the clothing looks like you spent a ton!!!  I always have a ball when I go to Lush...  and I am not a shopper! I have never liked the process of shopping so I head straight there when I need something cute because... a.) I love the owner, Carrie Boevers', style  b.)  the clothing is affordable  c.) I know I'll have great service and....  d.) on a good day, I can park right in front of the store! Woot!  No walking through the malls for me!  :)

Carrie Boevers grew up in Piedmont and says she used to be a tomboy.  She didn't fall in love with fashion until her high school/college years when her mom would take her shopping in Dallas.  Carrie went to UCO and when she couldn't find the perfect job upon graduation, she decided to create it!  She opened up Lush Fashion Lounge three years ago and has been running the place ever since!  Carrie calls her style "bohemian chic".  I just call it... cool!  I have about four or five of the whimsical flowy tops I've bought at Lush.  I love that they are comfortable yet... so cute and perfect for dinners out or just running around.  I literally spend my weekends in Lush clothing.  And guess what Carrie's goal is at Lush?  To mark EVERYTHING less than $100!!!! Are you kidding me?!  Just typing those words brings a tear of joy to my eye.  Once again, I am not a shopper.  I don't love the mall (parking, etc.) and I don't like parting with my money.  At Lush... I can feel good about both and walk out feeling like I just robbed the place!  I've walked out of there with awesome new earrings, a purse, and a top for about a hundred dollars.  THAT'S when I LOVE shopping.  

Carrie is usually there and is more than happy to lead you around the store.  She's great about learning your likes and dislikes and tailoring what she brings to you to your taste.  And I love love love that she will tell me... "I'm not sure you'll wear that a lot" if I'm on the fence about an item.  Honesty will win me over every time.  If you'd like to check out Carrie's stuff without making the trip, you can do that online.  I love hopping over to the Lush Fashion Lounge Facebook page for a quick browse.  Carrie posts pictures of all her new inventory on Facebook!  You can literally shop from your desk.  I know I've seen a thing or two that makes me re-work my weekend so I can swing through the store for a certain top or dress I saw on Facebook.  It's great knowing something you like is already waiting there for you. 

I can't say enough good things about Carrie and Lush.  I love that she's a local girl who created her dream right here in her home state.  I love seeing young women as local business owners. It is inspiring and if I'm going to spend my money... I definitely love spending local.  And I know, if I spend it at Lush... I'll look like a million bucks for less than a hundred!!

Lush Fashion Lounge is located on 140th and May by Coolgreens and Gigi's Cupcakes.  It's right next to Cafe 7.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lush-Fashion-Lounge/144214485610649

Lush Fashion Lounge 14101 N May Ave Oklahoma City, OK  73134   

(405) 936-0680  

See you guys tonight at 9!



Jaime's Favorite Things: Wormy Dog Saloon

Hi friends!

We are a movin' and a shakin' over here getting weekly Jaime's Favorite Things segments together for you through the month of Feb.  This week, I'm shooting ahead a little bit and will be meeting with the owner of a locally owned, very chic, and very affordable boutique where I do a lot of my shopping.  I'm also heading to Tuttle to do a story on Tiger Safari.  I cannot wait to get a little one on one time with some very cool animals.  But first, let's talk about a certain dog.. who brings all the bands to OKC.. the Wormy Dog Saloon.

I learned a love of Red Dirt/Texas Country music during my four years down in Beaumont, Texas.  I had the honor of interviewing and following around for a full concert night, Pat Green, Gary Allen, and Wade Bowen.  My good friend and colleague Dana would make me a CD of all the guys' biggest songs so I was prepared by the time I'd meet them.  Of course, I returned the favor by letting her be "my grip" for the event and she got to meet the guys too and really helped me out.  When I got my job in Oklahoma City, everyone told me I must go to the Wormy Dog Saloon.  It was one of the first places I visited and I bought a bunch of hats/shirts to send to my friends back in Beaumont to prove I'd followed their advice.

If you have not been to the Wormy Dog and you love live music... you might just be missing out. Owner, Ronnye Farmer, will tell you.... you are!  He used to hang out at the original Wormy Dog in Stillwater years ago.  When a friend told him he was opening a bar in Okahoma City, Ronnye joined in the biz, bought the Wormy Dog name, and moved the bar to Bricktown.  The Wormy Dog already had a big name in Stillwater for giving a stage to such rising Red Dirt stars such as Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland, and Stoney LaRue.  The Wormy Dog is the place you go if you are a Red Dirt band.  It is the place you dream of playing and it is still that way today.   It's a rather big bar yet a very intimate concert setting.  The Wormy Dog has a reputation of great talent on stage and some enthusiastic fans in the crowd.  Ronnye tells me he and his buddies didn't really know what they were doing when they opened the Wormy Dog, but the place has taken on a life of its own and he's proud to foster growing and even now, rather well known talent.

On the day of my shoot, Wade Bowen will take the stage and he's nice enough to take some time for us too. I've interviewed Wade once before and he's nice to say he remembers me.  It's been a good six years since I talked to Wade last and he's gone from road warrior to traveling father.  He's now married with two little boys, ages 3 and 6, and says it's harder to be on the road than it was before.  Though he loves what he does.  He's on the road almost every Thursday, Friday, Saturday... back for a couple days and on the road again. 

Wade says when he was starting up his band in college in Texas he would hear legends of the Wormy Dog Saloon in Stillwater.  It was a place he wanted to play and he says the Wormy Dog in Oklahoma City is a place he's honored to play now.  Wade gives us a tour of the tour bus.  It's a place Wade spends 300 days of the year traveling with 9 other guys.  They sleep in bunks while the bus cruises down the highway at night.  They wake up in a new town every day and start unloading and preparing for a sound check before the show ahead.   Each day is different Wade says.. and when he plays the Wormy Dog, he says it's a place where the fans expect a lot.  He says the Wormy Dog has maintained a reputation for great music on the stage every night.  Wade says one of his favorite events of the year is always "The Hangover Ball".  It's on New Year's Day every year and features many Red Dirt artists.  Randy Rogers, Cody Canada, Stoney LaRue, Wade Bowen. They're all there and many times all there on stage together. Jamming together and supporting eachother.  It's a really fun night to see all your Red Dirt greats on one stage. 

The Wormy Dog is a fun place where people slide on their cowboy boots, grab a saddle at the bar, and listen to some great live music.  It's a place where Red Dirt music is shaped, shared, and celebrated.   The Wormy Dog is up for an Academy of Country Music award for nightclub of the year.  It's about to celebrate it's 20th anniversary this summer so look for much to come from The Wormy Dog!

I had a blast shooting this story. Hope you enjoy it too.



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wormydog

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/WormyDog

Website: http://www.wormydog.com/



Jaime's Favorite Things: Kaiser's Bistro

Hello Friends,

I used to go to this place called Swenson's when I was a kid. We'd go there for a great burger and fries after a dance recital and look forward to ordering a big ole sundae in one of those beautiful big raised sundae bowls. You don't see many sundaes that look like that much anymore. So when I saw one at Kaiser's Bistro, I recruited a friend and had to order.

When it arrived... I was sold before I even took the first bite. Kaiser's is on my list of places to dine when I'm dieting and for when I'm ready to devour something delish. They have an incredible bison burger that I'll get plain with no bun when I'm watching my calories. It is so flavorful, it doesn't need the bun and fries (of course, they are fab as well!). I'll be there a couple days a week, eating like a queen while still making my trainer happy with a buffalo patty and some lettuce and tomato on the side.

Now, when I want to splurge... I go for the Buffalo Burger or the Buffalo Meatloaf-- which is amazing! If you have not tried buffalo meat, you should! It's leaner than beef and really seems to me to be much more flavorful. But save room for dessert because Kaiser's is an ice shop and soda fountain, after all! On your table you'll find a little picture of a very big sundae. It is called the Chocolate Nirvana. It is amazing. Robby Brookshire, the General Manager, shows me how it's made. He layers one of those beautiful half globe-like sundae glasses of my childhood with hot fudge and caramel. Then he rolls in three scoops of homemade vanilla ice cream. He tops that with a homemade brownie then tops it off with marshmallow, raspberry sauce, homemade whipped cream and caramel whipped cream, then a cherry and sprinkles on top. The little girl in me is shrieking in delight!! I take a couple bites and am in heaven (knowing I'll order a salad for dinner). This is something that's perfect for a family outing on a Sunday afternoon. It's Funday Sundae Sunday! :)

Kim Dansereau and Shaun Fiaccone own Kaiser's Bistro, along with Picasso On Paseo. They worked together with the Deep Fork Group and when they saw the historical Kaiser's Bistro was up for sale almost two years ago, they bought the place.

Here's some of the history behind Kaiser's that you'll find on the Kaiser's website.

"In 1910, Swiss born Anthony "Tony" Kaiser opened Kaiser's Ice Cream Parlor on NW 7th and Robinson. In 1918, he moved his operation to this very spot. Through hard work, imagination, and commitment to his guests Tony shaped Oklahoma City and mainfested the American dream. While the Kaiser's building and concepts therein have evolved over the years, the philosophy Mr. Kaiser predicated over 100 years ago remains the same: feed people and make them happy.

Recently opened in the historic Kaiser's building in the heart of Midtown Oklahoma City, Kaiser's American Bistro originally known as Kaiser's Ice Cream "Maker's Of Fine Ice Cream" (in 1918) remains a classic cornerstone for local connoisseurs seeking premium American food, sodas, frozen treats and more at extremely attractive pricing in a contemporary yet culturally rich environment. Guests can also experience modern flairs such as the recently introduced bar operation along part the soda fountain and updated exterior settings while enjoying the historic architecture and memorabilia signature to Kaiser's rich legacy. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week, Kaiser's American Bistro remains on the map as a place that continues to satisfy a variety of palettes while blending twentieth century culture with twenty-first century chic."

Robby also shows me how they make homemade ice cream and learn about their spiked milkshakes in Thursday's Jaime's Favorite Things!

Kaiser's Bistro website:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaisersbistro

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001526075779

Kaiser's Bistro: 405-232-7632 Address: 1039 N Walker Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Hours of Operation Lunch: Monday - Saturday 11am - 4pm Dinner: Monday - Saturday 4pm - 9pm Sunday: Noon - 5pm

See you tonight at nine!


Jaime's Favorite Things: Stella Modern Italian Cuisine

Hi friends!!

I am a big fan of BRUNCH!  It's a great time to collect some family and friends and have a relaxing, leisurely meal...  eating, chatting, and laughing.   I have already taken you to several brunch places I love like Cafe do Brasil, Cafe Antiqua, and Ingrid's Kitchen.  But it wasn't until recently that I was introduced to Stella Modern Italian Cuisine.  It's at 12th and Walker in Midtown Oklahoma City and is just shy of two years old. 

On the brunch menu is a dish called "scrambled eggs, rustic Italian sausage gravy and crispy polenta".  I had no idea what polenta was and being a total foodie, and of curious nature,  I had to ask about it and had to try.   After I did... I think I was in Stella every Sunday after that until holiday travel started to interfere with my Brunching plans.  I fell in love with this Stella twist on biscuits and gravy.  This is a dish you have to try.

Lori Tyler owns and operates Stella. I see her every Sunday when I come in for brunch.  I love a place where the owner comes up, says hello, and gets to know her customers.  Johnathan Krell is the executive chef for Stella.  He had a career in audio engineering and worked with rock bands early in his career.  He says food and music bring people together and he's blessed enough to have worked in both fields.   Johnathan invites me into the kitchen and shows me how he whips up this favorite dish of mine.  He starts with some oil in a pan and a couple slices of polenta cake.  He wants this polenta to get nice and crispy.  Then he works up a gravy with cream, garlic, salt, and herbs.   He adds in a little flour-dusted Italian sausage and creates the concoction I adore.  Johnathan adds some fluffy scrambled eggs to the plate and my Sunday love affair begins again.  I love love love the crispy but velvety texture of the polenta cakes.  Truly unique and delicious.  The sausage has an amazing kick and what's breakfast without some scrambled eggs.  Add in the complimentary lemon mini muffins and $3 mimosas and you have yourself what some might call fun day on Sunday.

But don't pass up the lunch and dinner menus at Stella.  A great location for the downtown crowd, Stella offers some delicious lunch items.  I tried the Warm Winter salad.  It's fresh arugula topped with Italian wheat grain, parsnips, carrots, potatoes with a blood orange dressing. It's a "comfort food" salad!  Hooray!! They have amazing honey braised lamb shoulder sandwich and grilled chicken with bacon, avocado, provolone, and dijon.  The sandwiches are created with bread homemade at Prairie Thunder.  The individual wood fired pizzas are thin crust, crisp, and delicious. 

Then, as I'm about to walk out the door... Johnathan presents me with a dessert he made up.  The candy bar.  You have to watch the story to see this aaaaahhhhhmaazing confection.  Seriously.  This is a treat I could not believe.  As Johnathan says, it has a little bit of everything... sweet, salty, crispy, chocolate, and cold.  Tune in.  Plus the history of Stella is really cool too.  I love seeing the revitalization of old buildings around Oklahoma.  The story airs this Thursday. 

Stella Modern Italian Cuisine

1201 North Walker Avenue  Oklahoma City, OK 73103-3722
(405) 235-2200




See you guys at nine!


Jaime's Favorite Things: Paper Concierge

Hi Friends,

I have always been a big fan of pen and paper.  I think it's one of the reasons I ended up in this business.  I love the art of writing and the flow of the perfect pen to paper.  So when I learned about Paper Concierge, I was hooked!! It's a stationery and gift business that is sold much like Mary Kay.  You can buy from individual representatives in your area or at a "Paper Concierge" party or go online.  No matter where you place you order.. your purchase will be printed right here in Oklahoma City.

Jennifer Oliver shares my obsession with paper.  She owned the Paper Palace in Oklahoma City and soon after became a rep for Paper Concierge. When she heard the nationwide business was up for sale, she jumped.  Jennifer and her husband David now own and operate Paper Concierge. They just bought the company last March and already extended its gift line to include cell phone holders, water bottles, key chains, ipad cases, and of course, stationery.  They have the cutest things and you can put your name or initials on them all.  At Paper Concierge, they want to brand your life.   And with triplet girls at 12 years old and a young son, the Oliver's wanted a business they could do together.  So David quit his career in the auto business to go into manufacturing for Paper Concierge.  They began this summer, making all their merchandise out of their garage... during record heat.  That's when they decided to move into the air conditioning, setting up shop at Northpark Mall. 

Paper Concierge has representatives across the United States.  But all the orders come through the Oliver's at Northpark Mall.  They are loving their new business, coming up with new designs, color schemes and products.  Paper Concierge offers stationery, clipboards, cutting boards, key chains, water bottles, make up cases, kindle cases, koozies, styrofoam cups, coffee mugs, cell phone cases, and laptop cases.  They have everything, in about 20 different patterns and even more color combinations.  You really need to check them out! I bought my mom a cell phone case for Christmas and she loves it!! Their products make for great gifts that are personalized!!  You can put your name or initials on it all.  I'm looking forward to buying a lot more Paper Concierge and right now there's a Groupon available.  So you guys should check it out.  Price range runs from $5 to $90.  :)

Happy Shopping!

For more information on Paper Concierge...




If you'd like to become a rep for Paper Concierge..


Jaime's Favorite Things: Body Trends Electro Spa

Hi Friends!!

I hope you had an awesome and enjoyable Christmas holiday with your family and friends. This week is sort of a transition week into the real world again.  We're just coming off Christmas and headed straight into the NYE festivities.  So how are we supposed to pull off looking rested and fresh for 2012 after all the travel, family time, and sugar cookies of Christmas?   I went to Body Trends for help. 

If you don't know what Body Trends is... it is truly a one stop beauty shop.  They can melt your fat, tighten your tummy, inject botox, slough off dead skin, give you a massage, mani, pedi, cut and color.  Oh.. and they can also take professional pics and get you all dolled up in a Johnathan Kayne dress and shoes.  It's a pageant girl's dream.  Being that I've never been a pageant girl.. but always pumped my pageant friends for beauty tips and secrets... it's a dream for me too.  The folks there are always so friendly.  They really do become family pretty quickly.  There was a time I was prepping for a Miami trip and I was in there two and three times a week getting a muscle stimulation procedure done to my tummy.  The girls there became part of my morning routine and just gave me a positive boost as I started my day.  And I went to South Beach with a rather toned tummy.  It does work!

So today.. we are going to talk about how to look fresh and relaxed after all the holiday food, booze, and travel.  Esthetician, Misty Dawn Green, lays me down on the table for a procedure called Derma Sweep.  It's similiar to microdermabrasion--which I love-- but uses bristles instead of crystals.  She just gave me a quick sweep over my forehead and I swear she erased a wrinkle.  I haven't seen it since.  My skin felt so soft afterwards.  Derma Sweep is $60.  I asked Misty what we can do at home and she suggested exfoliating a couple times a week.  Especially during the winter dry skin months, exfoliating is so important.  She says putting lotion on itchy dry skin won't help unless you get those dead skin cells off.  I went out and bought one of those brushes for the shower.  Misty says you should dry brush your skin if you're having trouble this winter.  My skin gets really itchy once the weather turns cold.  So I was definitely heeding her advice.  I also try to exfoliate and do a mask at home once a week.  I swear my skin looks better a day or two later.  I should probably do one tonight!! Oh and Misty adds.. drink lots of water.  We need to re-hydrate after all the holiday fun.

Now, I head to Larry Chowning, Oklahoma's king of make up.  I've heard of this guy for years.  He works with lots of pageant girls and pictures of women with crowns on their heads hang in his workspace. I sit down ready for a miracle.  Larry works with a brand of make up called "Motives".  He can custom blend you your own foundation right there if you'd like.  Larry starts with me.. with a little tube that promises big results.  It.. is a wrinkle smoother for my "laugh lines" and he uses an illuminating pen under my eye.  On my eyelid, Larry applies a peach color for all over then comes back and pats on a shimmery peach just on the lid.  He also stresses the importance of the eyebrows.  They "frame the face" and must be tended to.  He uses a brown powder to fill in sparce spots and even them out.  Next it's to the eyeliner.  Larry uses a powder black liner to line both the top and bottom of my eye and gets very close to the lash line. He comes back with a bright purple shadow and pats that on top of the black liner. Then Larry uses a brush to pick up a combination of caramel, greyish, and reddish browns and fills in the crease.  He says that dark color should go right under where you can feel your brow bone. He works the brown out in a little triangle to the outside of the eye and adds more of that purple color into the mix.  Then, Larry reaches for the brightest hot pink eye shadow I have ever seen.  I'm intrigued but I trust him.  He says it's an old theatre trick for actors to put a red dot at their inner eye to open the eyes on stage.  He applies some pink shadow to the inner corner of my eye.. and it works! He comes under the brow with a light highlighter then works it around the edge of my shadow to blend it all together.   Then Larry surprises me again.. this time reaching for a rich blue eye shadow.  It's a pretty denim color.  He uses an eye liner brush to pat this color into my eyeliner and I can see my eyes open up even more.  It's a beautiful look that I've been able to duplicate since then.  I hope it looks good on air.  I know it looked great the day he did it.  Larry, I found, is a wealth of random knowledge.  He also taught me how to tell if you should wear bangs, whether you look better with straight or curly hair, and how to tell how you'll look in photos.  But I'm going to make you tune in tonight for that.  It's great stuff!  If you're looking for something to change up your look in 2012, the folks at Body Trends can definitely help you out.  And you'll have a lot of fun doing it. 

See you guys tonight!


The website is great. You can get a good look at some of the skin tightening procedures there. 




Oklahoma City's Premiere Day Spa and Quick Weight Loss Center With Two Locations To Serve You

North OKC Med SpaNorth
South OKC Med SpaSouth
Tulsa Med Spa
9327 N. Pennsylvania
The Village, OK 73120
(405) 608-4477
13316 S. Western, Suites J&K
Oklahoma City, OK 73170
(405) 759-7524
6585 S. Yale Ave. Ste 315
Tulsa, OK 74136
(918) 260-5799

Jaime's Favorite Things: Bricktown Marketplace

Hello friends!

A lot of my "Jaime's Favorite Things" consist of places I like to go when I have my family in town.  And that is definitely the case this week.  My folks love bringing home a little "Oklahoma" back to Arizona and we always make a stop at the Bricktown Marketplace. 

Have you guys been there?  Let me tell you... if you have not finished your Christmas shopping, this is a place you can knock out a lot of gifts without having to hit the mall or make a lot of stops.   Bricktown Marketplace is located one level above the canal between Oklahoma and Mickey Mantle in Bricktown.  It's actually right next door to one of my other "Jaime's Favorite Things"... Put a Cork In It Winery.   Who doesn't love to have a glass of wine then do a little shopping?  Just sayin'...  

Bricktown Marketplace opened just a year ago.  Chad Huntington and his partner run the WaterTaxis and found people would ask while on the canal.. what they should do next and where they could do some shopping.   Chad says they always "thought someone should open retail"... until finally they decided to do it themselves.  The Bricktown Marketplace is a great way to find a big variety in one place.  It offers 50 different vendors and not one booth is like the next.  From great sweaters, jeans, boots, and coats to old fashioned slinkys and Easy Bake ovens.  The Bricktown Marketplace has it all.  We love buying Oklahoma themed gifts there. They carry merchandise for all our sports teams -- including roller derby-- and has great Oklahoma treats.  Jellies, Pretzels, Bedre Chocolates, and Prairie Gypsies (another Jaime's Favorite Things) are all here. You can buy a basket of Oklahoma goodies that's already created or create one yourself.  DNA Galleries has a booth here and carries these awesome necklaces made from fishing lures!! My dad is a big hunter/fisherman and we had to make sure my mom had one.  She loves it.  It's super cute.  My dad also picked up a beautiful sterling silver cuff for my mother here.  I believe it's hand engraved and has an "Oklahoma scene" with buffalo.  Very cool.  I have a red purse and a teal picture frame from the Flaunt booth.  Flaunt is a line of handbags, wallets, frames, keychains, etc. designed by an 18 year old girl in Norman.  The tag line for the brand is .. "Love who you are"... which I love.  Clear globe ornaments filled with red dirt are big sellers here.  So are... the Man Candles.  These things are nasty.. and they'd make a great dirty santa present.  They have "manly scents" like baseball that smells like leather, beach babe that smells like coconut, and some much much grosser ones.  There are plenty of classier items you'd find in a boutique at Bricktown Marketplace as well. Lots of cute onesies and tutus for the little ones, flying sock monkeys, cute hats, candles, watches, wallets, rings, necklaces, etc.   There is a used book store and beautifully framed photographs of Oklahoma theatres.  I love roaming through the retro toy store.  They carry things you haven't seen in forever like the "joy buzzer" and classic toys.  They are things I would have seen under my Christmas tree many moons ago and are fun to see again.  Who knows.. maybe this is the year I get the Easy Bake oven.. even if I buy it for myself.  :)  

Happy shopping, my fabulous friends.

Have a very very Merry Christmas!


Bricktown Marketplace



Mon - Sun:10:00 am-9:00 pm


Jaime's Favorite Things: Fitness Together with Carey Cline

Hi Friends!

It's the holiday season when all those yummy foods enter the workplace in celebration of the Christmas season.  We all know I love my sweets, but I do panic a bit when I see a table full of goodies in the conference room at work.  I know it's going to be a day full of temptation and I need to figure out what's "worth it" to eat and what's something I should just let pass.  Enter my trainer Carey Cline...

I met Carey a while back through mutual friends and always kept her in the back on my mind.  She's in incredible shape, has an upbeat personality, and is in my age bracket.  When I was ready to start seeing a trainer, I gave her a call.  Upon our first meeting, I felt like I was interviewing for The Biggest Loser.  I found out behind this adorable exterior, Carey really knew her stuff.  In our 15 minute conversation she was able to pinpoint why I eat certain foods and why.  She had me nodding my head in agreement and hanging on her every word.  This... I thought... was someone who could get me back on track. I had met my very own Jillian Michaels. 

Carey owns and trains at Fitness Together on Hefner.  The gym's slogan is 1 Client, 1 Trainer, 1 Goal.  I get there about 5 minutes prior to my appointment to warm up on the treadmill.  Carey and I train in a private room for our 45 minute session.  She uses bands, balls, weights, and gliders and often has me do exercises I've never seen before.. and sometimes exercises I never want to see again! But through her witty quips and tough love we make it... usually laughing the entire time.  It made me realize how important it is to really "click" with your trainer. I'm not a morning person... I'm not someone who loovves working out, though I'm always glad I did... and I drive quite a bit just to see Carey specifically.  I may arrive with a scowl on my face, but Carey always has me laughing in no time.. whether she's doing a silly dance or teasing me about my technique... pretty soon I'm glad I'm there.  I can honestly say we have a blast and I find when I skip a session, I actually miss her. 

So, I'm always picking Carey's brain about how to prevent holiday weight gain and thought you guys might want some insight too.  One thing she told me was to have one splurge you love at each meal.  Many times you'll have "Christmas dinner" a couple times.  So at one sitting do a roll,  the next time have the pie.  Split up your splurges throughout the day and even the season.  Carey says if you have the holiday parties, have a plan on what your "cheat item" will be when you're there.  Don't go on an empty belly.  Eat a little something like apple and peanut butter,  a smoothie, or protein bar before you go.   Have the wine, skip the cheese ball.  Or skip the wine, have the dessert.  She also taught me a great great mantra... "Is it a 10?".  Upon that first bite of cookie, cake, pie, etc.. think to  yourself..."is it a 10?".  If it's a 5 or 6 or even less... just put that thing down.  One bite won't kill you, but why finish something that you don't even think is that good anyhow?  I love love love this and use it daily.  It makes me focus on what I'm eating, how it's tasting, and if it's a ten.... makes me savorrrrrrrrr it.  If not, I toss it in the trash. 

Carey also says we should up our cardio and resistance training this time of year.  Weight lifting will actually keep your body burning for the next 48 hours... so don't just focus on the treadmill.  And when you do run, Carey suggests intervals for maximum burn.  She suggests 30-45 minutes of exercise and burning 200-500 calories a day and to consume 1200-1500 calories a day.  She says it's all about keeping your calories at a deficit so you have a couple extra calories to use for those Xmas snacks.  I asked how much a little extra cookie matters... at 120 calories.. apparently it does.  

But it's not all bad news... I've learned to focus on tiny bites so I can still try all the stuff at the pot luck that I want, but I really don't need a huge helping.  Through our training, Carey also put together a personalized meal plan for me which really helps me stay on track.  It's all very doable and whenever I know I'm going out to eat, I let her know and she tells me healthy choices.  Now I'm addicted to a turkey burger with no bun and cheese at Louie's with avocado and a side salad.  Who knew!?  And whenver I veer off the meal plan, I always just think... "is it a 10?".

I posted pics of Carey's four moves for you to try at home on my Facebook fan page.  I also have a list of holiday foods and the calorie counts Carey gave me.  She's great about posting meal preps on her Facebook page so you should check that out too.

See you guys tonight!!


Carey Cline at  Fitness Together

7829 West Hefner Road, Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 603-5280
Twitter: @cwordguth

Jaime's Favorite Things: Katy Grey Designs

Hi Friends!

I hope you have been enjoying our month of Jaime's Favorite Things.  I've had so much fun putting them together for you.  Thank you for your support of these stories.  I really like doing them and please do continue to email me with YOUR favorite things.  I look into them all.

My friend Kassidi always has the cutest jewelry.  She has a great necklace that says her name and killer earrings.  Whenever I ask her where she got this great stuff... she tells me it's by Katy Grey designs.  Katy and Kassidi met in Dallas and Katy's now making the move to the great OKC!  Katy began her career in fashion merchandising working with some very big names and learning the ropes of the fashion "market".  Yet, she thought she might have a creative side and four years ago went to work to find it.  Katy bought some supplies for jewelry making and magic happened.  Now, she has three full collections and continues to build.  She sells her jewelry at the Dallas market and has had great success.   I just love everything she does.

The Metallic Collection... offers gold and silver necklaces with silver, gold, and black beads.  Katy designs bold necklaces and long tear drop earrings.  It is all done by hand. 

The Initial Collection... offers initials of every kind. She has small circles, big squares, rectangle name plates, cursive name plates, necklaces and bracelets.  She also created the whole personalized line as a charm necklace with a rectangle plate with birthstone colored beads, a zodiac sign, and an initial.  All these charms can pop on an off easily so you can mix up the necklace every time you wear it.  

The Holiday Collection... offers bold jewel tones with gold and silver.  I cannot get enough of the beautiful emerald tear drop earrings and long pendants.  She has ravishing red, sultry sapphire, and exquisite emerald green.  I absolutely love what she is doing with this jewelry. I want it all!!!  

The day I interview Katy she's wearing basic black blinged out in her jewels.  She has a square "K" necklace from her initial line on a shorter chain with a long chained jewel toned necklace. She's also sporting those incredible tear drop earrings. She looks great and I get to have her bling me out.  She puts a cool metallic necklace on me with earrings I fall in love with. They are gold with a gray/silver bead and are just... too cool.  Especially because I love to wear silver and gold together. 

Katy says jewelry making is therapeutic to her.  She enjoys the process of creating from start to finish and loves that she gets to make a living by it!  Katy understands how personal jewelry can be and is very aware of how to mix things up and offers options so she can personalize as much as you would like.  Her jewelry is ever changing and she even combines collections to come up with new pieces.   I am blown away by her creative and kind spirit and Katy hopes you sense a positive energy behind the line.   Her pieces run from $45-$130 dollars.  You can find her things at...

* Marcy and Abbey's

6460 Avondale Dr Nichols Hills, OK 73116

(405) 879-9781

* Ten14

* Tulips
570 Buchanan Avenue  Norman, OK 73069-5710
(405) 217-9322
For more information.. go to Katy's facebook
I hope you love!! I think they would make really great and personal Christmas gifts.  Katy also
has her email under "info" on her FB page... so if you'd like to special order something, you can
do that there.
See you guys tonight at 9!

Jaime's Favorite Things: Johnathan Kayne shoes

Hi friends!!

What woman does not love shoes? I believe your shoe can set your whole tone for the day.  Do I feel sassy, classy, conservative, or sporty? Many a times I've decided my whole ensemble around my shoe.  And I have to say... I'm not a big shopper.  I don't like to spend my time in a mall.  But show me some hot shoes, I will hand over my debit card with reckless abandon.  To me a new shoe can make me a new woman.  So when I learned that evening gown designer Johnathan Kayne was designing shoes, I HAD to see.  And when I did.... breathless.

Many of you must be familiar with Jonathan Kayne by now.  He is an Oklahoma celebrity, having appeared in Season Three of Bravo's Project Runway with supermodel host Heidi Klum.  On the show at age 27,  Kayne learned how to "make it work".   And when the show was over... he continued to do so.  I thought reality shows offered some help launching careers after the season.  Call me naive.. Kayne's done everything since on his own. And one reason you see and hear so much about him (besides his gorgeous dresses) is because of his love of giving back.  He's often hosting a fashion show for charity right here in Oklahoma City.  In fact, that's when I first learned the famous dress designer was also in the shoe business!  Kayne gifted all the "models" in his Fashion for Food fashion show for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma with his "Tahiti Taupe" high heel.  I got to be in the fashion show... and I got the shoes!! :)  It's a taupe heel with two somewhat crossed straps across the front with rhinestones across the toe and ankle.  It is simple, it is divine, it makes your legs look long.  The angle of the heel props you up just a little more than your average heel and really makes the calf look great.  I wear these shoes all the time. They go with everything and I always get compliments.

Kayne owned a boutique in Norman before going on Project Runway, and after his season ended...  his brand, Johnathan Kayne, began.  On the show, Kayne won the "Fit for a Queen" challenge and got to dress that year's Miss USA for Miss Universe.  Today he is dressing pageant queens, country music stars, and girls headed to prom all across the nation.  He has a beautiful dress line that I thought might be something I could not afford.  But he aims to keep prices reasonable and dresses run about $200-300 on average.  Of course, they can go all the way up to $1750.  And for a beautiful dress.. you MUST have a beautiful shoe.  Johnathan Kayne offers heels of all kind.  From simple and classy with a bit of bling like the Tahiti... to knock your socks off--did you see that shoe?!... Pink and Gold combos. I am in heaven
when I check out the shoe wall at his studio.  He has silver and gold strappies, black fringed numbers, patent leather peep toe in an array of colors, and a hot hot shoe with peacock feathers fanned out from the heel.  His shoes run from $60 to $180 and Kayne even has a shoe to honor his mother who is a breast cancer survivor.  He designed an exquisite heel with the "breast cancer ribbon" right on the front of the foot in a stunning hot pink.  It is a sexy shoe.  He gives back a portion of all proceeds from this shoe to the Susan G. Komen foundation in Oklahoma City. That's just the kind of guy he is. I just think Johnathan Kayne is a sweet soul with enormous creative talent and an impressive mind for business... Plus this man can make ONE heck of a HIGH HEEL!  Therefore, my hero. And I'm so excited that he's chosen to keep his studio here in Oklahoma... helping to put our city on the map when it comes to couture!

You can find Johnathan Kayne shoes--and dresses-- for your upcoming holiday parties at SJ Bridal and BodyTrends in Oklahoma City.

I hope you love the shoes as much as I do!! How often do get to honor a local business when shoe shopping?  Now you can. :)




9327 North Pennsylvania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 608-4477


SJ Bridal

5645 N Pennsylavania Ave, Oklahoma City, OK (405) 607-4658





Jaime's Favorite Things: Boom-A-Rang Diner

Hi friends!

You all know I love a locally owned family business... and we've found another gem for you. This business started as one little diner in Muskogee and has grown to almost 40 locations in just one man's lifetime.  It's a cool story with some great food and I'm glad we found it.  The reason I learned about Boom-A-Rang Diner is because of an email from Bill Chalmers Jr.  He said...

"Jamie, Here is a Place just off Rt. 66 in Bethany. Called  BOOM-A RANG its a small Diner with 40s-60s photos all around with old classic music and even a Betty Boop figure near the counter. If you leave hungry, then you must be Hollow. I will add the address just in case the attachment doesnt work. I hope you get to check it out, cause they have Great Food!                                                  

P.S  An example of one item  the Fish sandwich I got had 2 Full length fish filets on a regular Bun and the fish hung out both sides of the bun around 4-6 inches on both sides. BIG YES!"

A big THANK YOU to Bill... because now I keep craving that chicken fried steak.  The hamburger basket is delightful.  I ABSOLUTELY love this place.

Charles Degraffenreid started Boom-A-Rang Diner on the premise of... if you make a good burger every day, they will keep coming back.  And the customers have for years and years.  Charles started the business in the 70's and now his son Steve works at and manages the diners too.  When you walk in, you feel like you've stepped back in time.  The familiar 50's decor is all there.  The Coke items, Betty Boop, the jukebox.  Hollywood legends are there too.  Good ole James Dean and my childhood favorite, Marilyn Monroe (one of the first VHS tapes I owned was "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes").  Steve says the diner is a setting he grew up in.  He started "organizing the stock room" at 4 years old.   Which he says was probably just a way for his dad to keep him busy.  He was working at the diner as a teenager and would hang out after school and after signing the check, he would later work off his meals. Steve grew to love the diner business as much as his father.  And says the passion for making people happy by filling their bellies was definitely hereditary.  Today, he shares his father's joy of making the perfect burger and is growing the business.  Boom-A-Rang diners can be found in small towns all over the Sooner State.  I visited the one in Bethany... a couple days later, I went to the new one across from Remington Park-- I had to have more chicken fried steak!! (cheat meal!) 

Steve has a knack for choosing employees who love what they do as well.  Cory Watts is the manager there.  He kept talking about his favorite dish.. the omelette. Breakfast is an all day meal at Boom-A-Rang.  And the omelette is one you have got to try.  But on this day, we had lunch.  Or should I say... a lunch feast.  We started with the chicken fried steak.  They have a "secret recipe" for their breading and kept the layer nice and light so you can still taste the meat.  Then they add mashed potatoes and yummy white gravy to the mix.  It is comfort food to the max.   The hamburger basket is the dish they hang their hat on at Boom-A-Rang Diner.  And they have every right to do so.  A burger is something that can be fair enough.... or the best thing you ever ate.  This burger leans more toward... best thing you ever ate.  And I love a messy burger.  That's when you know... that thing means business.   Cory toasts up the buns, puts the patty on the grill, and throws some fries in oil.  A few minutes later we're dressing up that burger with all my favorite fixin's.  I was in burger heaven.  Juicy! Flavorful! Perfection!  The fries are golden perfection too.    Also, I have to say... I visited the Remington Park location on a Saturday morning without the cameras or even make up.  And the woman who served us there had the best attitude.  She was so outgoing, upbeat, and made my day.  You have to love someone like that.  She won me over.  


Boom-A-Rang Diner

3929 North College Avenue  Bethany, OK 73008-3343
(405) 495-9100

To find one near you:


Jaime's Favorite Things: Stone Lion Inn Bed and Breakfast

Hi Friends!

The World Series is pushing back this week's Jaime's Favorite Things to Sunday night at 9.  I don't want you to miss it.  I just saw the finished product last night and I really liked it .  I hope you do too! 

My photographer, Jamie, and I headed to Guthrie to the Stone Lion Inn Bed and Breakfast.   The home was built in the 1900's.  It is all white, dark wood inside, and just seems to have a story to tell.   Good thing the Innkeeper, Becky Luker,  is a very good storyteller.  She was a teacher, realtor, and art dealer before she moved to Oklahoma from the west in the 80's to open a bed and breakfast.   Becky moved in with her two young sons and boarded construction crews who were transitioning the old home into a B&B.  She says they would hear things into the night.  There was commotion up and down the stairs.  Toys were moved and puzzles were left in different stages of completion. They didn't think much of it... but when the crews left, the sounds stayed.  She was trying to figure out what was going on without worrying her young boys.  Becky did not know what so many who lived in Guthrie did... this house had a history.  And that history may very much still be around.   

The family that built the home raised 12 children here.  One little girl died from an overdose of cough medicine.  It's thought the girl's spirit never left.  The house was also temporarily turned into a funeral home.  The embalming table now sits in the front foyer and offers drinks to guests. Funeral directors tell Becky some spirits never move on. 

And that might be some of the allure here.  Many guests come to participate in the murder mysteries over the weekend where each guest plays a part.  Becky says the mysteries are light and fun and not meant to be scary.  She says the real fun starts after the murder mystery is done and the guests go to bed.  She says that's when many of the guests play tricks on eachother by knocking on doors or making noises in the night.  But two sets of sisters who stayed here have a really creepy story to tell. It gives me chills just typing about it right now.  And Becky is so good at telling the story I'll let you watch the story to hear the ghost tale.  You can decide for yourself if you believe. 

I'll tell you what happened to me during my shoot there.  We were talking about the original owner of the home, the man who built it, whose spirit says may just have locked Becky's housekeeper in the basement a time or two.  As Becky's describing him...we hear a bang.  My photographer, Jamie, says it came from the stairs to our left.  But we decide to believe it was from the dogs straight behind us.   We move on to tour the home.  I stayed close by Jamie.. not even letting her leave me in a room alone.  I stayed in main areas and as we were walking we heard a bang.  It was the front door.   It had opened and closed by itself.  Jamie, Becky, and I were all upstairs.  It just sounded as if someone were there.. but no one was! Creeeppppyyy...

But I think I would have been disappointed had nothing happened at all.  I'm just glad I didn't see anything spooky!  I think a weekend at the Stone Lion Bed and Breakfast will give anyone a great story to tell even if it's just about the beauty of the home and the novelty of a murder mystery in a possibly "haunted" house.

Stone Lion Inn Bed and Breakfast

1016 West Warner Avenue
Guthrie, OK 73044
(405) 282-0012


Check out my pictures I put up on my Facebook Fan page.  And if you miss Sunday night, you can watch the story right here at my blog.  

This Thursday we're finding a killer chicken fried steak on Route 66.  I need more of that dish!! It's so good!! See you guys soon.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Jaime's Favorite Things: Postponed by Baseball

Hi Friends!

The World Series is messing with my Jaime's Favorite Things schedule!  Tonight's story will air on Sunday night at 9.  We'll also have the blog and story up for you Sunday night.  The story should be fun.  We went to the Stone Lion Inn Bed and Breakfast and it was spoooooky! We caught a couple scared moments on tape. 

In November, we have Jaime's Favorite Things EVERY Thursday!! Whooo hoooo!!! I can't wait to share with you some of the great places, things, and people I've found for you.

Thursday Nov. 3rd:  Incredible Chicken Fried Steak on Route 66 and a hamburger that is just perfection. 

See you guys tonight after the game and live at 9 on the CW!


Jaime's Favorite Things: Behind the Scenes at Remington Park

Hello Friends!!

Have you ever been to Remington Park?  I'm not much of a gambler... but I do love watching the horses run.  I think it's so cool that we have entertainment like this in Oklahoma City. I'm no pro and people usually have to explain to me what is going on.  But I love the presentation of the horses beforehand, the parade of the ponies to the track, and then of course.. the big and FAST race.  It's fun watching the kids' faces around us as they look at these horses in awe.  It's just a fun place to be.  

This week I got to go "behind the scenes" at Remington Park and into the horse barn.  You gotta love walking down a row of a barn and seeing all these beautiful horses poking out their heads to say hello.  They are just magestic.  The horse I got to meet was a Thoroughbred named Alsvid.  I looked up the name to see what it means and Wikipedia tells me this.  "In Norse mythology, one of the two horses drawing the chariot bearing the sun." 

I visit with Alsvid's assistant trainer Shane Tripp.  He's been in the horse biz all his life.  He says it's all he knows.. and lucky for him... it's what he LOVES.  He wanted to work with horses as a little boy and his father helped him find an opportunity.  He's been at it ever since.  Shane has raced horses as a teenager, broken horses, and has had some broken bones to prove it.  And yet, he's up at 4:30 in the morning every day, ready to train another star.  That's exactly what folks at Remington think Alsvid is.  He's just two years old and has only run in one race so far.  Oh... and he won it with this incredible come from behind lead.  Shane tells me about the grooming, feeding, and exercise schedule.  A lot of thought, work, and experience goes into the training of an animal athlete.  Alsvid has "hot walkers" every day who walk him around.  He goes to the track daily for 15 to 20 minutes.  He's fed vitamins, supplements, and cooked oats.  And Shane has me feed the Alsvid some "sweet feed".  Sweet feed to horses must be like cupcakes to Jaime.  Alsvid went nuts.  All of a sudden we had the attention of every other horse in the barn... all reaching their little necks out wanting a nibble.  Hilarious!! It feels pretty funny to feed a horse too!!  I walked away from this meeting with a little soft spot in my heart for Alsvid and a true respect for the hard work and labor of love that goes into this whole horse racing industry.  It sure is fun to show up and cheer for the races... but really cool to meet the people who are making it happen every day of the year. 

Alsvid runs Friday night in his SECOND ever race.  He should be running between 10 and 10:30.  Gooo Alsvid!!!!  

And a very big Thank You to Remington Park for helping facilitate this very cool experience.

See you guys at nine!



Remington Park

Twitter: @RemingtonPark

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/RemingtonParkFanPage

1 Remington Place
Oklahoma City, OK 73111-7102
(405) 424-1000



Here's some more info provided to me from Remington Park.

ALSVID (aka Little Al)

         A two-year-old gelding (castrated male) born in March 2009; in Kentucky; his registered color is bay (dark brown). He was purchased at a horse sale in Ocala, FL for $55,000 and then began his preparation for his first start in Oklahoma.  He is a son of OFFICER, who won his first five races as a two-year-old, including the Champagne Stakes at Belmont Park.  So, an angle is that thus far he is just like his daddy, in that his dad/father/sire also won his very first race.  Alsvid's first race was at Remington Park, Thurs, Sep 8, 2011 in the 9th race.  He was the 2nd choice in the wagering and won impressively to explode from behing horses to win by 7 lengths.  He earned $16,545 for finishing first.  His next race will be Friday, October 7th in the $75,000 Kip Deville Stakes.  His projected goal is the $300,000 Springboard Mile on Closing Day, Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011.  He is trained by Chris Hartman and is owned by  Black Hawk Stable (James Rogers) of Elk City, OK. The assistant trainer to Chris Hartman is Shane Tripp.  He was ridden in his first start by Chris Landeros.

Races start at 6:30 p.m. Here's information about Alsvid's race, whichshould be between 10 and 10:30 p.m.Just an update, ALSVID will run in the 9th race this Friday.  He is #2, hisjockey is Chris Landeros. 

Jaime's Favorite Things: Nikkellette's Cafe featuring Raspberries N Creme

My friend Renee buys the best birthday cakes.  She always shows up with this cake topped with whimsical whipped cream and flowers on top. Everyone ooooh's and awwwe's at its very presence.  Once you cut into this beautiful creation, you find out it tastes as fabulous as it looks!!  Renee always buys her cakes at Raspberries n' Creme.  The cake is always.. the famous Ribbon Cake.

Mary Jane Rapp is the woman behind these amazingly delicious towers of yumminess.  The Ribbon Cake is her best seller.  It is a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of sour cream white cake, and layers of Italian creme with raspberries or strawberries tucked inside.  This cake is what my dreams are made of.  It is absolutely THE BEST.  And when we're lucky... Renee will send us home with an extra slice... to absolutely savor at home.  If you have not had this Ribbon Cake, it is a must try.   Mary Jane's been cooking since she was a little girl.  Her mother had a radio show about cooking in New York City and baked for presidents.  Mary Jane says she cooks the way her mother did... she makes stuff up!!  She says she doesn't read recipes.  She only uses her mother's signature caramel recipe and creates everything else on her own. This method has never worked for me.  :)

Mary Jane opened up her restaurant Nikkellette's Cafe featuring Raspberries n Creme some 30 years ago in Oklahoma City.  She's an Oklahoma City girl and is so grateful for the customers who flock to her place.   The restaurant itself oozes of Mary Jane's creativity.  She hand painted a "mat" at the front door.  And inside... is a myriad of beautiful and colorful hand painted, hand decorated chandeliers, styled by Mary Jane herself.  I'm a little in awe of all the talent this woman has. 

Her restaurant and catering business offers up delicious meals.  We had the duck tender appetizers with home made ranch and raspberry chipotle dressings.  That ranch dressing is killer, by the way.  Then we moved to the California Chicken sandwich.  The marinade of the chicken was delicious.  The chicken pounded down a bit.. which I love too.  It's seasoned chicken breast, sauteed fresh mushrooms, provolone cheese, spring green mix, avocado, tomato, & honey-mustard on a grilled homemade whole wheat bun.  I forgot to mention... they also offer a bevy of home made breads at Nikkellette's Cafe too.  Next we move to the Everything But The Kitchen Sink salad.  That is a salad you can really dive into!!  Oh my goodness, it is so yummy!  It has two meats (seasoned beef and grilled chicken), romaine, spring mix, toasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, cucumbers, pico de gallo, cheddar and blue cheese, with homemade hard boiled eggs, raspberry chipotle and ranch dressings.  Incredible.  The most popular item on the menu is the Nikki's Famous Fish Tacos with light white fish with special seasonings, cabbage, onions, peppers,  tomatoes, with black bean salsa & chips with raspberry chipolta & senora sauce for dipping.  These were amazing!!

I've taken my parents to Nikkellette's Cafe featuring Raspberries n Creme several times on their visits here.  We always loved the meals, marveled over the chandeliers.. but we absolutely reveled in the CAKES.

And on this visit, Mary Jane introduced me to something new to me.  I always got the Ribbon Cake.  It was the reason to go there in my mind.  And there was no way I was going to move away from what I know is the bomb.  But this time, I am so glad I did.  First of all, Raspberries n Creme has more than 10 different kinds of cakes and cheesecakes!  I bet people don't even know that because we can't pass up that Ribbon Cake.  Mary Jane had me try the Chocolate Velvet Cake.  They describe it like this...
"A chocolate velvety consistancy, almost like a mousse, rest on our delicious  chocolate cookie crust.  Decorated with swirls of whipped cream and chocolate shavings".   I describe it as... I have died and gone to heaven.  If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life.. it would probably be this.  Please. Go. Get. It.  Chocolate Velvet Cake.  You can thank me later.  But I'm sure everything Mary Jane makes is a little bit of heaven.   :)

See you guys tonight at 9!!
And thank you so much for watching.


The website has all sorts of beautiful pics.  Drool away!



Raspberries n' Creme and Nikkellette's Cafe
2925 Lakeside Cr.
Okc, OK 73120





Jaime's Favorite Things: Royal Bavaria

I love finding new places to explore around town and my latest discovery is Royal Bavaria.  The owner, Andy Gmeiner, is originally from Munich.  He came here in 1994 to help the original restaurant owner as the executive chef.  But in 2007, he bought the place and runs it to this day.  Andy's made Oklahoma his home and a young woman from Norman his bride.  They are set to marry at Royal Bavaria this month and they actually met because Laura was a customer!  It's too cute and just part of the love story you find at Royal Bavaria.  Andy's mom and dad come over from Germany and spend a good six months in town making sure all the food is up to snuff and as authentic as possible.  Many of the recipes they make here are family recipes and the famous fried potatoes come from Andy's grandmother.   The pretzels are shipped in from a German bakery that makes all the pretzels for Octoberfest celebrations around Germany.  And they are amazing!  The goal at Royal Bavaria is to make you feel like you just walked into a restaurant in Munich.

When you pull up to Royal Bavaria... the building alone looks different than the architecture you see around here.  Inside is decorated with blue and white.. along with little things picked up from Germany hung along the walls.  Long wooden tables line the restaurant.  This is the perfect place for a big party.  Right away the large copper vats catch the eye.  At Royal Bavaria, they brew their own beer the German way.  That means only four ingredients... hops, malt, yeast, and water.  The traditional glass boot you sip your beer from is hand blown in Germany and shipped over.  Outside, you find a large beer garden with a little stage with live music, playground for the kids and lots and lots of picnic tables.  Andy describes it as "just like being in your backyard.. only with live music and food service".

Many of you may be thinking... "I don't like German food".  And I won't lie, my girlfriends and I traveled through Germany after college and I think we ate french fries and chicken strips the whole time.  What we ordered was not good.  THAT IS NOT THE CASE HERE.  I want you to know... you can have some familiar dishes like brisket and mashed potatoes or fried pork loin (that looks like chicken fried steak only better!) with egg noodles.  It doesn't have to be all sausage and sauerkraut.  Of course, they have that too.  And the sausage they have comes from a German place in Tulsa.  I highly recommend the cheese sausage-- so so good.  And the sauerkraut is not that pungent tangy stuff you get out of a jar.  They boil it down so it is mild and flavorful.  The beef roll is a German dish you should probably just order for the table so everyone can try.  It's meat rolled up with bacon, onions, mustard, seasonings, and a pickle inside!  It sounds strange.. but it's good!! And the flavors make sense to the taste buds even though it sounds odd to the ear.   It's delicious!  I have to say you MUST get a pretzel.  Oh my gosh... that thing.  I'm still dreaming about that pretzel.  It is soft.  It is doughy.  It is..  the bomb!!!  The pretzel is served with a pate, cheese spread, and a mustard.  On my visit, we shared two desserts... the bread pudding and the cream strudel.   The bread pudding is so so good.  I don't know what they do differently than the traditional heavier bread pudding.  I believe Chef Bill Forster told me they use custard in their recipe and that gives the dessert a lighter touch.  The cream strudel, as well, is a nice light pastry dessert.  You can taste all the little layers between the custard. Nom nom nom!

This is a place to bring a party and sit and enjoy.  Andy tells me they will never bring you the check at Royal Bavaria.  They plan for each table to take about two hours to turn.  They want you to sit.. to eat.. and to chat it up with eachother .. and relax for a change!  :) I think you should make it out there to that patio since the weather's been so nice!  They have live music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Royal Bavaria has a lovely website too.  It's very comprehensive so you can check out all the menu items and read the explanations of what everything is so you have an idea before you go.  I hope you do!

See you guys tonight at nine!


Royal Bavaria


3401 S. Sooner Road          Moore, OK 73165         Tel.:(405) 799-7666
NOW OPEN 7 days a week
Hours:   Mon. - Sat. 5:00pm to 9:30pm,     Sun. 5:00pm to 8:30pm
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001621018376shttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001621018376liced tender beef, filled with our special seasoning, bacon, onions,
German pickle spears,mustard and braised in its own juice,
served with homemade mashed potatoes and red cabbage





Jaime's Favorite Things: Bill Kamp's Meat Market

My father is a third generation candy maker.  Many of my cousins carry on the Cerreta Candy tradition as the fourth generation of candy makers in my family.  I understand the intense work it takes to run a family business and always appreciate, respect, and have a very big soft spot for the LOCALLY owned and operated family business. 

I found one such business in Bill Kamp's Meat Market.  You've seen the sign on 25th and Classen and likely heard the name. The Kamp family has been slicing meat in Oklahoma City for 100 years.  Bill Kamp's grandfather and great-uncle started the business in 1910.  The business remained in that same building until 10 years ago when Bill moved the business up the street to 73rd and Western.  Bill Kamp's Meat Market is in the same strip mall as Bin 73, (Fox 25 hair salon) Salon W,  and the new Louie's.  The old location on 25th and Classen still has the Kamp name on it.  It is a historical building at this point but no longer has a "Kamp affiliation".  That business is now a nightclub.   Kamp's 1910 on 10th Street IS owned by one of Bill Kamp's cousins and continues the family name.  So now that we have the logistics out of the way... let me tell you about Bill Kamp's Meat Market.

You walk in and there is so much to look at.  In the front, you find a myriad of locally made grab and go food.  Soups, salads, baked potatoes, spring rolls, pies and more.  This is a great place to stop by if you forgot to bring your lunch to work or want a quick bite on the way to an appointment.  Then there is the meat counter if you want to do some cooking yourself.  It is a bevy of steaks, links, hot dogs, filets, rib-eyes, and more. Kamp's is also famous for their spreads and prepared foods.  The "Big Three", as they call it, is made up of a chicken salad spread, pimento cheese spread, and the ham spread.  You can put any of them on a sandwich alone or pile on top of a meat.  Kamp's will also make you killer sandwiches right there in the store with daily specials.  Tuesdays: Chicago Dog, Wednesdays: Meatball Sandwich, Thursdays: Chopped Brisket, Fridays: Pulled Pork, and Saturdays: BBQ Blowout.  The folks at Kamp's say they hang their hat on the Pulled Pork sandwich done three ways.  They have the Oklahoma way with Head Country BBQ sauce, the North Carolina way with apple vinegar sauce and cole slaw, and the Famous North Carolina "Weeping Willy" Pulled Pork Sandwich.  That consists of the apple vinegar sauce with a jalapeno and garlic slaw and some BBQ sauce.  This sandwich is enormous!!! John--who they call the "Smoker Pilot"-- showed me how to eat one of these gigantic sandwiches.  He says you squeeze it down then "unhinge your jaw like a snake" to get that first really big bite.  It was a challenge for sure.  But the perfect bite was worth the work.  Part of what makes the pulled pork sandwich so good is they wait til you order to pull the pork.  So the pork sits on the shoulder until you order.. keeping the meat nice and juicy.  Just thinking of that sandwich is making me want one again.  Yesterday as I was writing my story, I was craving that pimento cheese spread.  The cheese spread is the bomb.  I thought it was really good with the chicken salad too.   In fact, everything I've had at Bill Kamp's Meat Market is awesome.  They have lentil salad and side items you can take home or eat on the run too. 

I first found Bill Kamp's Meat Market last Thanksgiving.  My mom and dad came to town and I ordered a turkey and had Bin 73 do some (incredible!!) fixin's for me.  I'm not much of a chef and when I picked up my turkey.. my mom went to work.  She's a pro at whipping together a Thanksgiving dinner.. and this turkey was one of the best.  So juicy.  So good. 

One thing besides the food.. that really shines at Bill Kamp's Meat Market is the attitude.  Everyone who works there really seems to love it.  I could have stayed and talked to Bill all day.  He is such a nice man and gives credit to his father for not only teaching him the trade but also how to handle customers, how to be kind, how to "be a human"-- as he said.  You can tell he thinks so highly of his family members who came before him and it's really special that he gets to carry on the legacy that they built.  He also seems to have a lot of fun and gives credit to his wife too, Deanna, who he owns the store with. Deanna does the social media and manages the fan page.  Bill actually met Deanna while behind the meat counter so many years ago.  She was coming in for a chicken salad sandwich (good call!) and left meeting the man she would marry.  Now that's a way to spend a lunch break!  

I hope you guys give Bill Kamp's Meat Market a try.  Ask for the "Sassy Cerreta" sandwich.. layered with chicken salad and pimento cheese spreads.  We'll see if they really name a sandwich after me.  hee hee!!

See you tonight at 9!


Bill Kamp's Meat Market




Tues - Sat:9:00 am-6:00 pm



Jaime's Favorite Things: Paint Your Art Out

Hello my friends!!

We are doing a little painting this week.  I have a buddy in Miami who has been going to "wine and paint" classes lately and posting his creations on his Facebook page.  I wanted to know if we have this here... and yes, we do!!  Renee Deakle at Paint Your Art Out tells me just two years ago they were the first "art entertainment studio" in Oklahoma.  They have open studio sessions during the day where you can just walk in, decide what to paint, and get to work.  At night, they have artist led sessions.  You can check out the calendar, choose a design you'd like to paint and sign up for class.  They run about $25-$35 .


Renee and Ben Deakle moved to Oklahoma from Alabama with a job change.  Both were artistic in college and loved having friends over the house and entertaining.  They say Paint Your Art Out is a great combination of both.  I painted a cupcake on my visit there.  Ben did a sketch and Renee helped me choose some colors and get started.  She led me through the process and let me do my own thing from time to time.  But you could tell, she wanted my cupcake painting to look AWESOME!  And I have to say... it does! I love it!  I got to choose my own colors so it goes with the decor in my home well.  And I love looking at it... and knowing... I did that.  I always thought it'd be fun to paint but it sure is great to have all the supplies/paints/canvases there and ready for you.  I'd be lost walking around an art store for a painting I may or may not actually do on my own.  I had so much fun at Paint Your Art Out.  They play host to children's parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and family parties.  They can even do custom designs, like paint your own pet or even a family ornament.  If you're looking for something different to do and spread your artistic wings... I highly recommend Paint Your Art Out.  I had a blast!!

Watch the story tomorrow night @ 9.

Paint Your Art Out


100 N Broadway # 160
Edmond, OK 73034-3756
(405) 513-5333
Open Tue-Sat 11am-9pm

Jaime's Favorite Things: Collected Thread

Hello my friends!

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying this heat.  The cold weather will come soon enough--but this is a hot weather fan talking.   I've been trying to highlight fun things to do in the summer months for you. And now that some of the kids are headed back to class, it might be time to do a little shopping!!  One of my brilliant producers referred me to this place in the Plaza District.  It's a little store called Collected Thread.  It's been there for three years and is run by a young twenty-something-year-old Oklahoma City transplant.  Lindsay Zodrow went to OSU from Dallas... but found her love here in Oklahoma.

You may have seen those "Local is for Lovers" Tshirts around town.  The words are written inside the outline of the state of Oklahoma.  Lindsay's husband is behind the T's.   Lindsay's behind the onesies the store sells that say "Okie", "Home Grown", and "Home Made".  They are so adorable.  She also makes yarn letters that would look darling in a baby's room.  And when you stop by Collected Thread ask about the installations Lindsay did herself!  One is an organic pattern of wooden spools along with books and book pages on the wall to represent the name "Collected Thread".   The store sells the wares of some 40 artists.  40 percent of what you see in the store comes from local artists.  Pottery, t-shirts, dresses, postcards, candles, books, necklaces, headbands, and lots and lots of purses and pouches.  Lindsay says if you are looking for a truly unique gift... her place is THE place to go.  Some of the items you'll find there are one of just four or five made!! Pretty cool.   Also cool,  Lindsay's store is right next door to one of her good friend's.  The owner of DNA Galleries actually called Lindsay when the space became available and the two have a friendly competition on the Plaza District. 

If you'd like to be artist and just don't know how...  Lindsay can help you get creative.  She offers craft classes on Saturday's.   She's hosted photography, graffiti, and cupcake decorating classes.  This Saturday's class will be on vintage repurposed jewerly making.  The class costs $35 and lasts 2 hours. 

I think we all know by now... I love love love LOCAL and think it's so great to see young people like Lindsay getting into business ownership.  I don't know if I could have been a shop owner in my 20's, but Lindsay makes it look easy.. and a lot of fun!  Congrats, Lindsay, on a job well done.

Here's some info from the website.  Happy shopping!  And if you have one, bring your "Keep It Local" card... you can get a discount.   


Collected Thread

1705A NW 16th Street OKC, OK 73106 (405)557-1141


Open: Tuesdays " Saturdays 11 to 7pm

Collected Thread is a handmade boutique whose purpose is to encourage and help support local craft, design, and art. About55% of the handmade items in the store are made locally. Come by for handmade and hand altered  clothing, housewares, accessories, jewelry, and little people stuff.

We are proud to be a part of the Plaza District and participate in LIVE on the Plaza( a monthly art walk that falls on the 2nd Friday of the month). This District is changing dramatically and we are happy to be a part of it.

Crafters, Designers, and Artists interested in selling your work at Collected Thread, please contact us through email at collectedthread@gmail.com

Jaime's Favorite Things: Oklahoma Aquarium

Hello again!

Hopefully you guys saw the teaser about the Oklahoma Aquarium last night.  I cannot stop raving about that place.  Just last summer, I was at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in La Jolla and I think the OK aquarium is quite comparable.  My first memory of an aquarium was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a little girl.  I remember being in awe of all the creatures and loving the touch tanks.  I felt a lot like that little girl again in Jenks.

We started off our tour with the feeding of the otters and beavers.  The otters are busy little guys and don't seem to slow down for much-- even food!  They were dashing all over the place and racing down this little slide.  The beavers actually stood still as they gobbled down their food.  From there, we raced over to the Coral Reef to catch the feeding there.  Two biologists put on their scuba gear and a little show for everybody.  Then it's time to feed the fish.  Those fish are hot on the prowl and follow the biologists around the tank as they disperse the food.  Then they use what looks like ketchup bottles to distribute food for the smaller fish.  It's really fun to watch and see the wide variety of fish in one place.  

By then, I was ready to get my hands wet!  We visited the sting ray touch tank.  Those guys are just velvety smooth.  So soft.  The small sharks that share the tank, though, are rough to the touch.  They feel a bit like a cat's tongue. 

Next up... we had to check out the big sharks.  I didn't know the Oklahoma Aquarium has the largest bull shark in captivity in the NATION!  Right here in Jenks, Oklahoma.  Incredible.   They have 18 sharks in all; bull sharks, sand sharks, and nurse sharks.  They each have their own look... from the standard shark you're used to seeing to the shark with all the teeth protruding from their mouths.   We entered the dome part of the shark tank... which means we were surrounded by water.. and sharks!  It was so peaceful as the sharks glided by us.  Some would come up close to the tank and you're literally just separated by that piece of glass.  So so cool!! I was really impressed.   Teri Bowers, the COO/Executive Director of the Oklahoma Aquarium, tells me the biologists love feeding the sharks but promptly get out of the tank when they start to circle a little too close!  Could you imagine that being  just another part of your work day?? 

From the shark tank we moved to some smaller creatures.  We checked out the Rocky Water sea creatures like a star fish and sea cucumber.  The shrimp boat offers up a boat load of shrimps for you to touch with a boat full of horseshoe crabs right next to it.  It's so cool to see these things up close and alive.  We fed the Oklahoma Turtles some carrots and checked out the jelly fish.  Those things were awesome.  Neon blue, pink, and bright white.  You just want to stare at them.  There is so much at the Oklahoma Aquarium, we didn't get to see it all.  I wish we had more time there, so if you go.. give yourselves plenty of time to take it all in.  You'll also want to check out the feeding times because you may want to plan what day you visit around what sea critters they're feeding that day.  I had a blast.  I want to go back... soon.

Oklahoma Aquarium


300 S Aquarium Dr
Jenks, OK 74037-4148
(918) 296-3474
Open Mon,Wed-Sun 10am-6pm; Tue 10am-9pm



P.S. Links and Prices are below.

Jaime's Favorite Things: Oklahoma Aquarium

Hi Friends!

I took a trip yesterday to the Oklahoma Aquarium. It was so so cool. If you have not been, you need to plan a full day.  You'll want to take your time to see it all.  Also, they feed the sharks on Monday's and Thursday's at 1:30.  Here's a look at the full feeding schedule.


The cost of admission is $13.95 for adults.  $9.95 for children 3-12.


I'll post more about my trip there and put pictures up on my Facebook Fan page tomorrow.


So be sure to stop by again tomorrow evening.

I also want to say thank you, friends, for your support of "Jaime's Favorite Things".  I am having a ball and hope I'm showing you places/people/things you haven't heard of or have been wanting to see or try.  Send your ideas to jcerreta@okcfox.com

See you at 9!



Jaime's Favorite Things: Lumpy Bits

Artist Laurie Ingalls describes her work as "strange creatures with the best intentions".  Named "Lumpy Bits", they seem to beg some kind of explanation.  I was absolutely intrigued the day I found a bag on my desk boasting "Jaime's Favorite Wild Thing" would be inside.  Our sweet reporter/weekend anchor, Jaclyn Schultz always insists I should get a pet. I refuse.  So she brings me little toy pets from time to time to make me smile and I happily display them on my desk and sometimes use them to harrass and tease my co workers. Little did I know what a reaction I was going to get from my co-workers with my newest furry favorite thing.  Inside the bag, I found this adorable little stuffed animal.  It looked kinda like a maltese or a llama with white fur, big doe eyes, and pink horns or antlers.. and a gold little nose.  :)  It was cute as a button but no one knew what the heck it was!! It has an adorable little bobble head that needs to be adjusted to sit up just right.. and can wobble back and forth when waiving in front of say-- a co-worker's face.  (Just for fun, of course.)  The pet was cute as can be.. but clearly unidentifiable and in a room full of journalists... that would not stand.  We wanted answers!! We wanted to know what this thing was.  That's when the research started.  On "Marcy's" name tag, it said "Lumpy Bits".  The googling began and I found Laurie Ingall's Facebook page.  Click on the photos link and she has a myriad of little monsters she's made up in her mind. From foxes, llamas, pandacorns, and yetis, this girl has the imagination that children's books are made of .  In fact, she says she gets her inspiration from books like "Where the Wild Things Are". Go to her in-home studio.. and that's where her wild things come alive. 

Laurie, just 23, started sewing at 17.  Now a full blown local artist, she supplies "Lumpy Bits" to DNA Galleries in the Plaza District and Merry Bells in Norman.  She says she loves drawing monsters and sketches out a few ideas before putting needle to thread.  She hand sews all her creations and can make several in a day. The name "Lumpy Bits" comes from her early years of sewing when she says she wasn't very good at stuffing and her "badly sewn toys" turned out a bit lumpy. But she's made progress since then and her next goal is to make big time Lumpy Bits.. which can be used as couches!!  I ask Laurie, about my little "Marcy".. she tells me it's a chihuahua/reindeer mix.  I've renamed it "Jax" to honor the girl who gave it to me.  And I like to call Jaclyn "Jax" occasionally too.. just to get a response. :)

Laurie is one of those people who makes me realize how non-artistic I am. It's incredible to see what her mind comes up with and how she brings these little creatures to (plush) life.  She's a great talent at a young age and I always love supporting our local artists.  Lumpy Bits cost anywhere from $20-$60. She can even take custom orders and loves making one-of-a-kind animals.  You've got to see these things!!

Check her out.

And remember, I want to know what your Favorite Things are.  Email me jcerreta@okcfox.com

Hope you enjoy the story Thursday and have a safe Fourth of July!



Jaime's Favorite Things: OKC Riversport

Hi friends!

I hope you are enjoying the summertime temps.  I love the hot weather and so prefer it to a blizzard!  I also love getting in the water to cool down.  Find me a pool or lake and a raft and I am a happy happy girl.  But lately, I've been trying to find fun ways to be active in my off time.  I don't want a "workout" to always be in the gym or staring at the wall of my garage while running on the treadmill.  That brings me to OKC Riversport on the Oklahoma River.

The Chesapeake and Devon Boathouses work together to bring you all sorts of water activities.  First of all.. if you haven't been inside the Devon Boathouse yet, it's worth a tour.  They have a propulsion pool, a full rowing simulator, and a room for high altitude training.  The place really is impressive.  At the Chesapeake Boathouse.. they offer bike, kayak, and paddle board rentals.

Paddle boarding is a fairly new sport, I believe.  I think of a picture I saw in one of the celeb magazines of Cameron Diaz paddle boarding in Hawaii recently... so I had to give it a try.  And Cameron Diaz, I am not.  ;)    We headed down to the dock along with Sherry Andrusiak with OKC Boathouse Foundation and two sprint kayakers, Jennifer Burke and Kaitlyn McElroy.   Jennifer and Kaitlyn are National sprint kayakers and are making a run for the Olympics.  They're also training right here in the OKC boathouse district.  Yet for today.. they act as my guides to the Oklahoma River.

Kaitlyn tells me how to hold the paddle properly and what to expect once on the paddle board.  She helps me go from dock to board. But this transition did not go as gracefully as I would have liked.  I got up just fine but I was facing right into the Oklahoma wind.. and I wasn't prepared for it to take me away.  You'll have to watch for the ridiculous fall I take into the water.  It looks like my feet take 500 steps hoping one of them will stick.. of course, none do.  I'm just hoping it makes good TV.  ;)  I take a little swim after my board, bring it back, and try again.  I have to admit.. it was a really hot day and I think I would have been a little disappointed had I not gotten wet that day!  Once back up.. and facing with the wind instead of against.. I start paddling my way around the river.  I really liked it.  It's very fun. Really a great way to spend a hot afternoon in the OKC.

Next up, Jennifer helped me into a kayak and I went for a little cruise.  Now this... I could really enjoy.  I know it's not sprint kayaking and I am definitely not going to win any medals.  But a lazy little spin around the river in a kayak can really whisk the stress of the world away.  I think it's so amazing that we have these things at our fingertips in the middle of Oklahoma.

Sherry reminds me that we have more coastline than the gulf coast and east coast combined and she absolutely loves gliding across the water. She started taking Introduction to Rowing and was addicted.  Now she works for the Boathouse District and rows competitively.

And it could all start with just an hour kayak rental!  It costs just $10 to rent a kayak, $15 to rent a paddle board.  $15 for a Pedal boat.  $10 for a bike with a helmet. 

There are so many things going on down there. And you can check them all out at Olympic Day on June 25th 9am-2pm.  It's free!  Here's a look at the press release.. I hope you watch tonight at 9.



Olympic Day to be Celebrated in OKC June 25, Includes Corporate Rowing & Dragon Boat Races;
Congressman Lankford, Mayors Office to Participate

OKLAHOMA CITY " June 13, 2011  Olympic Day will be celebrated in Oklahoma City on June 25 with a one-day free family festival in the Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River. The annual commemoration of the founding of the modern Olympics is celebrated in communities worldwide during the month of June.
   This free event runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m on the grounds of the Devon Boathouse, and will feature both Olympic and Paralympic sports including cycling, power lifting, sit volleyball, running, archery, gymnastics, rowing, and kayaking. Athletes will be on hand to teach the basics of their sports to anyone who wants to learn. The mayors office will proclaim June 25 as Olympic Day in OKC at 11 a.m., and Congressman James Lankford will be the featured speaker.
    OKC RIVERSPORT will offer free kayaking, rowing lessons, and dragon boating for participants age 8 and older. Representatives from the University of Central Oklahoma, Schlegel Bicycles, OKC Landrunners, and the Bart Conner Gymnastics academy will also offer interactive demonstrations of their sports.
Food will be available for purchase; parking and admission are free. Groups and individuals can register online at oklahomariverevents.org.
OKC RIVERSPORT Corporate Rowing & Dragon Boat Racing
   The days festivities will also include 48 teams in the OKC RIVERSPORT Corporate League who will be racing on the water in the annual Corporate Classic Regatta. More than 450 people will compete in the event in novice, intermediate, and advanced categories.
   For more information about these events, visit oklahomariverevents.org or call (405) 552-4040.
    The OKC Boathouse Foundation promotes the use and development of the Oklahoma River as a world-class urban aquatic venue and provides access to rowing, kayaking and fitness programs for people of all ages and abilities. OKCBF programs pursue the highest goals of sports and embrace the principles of the Olympic spirit which inspire athletes to work toward personal excellence, embrace the power of teamwork, and practice respect for all people and the environment. To learn more or get involved, call (405) 552-4040 or visit okcbf.org.
See us online: http://riversportokc.org
Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/riversportokc


Jaime's Favorite Things: Artspace At Untitled Cooking Class

I cannot say enough about the man I get to introduce you to Thursday night...so I guess I'll start with... he feeds me very very well!! Eric Smith is the executive chef behind West, Pachinko Parlor, and Sara Sara Cupcakes.  They are honestly three of my favorite places in town.  I frequent them often, sometimes more than once in one day, and are on my list of places to take friends/family from out of town.  I love the vibe in each place... each very unique... and mostly, I love the food in every one.

I was introduced to Eric when Pachinko Parlor moved to town not so long ago.  I'm not a huge sushi/fish fan so I wasn't sure how my experience there would go.  I learned very quickly that I loved it!  This is a sushi place where you don't have to love fish to love your meal. Pachinko has a very creative menu and if you're not into raw fish, there are plenty of "sushi" dishes you will love.  The "Philly Cheese Steak" comes with beef tenderloin and cream cheese!! Yum!! This place breaks the rules of the standard "sushi" place (while doing raw sushi very well, I'm told) and I am still so impressed with their originality.  I rave about it whenever the topic comes up.

Eric is also the man behind the scrumptious cupcakes at Sara Sara cupcakes.  They even make the marshmallows they serve on the cupcakes there!  And when West opened up... I couldn't get enough.  It is delicious, classy, and has some great people watching.  I've even spotted a few Okie celebrities in there before. :)

So... to the cooking class at Artspace at Untitled.  The Artspace is beautiful.  It's tucked in between new urban living condos on Third Street in Oklahoma City.  You walk in to an incredible open gallery.  We head upstairs where there is a living space in back for visiting artists.  Books and artwork are everywhere along with a magnificant open kitchen.   We all set up our cutting boards, put on our aprons, and get ready to learn from the best.

Eric is a very smart man, innovative in his field, and loves what he does.  He's also a whole lot of fun.  He lets us know from the beginning, we're going to enjoy ourselves, let our hair down, and eat some great food.  Eric loves introducing something different to a crowd...  something that you may never buy to use/cook at home.  So there are two ingredients he uses in this class to make the point... these foods are not as scary as you think.  Those ingredients.. rice paper and udon noodles.  The menu consists of a baby spinach salad with soy/sesame dressing with panko croutons, rice paper spring rolls with roasted chicken, arugula, and goat cheese,  "Asian" spaghetti with udon noodles, eggplant, peppers, shitakes, and ginger pesto.  For dessert... chocolate cake topped with coffee sauce, with coconut gelato, and coconut on top.

It's quite clear Eric knows his way around the kitchen. He starts whipping things up with ease while explaining what he's doing.  He starts by roasting some peppers, getting the udon noodles going, and teaching us the proper way to chop.  I loved his lesson on the proper way to cut an onion.  So simple.. but so great!   With his technique every piece is the same size.   Next, we learn Eric's secret recipe to an incredible salad dressing.  It's the dressing he uses at Pachinko Parlor and we're all drooling at the fact that we get to take the recipe home. Next, we start making spring rolls.  The rice paper looks like a bag of tortillas.. only the paper is hard and you just want to throw it across the room like a frisbee.  Take that funny thing and stick it in cold water for about a minute and you have a soggy "paper" ready to be worked into a roll.  Eric prepared braised chicken for us and passed it around the class. We added chicken, arugula, goat cheese, and some panko crumbs to the rolls, rolled 'em up and dug in.  Delish!  This is seriously something I could do at home.  I may just impress someone with my cooking one day!!   Next, Eric dishes out the udon noodles with a yummy pesto sauce.   We all sit around a large table chatting, eating salad, rolls, and noodles before Eric calls us back into the kitchen for one last lesson.  This one consisted of the Sweets!  He taught us how to make a very easy coffee sauce with coffee and condensed milk.  He gave us the recipes to the prepared cakes he brought for dessert, and started scooping out coconut gelato.  The cakes are made with banana, pineapple, and coconut.  The coffee sauce was delish.. and combined with gelato and a little coconut on top, you should have heard the students "oooh and ahhh" as Eric presented it to the crowd.  I knew I was among people who love the art of food as much as I do... and I will be back. This place is just too cool. 

Artspace at Untitled has classes throughout the summer. The next class will be on Mediterranean food on June 25th at noon. It's $75 to attend.  They ask that you bring a knife and apron. Chef Valerie Slemmons Mettry will lead the class.

Eric will be teaching another one very soon.  I'll let you know when he does.

ArtSpace at Untitled 1 NE 3rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104     405.815.9995    



Here's a list of Eric's restaurants.  I added a couple of my favorite items at each place. They are "must haves".  :)


West 6714 N. Western 607-4072

I love love love the mashed sweet potatoes.  My fave dishes are the steak salad, pork tenderloin, and gazpacho soup.  The desserts will blow your mind.  And everyone gets cotton candy for dessert at dinner.  My favorite dessert... the chocolate chip cookies with milk.



Sara Sara Cupcakes 7 NW 9th Street OKC 600-9494 and 17 NE 5th St. Edmond

I always get the Strawberry cupcake.  This place is not all frosting. The cake is truly incredible. I got stuck on the strawberry.. and just haven't tried much else-- it's that good!



Pachinko Parlor 1 NW 9th Street 601-8900

I love the Tempura Fried Fresh Green Beans, Beef Tenderloin Roll, Crab Rangoon Roll, The Wizard Turns on the Chicken Katsu Curry, and the Modern Pad Thai.

The story airs tomorrow night at 9!!
Hope you guys tune in!

Jaime's Favorite Things: Two Frogs Grill

Hello friends,

I know many of you will be headed to a Thunder game down in Dallas for the playoffs.  When you plan your road trip, schedule in a little extra time for a visit to the Two Frogs Grill.  Two Frogs is off exit 31A on I-35 in Ardmore.  It takes about an hour and a half to get there from OKC and is in the perfect place for a pit stop.  This place is not only a restaurant, it is a trip down a musical memory lane.

Aubry Harris opened Two Frogs Grill right out of college.  The OSU grad wanted to be his own boss, moved back to his hometown of Ardmore, and went to work 18 years ago.  Two Frogs has been rockin' out ever since.  Aubry considers himself a musician at heart and started booking bands to come to Ardmore.  38 Special was his first band to book.  And when he books a band, he always takes them to eat at Two Frogs.  The walls of the restaurant reflect Aubry's 18 years in the business.  Pictures of rock stars and country musicians cover the walls.  An entire room is dedicated to autographed guitars.   Stars like Brett Michaels, Willie Nelson, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stixx, Lyle Lovett,  Blake Shelton, and Miranda Lambert have guitars on display.  It's an impressive lists of musicians.  And I haven't even talked about the food yet. :)

Once you've taken in all the signed concert posters, framed pictures, and guitars... you may have worked up an appetite and want to check out the menu too.  If you're a Red Dirt music fan, you'll have to try the Stoney LaRue special.  Yes, good ole Stoney has a dish named after him.  It's the "Stoney LaRue's Filet Orleans" which consists of a beautiful filet cooked up with cajun spices and fried crawfish tails on top.  I first became familiar with Stoney LaRue's music when I worked down in Cajun Country of Beaumont, Texas.. so the match up of artist and dish seems to make great sense to me.  And it's pretty darn good too!   I also sampled the Ribs-- which... were... amazing! Aubry says that's what Miranda Lambert eats when she's in town and I have to say that girl's got great taste! The ribs are "float off the bone" yummy.   Miranda also loves for dessert, the most popular sweet at Two Frogs, the Famous Apple Dumpling.   Man.. that was so good.  It's a light pastry covering apples and cinnamon drenched in a sweet Mexican vanilla sauce.. that I could drink up with a straw.   The Chocolate Bread Pudding is amazing.  It is Aubry's grandmother's recipe and is also blanketed in that yummy Mexican vanilla sauce.   Then... there is My Absolute Favorite... The Incredible.. The Lip Smacking... Peanut Butter Satin Pie.  It is creamy.  It is dreamy.  It is covered in Hershey's Chocolate.. and it is the bomb.  It's also Aubry's wife Angela's recipe.  (Major props to Angela!) I love the hometown flavor of this place combined with the musical history of the bands/singers/stars who've passed through.  It's a unique place where the love of music and food make perfect melody.  And makes one heck of a great pit stop on a road trip.  Plus those frogs on the Two Frogs logo are just too darn cute. 

P.S.  Two Frogs has many concerts planned in celebration of its 18 year anniversary.

Oreo Blue this Saturday. Stoney LaRue May 27th. Buckcherry July 6th. Check out their website for ticket info.                                                             

Two Frogs Grill   

2646 West Broadway Street Ardmore, OK 73401-2531  (580) 226-3764

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TWO-FROGS-GRILL/171123676378


I also posted pictures on my facebook page from my shoot at Two Frogs. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oklahoma-City-OK/Jaime-Cerreta/172798636095891

See you tonight at nine for my story on Two Frogs Grill!


Jaime's Favorite Things: Wake Zone Cable Park

Hi Friends!

When my parents come to town, they love to take a trip up to Guthrie to do some antiquing.  And I love riding along.  The road trip is quick and fun, but one thing always caught my eye... a cable park on the right side of I-35 headed north.  For this week's Jaime's Favorite Things, I decided to find out what they're doing at the Wake Zone Cable Park.  And I do it with a splash.. after splash after splash! 

What they're doing.. is Wake boarding.  And I had a lot of fun learning how. Garrett Skeen is the owner.  He grew up on the water here in Oklahoma City and when Wake Zone Cable Park went up for sale.. he jumped at the chance to own the business.  His childhood friend, Matt McCaleb, is now a pro wake boarder and the "house pro" at Wake Zone. Matt's probably in San Diego as I type this competing as the NUMBER ONE wake boarder in Collegiate Tours SW Regionals representing OSU!  And... he was my pro who taught me how to wake board.  :)

I should tell you, I've never done anything like this before.  But I really like trying new things and trying to push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit.  The last time I tried waterskiing.. was the first time I tried.  It was when I was Girl Scouts!  I went down... forgot to drop the rope... and had a heck of time trying to forget that waterlogged experience.   So I knew this would be a challenge.  But as Garrett told me..."you will get wet, but the water won't hurt".  And I was ok with that. 

Matt, the pro, was so patient with me.  We went eight rounds of attempts at wake boarding.  With each face plant, Matt would tell me what I could fix to get on top of the board.  It really was fun even though I was wiping out time after time.  This will be good video because we even have helmet cam video for you to enjoy!!  I know the newsroom was having fun watching me wipe out.  You guys have got to tune in tonight at nine to see this. 

Wake Zone Cable Park operates on a cable.  So there is no boat needed.  The cable can support 7 riders on the water at a time.  The cost is $35 for all your rentals (helmet, board, life jacket) for one hour.   You can also buy a personal lesson for $79.   A wake board pro will work with you for a full hour.  You'll have the lake to yourself and they say you WILL get up on the board!  I believe it too.  I think this would be an awesome way to get "lake ready" before boating season begins. 

So.. two days after my shoot at Wake Zone... this ole lady is a little sore.  But I am ready to do it again.  I had a blast... felt like a little kid again.  And think I could be one baaadd boarder some day.  Who wants to go? 

Wake Zone Cable Park

901 East Camp Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044  Phone 405-443-3636

Website http://www.CableWakeZone.com

Hours Fri: 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm                                    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cablewakezone?ref=ts&sk=info

I have some great pics up on my facebook page.


One more note... Wake Zone is hosting a wake boarding competition June 23rd and 24th at their park.  June 25th and 26th at the Oklahoma River.  You should check it out! I know I will!!  

See you guys at nine!!


Jaime's Favorite Things: The Riley Group

I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off with this list of things to do that seems to always get longer rather than shorter.  That's why when I saw a Groupon for an errand running service I was tempted... but not really sure what I'd have them do.  When the deal came around again, I went for it.  I sat on this deal for a while, still uncertain of what I would do with this service.  That's when I took a look at that "Pending" list.. which is pretty much made up of stuff that I've been wanting to get done for months now.   I had some shoes that needed fixed, drycleaning dropped off, my recyclables recycled, and my closet... ugh.. my closet.   I finally picked up the phone and called The Riley Group.  

I was met with an upbeat and pleasant voice and we set up a time for a "personal assistant" to come to my house.  They also asked what my favorite drink is from Starbucks... hmmm.??

When my appointment came, my personal assistant was at my door holding a Starbucks Chai Tea and a cupcake--from Gigi's Cupcakes!!  We went over my list of things I needed done and she went to work in my closet.   As you guys know.. when cleaning, things get ugly before they get good,  and this girl was buried in hangers, clothing, and those long drycleaning bags.  We chatted a little about how I like my things organized and she made tremendous progress.  In just a couple hours, she had my closet color coordinated and somehow opened up space.  The shoes that were once hidden behind rows of work pants were cleared a path and I could see my shoes!  Work suits in one area, under shirts, shells, and tanks in another, and my tiny group of "off work" clothes had another space.  I was so impressed.  

That's when I left for work and my "personal assistant" headed off with my bags of things to go to the drycleaners, shoe guy, and recycling. I came to work gloating... hopped up on tea and clean closet, nibbling on my cupcake, feeling like the most spoiled person in the world.

I bought four hours of service and when the job was done I still had an hour left.   That meant a few days later, my "personal assistant" went back to the drycleaning place and shoe guy to pick up all my things.  I was actually shooting a "Jaime's Favorite Things" at Forward Foods and my personal assistant met me there with my clothes and shoes.  This must be what it's like to live the life of a celebrity. 

I thought an errand running service would be something for rich people or famous people... but those four hours really made a big dent in getting some of the little things on my "Pending" list out of the way.  I've kept my closet in good shape and it really helps to have my clothing organized and up out of the way of my shoes.  It was a simple readjusting she did but it really opened up space.  

I think of my sister who is a mom of two young kids and how she gets all the little errands done in the day.  I don't know how she does it.  Or what about elderly folks who can't make it up to the store easily?  I wanted to do this story near Mother's Day because I think it'd be a very unique and great gift for moms of all ages.. a way to make them feel very pampered and loved.  The Riley Group says they want to give you back your Saturdays.  Meaning... they'll take care of all those silly little errands that take up time on your time off.  :)   I think it's great.. and rather reasonably priced.   The Riley Group charges $35 an hour or $150 for five hours and they go all the way up for their "VIP" customers.  They even have a personal assistant that goes to a client's house to make their beds every day!  I should mention they have a cleaning service as well. 

The Riley Group wants you to get creative with your needs and know you can call them spur of the moment too.  They can help you if you forgot baked goods for your child's event at school.  Valerie Riley started The Riley Group, which is now in the process of franchising.  She was an entrepreneur in her teens.. starting a cleaning service before becoming a personal assistant herself.  I think you'd really like this service.  You can buy just an hour if you'd like.. have them take out the drycleaning, do your grocery shopping, etc.  I always say.. time is precious and if I can buy it, and can buy it, I will.  These ladies will give you back your time and make you feel like a Queen.. with a Chai Tea and Cupcake and all!

Watch tomorrow night at nine. 

The Riley Group


(405) 242-2267

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/rileygroup?ref=ts

Twitter: @therileygroup


5 hours for $150

Jaime's Favorite Things: Ingrid's Kitchen

I take Sunday brunch very seriously and when a friend of mine asked me to meet her at Ingrid's Kitchen, I learned the folks there take Sunday brunch seriously too.  This buffet has all the breakfast favorites you'd expect with some German ones mixed in as well.  But the hot item you have to try is the "famous" oven fried chicken.  I don't know what they do to it- and they won't tell me (family secret)- but it so good.  It's almost sweet in a way.  Plus, I love some mashed potatoes and gravy for breakfast and at Ingrid's you get that too.  But don't load your plate up too much on brunch, because trust me, you'll want dessert.  Included in the meal, is a buffet of sweets.  Cakes, cookies, pies, cobblers.  This is the stuff my dreams are made of.  I am telling you, you have got to come to Ingrid's Kitchen for a Sunday brunch sometime.  And if you do,  get there early so they don't run out of that chicken!  P.S.  Brunch is $13.85

On the day of my "Jaime's Favorite Things" shoot, we wanted to try something Ingrid's Kitchen is famous for.. along with some sweet treats.  Mickey Langley, the kitchen manager, cooked me up their Reuben sandwich.  This is thing is chocked full of hot corned beef, oozing swiss cheese, homemade sauerkraut, and secret sauce.  Their Reuben is "stick to your ribs" good.  Hearty, big, and delicious!!! I'll be ordering one next time I visit for lunch, not brunch. ;)

For dessert, we had two of the most popular desserts.. the bienenstich and the eclair.   I've been to Ingrid's many times and had not tried either.  I learned the thumbprint cookies were amazing and have never looked back.  But I may have been just a bit too loyal because when I tried the bienenstich, I think I fell in love just a little.  It's a lighter cake made up of sponge cake, layers of homemade cream, and topped with an almond and honey icing.  Heaven!!!   I was convinced the eclair didn't have a chance.. but just the look of it is impressive.  It is seriously the size of a jumbo burrito.. only instead of cheese and rice, this chocolate covered confection holds that delicious homemade cream inside.  Wow... is all I can say.  I think I was almost speechless.

Lee Burrus is the man behind Ingrid's Kitchen.  He was a customer and caterer when he learned Ingrid's Kitchen was for sale 11 years ago.  Since then, he's been catering and running the diner at Ingrid's Kitchen and he loves it.   He says he loved with the quaint, casual, and friendly atmosphere and I love it too.  I hope you will try it.  If you do, let me know what you think!

Ingrid's Kitchen

3701 North Youngs Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73112-7555
(405) 946-8444


On Facebook:


And check out pictures from my shoot on my Facebook fan page.


Ingrid's Kitchen. It's my favorite thing tomorrow on the Primetime News at Nine.

My next "favorite thing" is May 5th.  It's a new service in town that will make you feel like a star!  I am still raving about my experience with the errand running company The Riley Group.  It could make a great Mother's Day gift.


See you at 9!




Jaime's Favorite Things: Cafe do Brasil

Hi Friends!!

I am back from my trip home to Phoenix.  I had a great time with friends and family.  My parents and I even took at two day trip up to Sedona.  Loved checking out the Red Rock and the beautiful scenery.  On the way home, we stopped by Rock Springs for some amazing pies!!  We ordered a slice of Jack Daniel Pecan--which was amazing-- and a slice of Chocolate Cream.  My mom, dad, and I gobbled them down in the parking lot, then bought two pies to take home to share with my sis and her fam.  

Here's the website, if you're headed to AZ with pie on the mind. http://www.rockspringscafe.com/

Back in the OKC, I'm excited to introduce you to a place called Cafe do Brasil tomorrow. Ana Paixao-Davis is the owner and chef.  She came to OKC from Brazil in her 20's to go to college.  She started working with the great people from Johnnie's bussing tables, knowing little English. Now she's running a booming business of her own serving up amazing Brazilian dishes from her family's recipes! She is one of those incredible success stories that I think make America so incredibly great.  I can tell you.. Ana is someone you love the moment you shake her hand.  She is a tiny little thing, welcoming, cheerful, and absolutely running over with passion for the food she makes. 

So.. to the food!! I tend to frequent Cafe do Brasil on Sunday mornings.  It's in my arsenal of favorite brunch places around town.  And I love it because because you get a whole lot of food that will fill you up.  I order the Ovos Carreteiros.  I usually just point-- because, please don't ask me to pronounce it!  It consists of  three soft scrambled eggs with tender roast beef, roma tomatoes and onions.  Served with potatoes topped with green sauce and cheese, homemade refried beans and tortillas for $9.75  

Another favorite I get is a dish I have to order because I love anything with a fantastic name.  The Carnival Hangover delivers three soft scrambled eggs with our spicy homemade chorizo. Served with potatoes topped with green sauce and cheese, homemade refried beans and tortillas for $9.75.   This is scrumptious!

For dinner, I love the steak dish with Brazilian rice and beans, and collard greens.  Ana cooks up the dish for us tomorrow night.  It is so so good.   And if you haven't been before, you must check out the rooftop.  They have a great view from Midtown behind the big sign on the Kaiser's building.  It's a great place to be at night time to check out the lights, the new Devon building, or even Fourth of July fireworks. 

Cafe do Brasil is filled with live music, families, and incredible food. I hope you guys tune in tomorrow night at 9. 


Cafe Do Brasil  440 NW 11th St Ste 100, Oklahoma City, OK 73103 (405) 525-9779

We're going every Thursday with Jaime's Favorite Things til the end of May and we have lots of really fun things lined up for you.  So be sure to watch!

And send me your ideas.  What are your favorite things in and around OKC?  I'll most likely check them out myself and may get to feature them in My Favorite Things.  :)  jcerreta@okcfox.com

See you at 9!


Jaime's Favorite Things April/May

Hi friends!!

I just finished booking April and May for Jaime's Favorite Things.  In fact, we are booked all the way to June 2 (which is my bday, btw).  :)  Starting April 21 we are doing "Jaime's Favorite Things" every week through May 19 then we'll resume every other week.  And we are going to have a ton of fun!   We're going to eat some food from different countries and get a little help managing our errands and our lives.  I'm even going to try out wakeboarding for the very first time, we're going on a little road trip, and we're learning to cook!  Whooo hooo!  I am excited. I hope you'll tune in on Thursdays. 

I love when you guys send me your ideas... so keep 'em coming.  jcerreta@okcfox.com

And don't forget, I put pictures from all my shoots on my facebook fan page


and I'll always let you know when I have a new blog via my fb page and twitter @cerretanews.



Jaime's Favorite Things: Gigi's Cupcakes

Hi Friends!

I think we all know by now, I am a girl who loves her frosting!! A cupcake piled high with the yummy sweetness is sure to get my attention.. and the cupcakes at Gigi's Cupcakes surely did.  These cupcakes sport a tower of icing as tall as my four inch heels!  When I was gifted my first Gigi's Cupcake... I just had to have more and learn more about these delicious treats.  I headed out to meet Natasha Alikhani, aka the Cupcake Queen.  She rattled off the myriad of cupcake flavors with ease (some 60 of them in all) and says they make about 2000 cupcakes a day.  Gigi's has four cupcakes you'll see every day... the rest rotate out and they'll even give you a Cupcake Calendar so you know on what day your favorite "special cupcake" will be up for grabs. 

Natasha let me have a lot of fun in her store.  She was kind enough to try to teach me the Gigi Swirl-the name of that icing tower.   And I say "try" because I'm not sure I was the best student.  I always thought I'd be good at cake decorating.  I do a decent job at writing on the cakes when we have celebrations in the newsroom.  But I was absolutely no match for the Gigi Swirl.  I finally threw in the frosting bag and decided to do some taste testing.  Natasha picked her four best sellers for me to "sample".  (I love my job!)  We tried the Cherry Limeade, Lemon Dream Supreme, White Midnight Magic, and Chocolate Cream Pie.  You'll have to watch tomorrow to see which cupcake I liked the best.  The story airs tomorrow night at 9:12.   

Gigi's Cupcakes of Oklahoma City Mon-Sat: 8 am - 7 pm Phone: (405) 286-6200 14101 N. May Avenue, Ste. 104 Oklahoma City, OK 73134 Located in Quail Village across from Quail Springs Mall

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/GiGisCupcakesOK

Twitter: @gigiscupcakesok


Also, I posted pictures from my shoot on my fan page at


Remember, I want to hear from you!  What are your Favorite Things?!



Jaime's Favorite Things: Forward Foods

I am sitting here hungry as can be as I log my tape from Forward Foods.  Just listening to the shopowner, Suzy Thompson, talk about food, you can tell how much she really loves her job... and food!  And as a girl who loves food herself, she's making me love it even more.  Suzy describes her pasta as "toothsome" and her voice raises with excitement when she talks about the cheeses she gets from a man who makes small batches in Switzerland.  I'm having trouble focusing on this interview because behind Suzy sits row after row of delicious looking pasta sauces!! If you are a foodie, you need to see this story.. and to visit this store. And I need to get back to logging, then writing, so this blog is short.  But I've posted pics from my shoot on my facebook fan page.  Please "like" me there and check them out.


For a sneak peek at Forward Foods go to www.forwardfoods.com or check them out on Twitter:


Jaime's Favorite Things: Rocktown Gym

Hiya friends!
You may have noticed that we did not air a Jaime's Favorite Things last week.  After February, we are going back to every other Thursday... and will pick up *every week* again in May.  Do you guys have a "favorite thing" I've gotta see?!  I want to hear from you.  Email me at jcerreta@okcfox.com .

Tomorrow.. we are not shopping or eating, but I'm actually getting quite a challenge.  I have wanted to go rock climbing for the longest time.  I would see a rock wall at the JDRF Walk or on a cruise or at a fair... I knew it was something I wanted to do, but for whatever the reason, I let the opportunity pass me by.   When we were talking about what to do for my next Jaime's Favorite Things... I knew this was my chance to do something I've always wanted to try.  (It didn't hurt that one my co-workers, Aaron, does a lot of rockclimbing and did a lot of encouraging) :)   So we headed off to Rocktown Gym in Bricktown.   Surely, you've seen the place.  It's made up of a collection of silos just south of Bass Pro Shops and is on the water taxi canal tour.  On a pretty day, you can see people climbing the outside of the wall. 

I have to tell you, the folks there are incredible.  They partner with a non-profit called Touchstone Youth Project.  Touchstone works with other non-profits to give children across the metro a chance to learn rock climbing.  I can see where this would be a true confidence building exercise.  And it was a lot of fun too.

The "training wall" was a breeze.  I have to admit, I think I was a little cocky as I scaled up that thing.  But I had no idea what was beyond that simple wall.  Next we went to the "Slab" wall.. it has a slant to it-- thank goodness-- so you don't have to go straight up and it is a beginner's wall.  I am glad I was able to have the wall to myself when I tried it, because I am sure 10 year olds would have gone racing past me!!  The wall started out easy enough, (until about a foot up!) when I noticed how challenging it was to get the right grip with my hands and placement with my feet.  I just had to trust my feet-- and the rope holding me up-- and figure out a way to the top.  I took my time and have to admit was breathing heavily.  But I pulled and pushed and finally made it to the top.  The best part to me is the relaxing into the rope and enjoying a ride down.   One of the owners, Aaron Gibson, showed off his skills on the 90 ft wall for me.  It was pretty impressive and he made it look ridiculously easy!! 

I hope you guys enjoy this "Jaime's Favorite Things".  If you haven't tried rock climbing yet, I highly recommend it.  It's a great "new experience" and something the entire family can try.  You don't have to be in rockstar shape to do it and you can go at your own pace.  You guys can watch me climb the wall tomorrow night at nine.



Prairie Gypsies/Next Up

Did you guys see my story on the Prairie Gypsies?? If not, follow the link here.

Those ladies were so much fun... I just wanted to hang out with them all day. There are so many great people in Oklahoma City, doing great things... and I love that I get to highlight them in this segment. 

This is their website..


They're on twitter too: @prairiegypsies.   You should stop by and pick a little something up if you haven't been by there before.

Next Up... is me!

I'm going rock climbing!  I have always wanted to do this and yet.. have never tried.  I am so excited for this new challenge.  You've seen the old silo near Bricktown that's converted into a rock climbing gym.  On a nice day... you can even see people scaling the outside of the silo.  Well, today.. I'm going up!!  I hope I do well!!   I'll take some pics for you and put them up on my fb page. 


We did Jaime's Favorite Things every Thursday in May... now we're going back to every other Thursday.  So my story on rock climbing won't air until next Thursday, March 10th. 

Thank you guys so much for your support of this segment I'm doing.  And I want your ideas.  Email me at jcerreta@okcfox.com.

See you guys on the news!!



Jaime's Favorite Things: Prairie Gypsies

Yesterday was one of those days when I can't believe I get paid for this!  I do love my job.  :)My photographer Jamie and I spent the day with two of the coolest chicks in Oklahoma City.  Not only did they both sound just a little like Paula Deen... but they love to cook, and hey, I love to eat!   They call themselves the Prairie Gypsies and they run a little place to grab and go in the Paseo District.  I'm not much for cooking but I do love a homemade meal and have been having fun trying all their dishes.  They have family portions and singles too-- which are great for me to bring to work, heat up, and eat at my desk.  I've sampled the chicken tetrazzini, chicken and veggies with chipotle lime sauce, and the spicy black olive and roasted red pepper hummus.  The hummus lasted just one day and I was scraping that container for more.  The dinners... great!.. and I have an apricot pork with blue cheese dish waiting for me tomorrow! Debbie Leland and BJ White are the ladies behind these great creations.  Debbie ran the Boston Tea Room years ago.  Her salad dressing was so delicious people would beg to take home jars of the stuff after lunch.  That demand launched the Prairie Gypsy brand...  the salad dressing is called Parmesan Gypsy.  Now the line has expanded to a variety of sweet and spicy pepper jellies, jams, and butters.  I wanted to eat  my way through that store.  And I'll tell you this.. just get me a french baguette and a bottle of that Paremsan Gypsy and you won't hear a peep from me for a while.  I can't wait to introduce you to these wonderfully talented women tomorrow night on Jaime's Favorite Things.  In the meantime, here's a link to their website so you can peep their menu.  No reservations needed.. just see what's on the menu for today and stop by to pick something up.  They also have brownies and cookies that all looked incredible. 


We are open Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., closed on Sunday.

411 Northwest 30th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73118-8600
(405) 525-3013


I have been in love with Red Prime Steakhouse since the place opened its doors a couple years ago.  My parents and I go everytime they come to town.  They love it!  And they live in Scottsdale... which I call "The City that Smells Like Steak".   There are so many great steakhouses in Scottsdale but I think Red Prime is right there with the very best.  I just love the variety at Red Prime.  I got really familiar with some of the appetizers when some girlfriends and I just sat at the bar and ordered a couple appetizers to share.  The bartender recommended some great ones and I've been ordering all of them since.   The Beef Tenderloin Tamales are TO DIE FOR.  They are a flavor explosion.  I seriously order them every time...some times I refuse to share.   I also love the RP's Tomatoes.  You get fried green tomatoes with mozzarella and I think there's onion in there too.  But the onion's sweet and the balsamic vinegar they use is delicious.   For my main meal I get the filet.  I love that they have crusts and sauces to choose from.  When you order, you're making all these decisions and coming up with all these combinations.. it's really fun.  There's a coffee crust, a brown sugar crust and sea salt, pepper crust.  Really interesting.  My favorite sauces are the worcestershire and the brandy mushroom.  My top sides are the green chili mac, the horseradish potato gratin, and the flash fried spinach is something you should order for the table to try.  It's light.. almost like a little potato chip that melts in your mouth.  For dessert, my parents love the Red Velvet Cupcakes and you have got to try the Pecan Ice Cream ball.   Being that Red Prime is a Good Egg Dining restaurant, you may have seen the Ice Cream ball at Cheevers... it's a "gotta try" too.  This is my favorite thing right here... Red Prime has the $39 MENU!!   That means, I can order and appetizer, entree, side and get dessert for 39 dollars.  It's got to be the best deal in town.  Red Prime is a great place to hit up before a basketball game or even just for a fun night out.  The atmosphere is so cool with the "Red Wind" runway shining through the center of the restaurant.


My story on Red Prime Steakhouse airs tomorrow night!!

See you guys on the news!


Jaime's Favorite Things

Hello my fabulous friends! I have uploaded my pics from The Arcadian and Brown's Bakery to my facebook pages. 



If you'd like more info on the Arcadian Bed and Breakfast check out their website and facebook pages.   Martha is really good about updating her fb page and the website is awesome.



The front page of the website shows that amazing "vanilla butter" the Inn says they are famous for.  I want some right now.

While we're talking about doing some good eatin'... I had so much fun at Brown's Bakery.  First of all, Bill and Katie were just adorable!! They were such a cute couple and I love love love a family business.   I think one reason I loved Brown's Bakery so much is because it reminded me of my own family business.  The Cerreta Candy Company was born much like how Brown's Bakery came to life and the "Cerreta boys" continue to run the place.  The bakery just made me nostalic and that family is so so sweet.  I've posted Brown's Bakery pics to my facebook pages as well.

Brown's Bakery (405) 232-0363 Midtown 1100 N Walker Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73103

And I want to hear from you!! Please email  me with your favorite things around town.



Jaime's Favorite Things: The Arcadian Inn Bed and Breakfast

I hope you guys can catch tonight's Jaime's Favorite Things!! We visited the Arcadian Inn Bed and Breakfast.  Oh my gosh... seriously, that place is like a slice of heaven.  If you need a getaway but don't want to travel, this is definitely the place for you.   It's tucked into a neighborhood in Edmond, and you'll feel like you are far from home.  Watch tonight at nine. 

See you guys soon!

Jaime's Favorite Things: Put a Cork In It

Hi guys!!

I want to share with you the link to the story on Put A Cork In It.  The winery is along the canal level in Bricktown and IS ADORABLE.  The couple behind the winery is just too cute.. you just love their company and their wine is great too!   We lovvved the peach wine. 

Here's the link.


Jaime's Favorite Things: Put A Cork In It

Hi Friends!!

I have been a busy girl lately so I apologize for not blogging sooner.  Since we chatted last, I shot two different "Jaime's Favorite Things" and I have to tell you... I am loving it!  I truly love meeting and getting to know the people behind these storefronts.   This Thursday, I will take you to a place called "Put A Cork In It."  It is a little winery on the canal level in Bricktown.  It's right below Mickey Mantle's/Skyy Bar and right next door to the Bricktown Red Dirt Marketplace.  Andrea and John own and run the place.  They have a great story of how they met.  They grew up in the same small town in Oklahoma and came together later in life.  I'll tell you more in our story. ;)  It airs This Thursday.   Andrea and John are so much fun!  And their wine is delish too!!  I took my parents up there on one of their visits and we just sat and chatted and chatted.  Can't wait to show you guys the place! 

Put a Cork in It Winery 115 East California Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (405) 605-6656 putacorkinitwinery.com

This Thursday on the Primetime News at Nine.


Coming up in Feb... we're going to do FOUR WEEKS of Jaime's Favorite Things!!! That means instead of every other Thursday... we'll give you a new place to visit Every Thursday!!  Whooo hooo!!  I'm excited.

We'll start with the Arcadian Inn.  Have you guys been there?  If you're ever in Edmond, you've likely driven past it.  It's right next to the UCO and is a little slice of paradise right in the heart of Edmond.  Each room is beautifully and uniquely decorated.  The Bed and Breakfast boasts a "Vanilla Butter Sauce" that is to die for with their breakfast and has a huge jacuzzi tub in the middle of each room.   Plus... Martha, the Innkeeper, is just too cool.  She's one of those people that you just want to listen to all day long.  And that's pretty much what I did on the day of our shoot.  She's fantastic!! 

Well .. I gotta run.. got another Jaime's Favorite Things to shoot.  This one's at a place that calls itself the oldest family bakery in Oklahoma!  Do you know where it is?? 

Also.. I put pics up today from Put A Cork In It on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Jaime-Cerreta/172798636095891

See you guys tonight at nine!

And let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for "Jaime's Favorite Things".





Tonight's Jaime's Favorite Thing

Hi friends!

I always considered 13 a lucky number.  And on this January the 13th... I'm going to introduce you to one of the yummiest and most unique places around.  If you guys can't tell, I am a total foodie.  My sister has a thriving career writing about food, my family has 40 years in candy making, and I just want to eat eat eat!  I love finding the places that are off the beaten path or the places you just drive by every single day... the places that are little gems.. with delicious morsels for sale inside.  One such place I found just a few months ago. 

I drive Classen a lot.  There is so much to see.  I just want to visit all these little nooks in the Asian district and I always wondered what was behind the brightly painted glass windows on 19th and Classen in the Victoria Building.  That, my friends, is Cafe Antigua.  I loved the Guatamalan cuisine when I went and loved telling everyone I knew about it... but when I met and interviewed the family behind the now famous in OKC #7... I fell even deeper in love.  

Cafe Antigua is run by a family of four and a few friends who help out.  Benjamin Valdez--the dad-- cooks up the food with his wife in back.  His two college-age children wait on tables out front and help in the kitchen too.   They've had Cafe Antigua for six years.  Benjamin came to Oklahoma City first... then sent for his family back in Antigua.  And they brought all their delicious recipes for Guatamalan food with them.

The #7, The Molteleno, seems to be getting the most fanfare here in OKC.  I'm afraid many of us haven't even tried anything else on the menu because it's so good.  It is a flour tortilla... layer of refried black beans, another tortilla, a layer of eggs-cooked to order, slices of fresh avocado, and cheese.  It's served with chips and jalapeno sauce-- the house salsa.  And if you are really hungry, they'll even do a double stack for you!!  I love getting an extra side of refried black beans for my chips.  They are truly the best.  Then add a Strawberry Smoothie to top it off.    Oh, I am hungry after writing all this.  And after interviewing the family... you can tell they just love what they do so much.  Benjamin's a character too!  So get ready for tonight's story.  He had me cracking up. 

Cafe Antigua.  It's tonight's Jaime's Favorite Thing... and, trust me, it is so so good.


Cafe Antigua
1903 N Classen
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

(405) 602-8984

P.S... It's closed on Sundays!

Cafe Antigua

I'm all set for my next Favorite Thing!! I found Cafe Antigua with the help of my Twitter friends!  (Shout out to my tweeps!  They really know how to eat!)   It was a lazy Saturday morning and I was ready to do some good eatin'... so I turned to Twitter for some ideas.  And the ideas kept coming.  Many of them were the same... "Cafe Antigua!".   One person, who owns and operates several very nice restaurants around town-- we'll just say, he's a "good egg"-- said don't even look at the menu... just order the #7.  Another person said... "you better go today because it's closed on Sunday".  My curiosity was peaked and my appetite growing.  I convinced a friend to come along and I was on my way... to breakfast heaven.

I did look at the menu but I went with the #7 as my friend suggested.  I've been obsessed with it ever since. I'll put a picture of it on my facebook.  Seriously... delish.   It's a flour tortilla, layered with the most scrumptious refried black beans, another flour tortilla, egg on top with avocado, cheese and salsa.  It's served with a jalapeno salsa and chips.  My mouth is watering as I write.  It is incredible and I can't wait to find out all about this dish.  It looks like a spicy little breakfast pizza.   YUM YUM YUM!! 

I shoot tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes. 

Cafe Antigua (405) 602-8984 1903 N. Classen Boulevard Oklahoma City, OK 73106  

And remember, to send me YOUR Favorite Things and maybe I'll do a story on them.  jcerreta@okcfox.com

Thanks for reading my blog!!


Jaime's Favorite Things: BROADWAY WINE MERCHANTS

Hello my wonderful friends!

I hope you all had a great and safe New Year's holiday!  Did you stop by Broadway Wine Merchants for any champagne/etc. for your celebrations?  If you missed Thursday's story, here is the link.

A great and knowledgable guy named David Lack owns the place and he's always there.  I really like shopping at places where the people there seem to love what they do and that's definitely the case with David.  He can hook you up with great ideas for your next fiesta.

Broadway Wine Merchants is open Monday through Saturday 10am - 9 pm. 


824 North Broadway Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6009
(405) 231-0031



Just a few more places to eat in Scottsdale

A few late adds...

A friend of mine just texted me with her favorite restaurants in Phoenix... and they were so good I had to blog again.

Ocean Club, Sushi Brokers, Houstons, Pita Jungle, Grimaldi's, and Nick's.

Grimaldi's and Nick's are Italian.  Houstons has steak and potatoes, Sushi Brokers speaks for itself.  Pita Jungle is like that little Pita place in Norman that's so good.  I think it's Pita Pit. Ocean Club is high end steak and seafood. 

So those are Kristin's picks.  Let me know if you try any of the places we suggested.  Would love to hear your thoughts!


Arizona Bound?

Hi friends!!

I know many of you are headed to my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona for the big Fiesta Bowl game.  Hopefully,our Sooners can pull off a win this year!  Go OU!!  But no matter what, I'm sure your trip to Phoenix will be a success!!  As I type this, I am sitting in the Phoenix airport headed back to OKC after a wonderful Christmas weekend with my family... and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spots in my hometown. 

I call Scottsdale... the city that smells like steak-- in a good way! Around five p.m., you can smell all the grills firing up around the area.   Scottsdale has tons of high end restaurants and steak houses... one I recently went to was City Hall. It's comparable to Mickey Mantle's and is delish!  Lobster mashed potatoes... hello!

Some other great places to eat are:


Pizza Bianco- Oprah featured this place.  Prepare to wait... A LONG TIME, but I hear it's amazing.

Oreganos- has awesome pizza.  Cool atmosphere.  On Scottsdale Road.


Ajo Als- I used to go there in high school.  Still love it. 

Carlos OBriens- great too!

Salty Senorita- perfect patio for people watching on Scottsdale Road.


Sapporo- in North Scottsdale.  Great if you're staying near Kierland.

RA Sushi-in Tempe


The Mission- in Old Town Scottsdale.  Sorta like Cafe do Brazil.  I loved my meal there.

Here are a couple of my friends/family picks:

Leslie- AZ88.  by the Scottsdale Center for the Arts.  There's a chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce that's to die for!!  Go get it then tell me all about it!  I miss that sandwich.

Liz-Salt Cellar.  Great seafood.

My Mom- FNB. It supports locally grown farmers. Also, Lon's and El Charro.

For sweets:

The Sugar Bowl on Scottsdale Road- an old fashioned pink and white ice cream parlor. So cute you just can't resist. 

So what to do in Phoenix when you're not eating?

There's tons of shopping! 

Scottsdale Fashion Square is huge and has all the big name stores and labels.  It's massive. 

Kierland Commons for outside shopping.  

Old Town Scottsdale has great local vendors,local artwork.  http://www.scottsdaledowntown.com/

Here are some great things to do:

The Fiesta Bowl Parade.   This is a must especially if you are going to the game.  :) It is the perfect kick-off to all the festivities.  It's a great parade and is usually on a beautiful sunny morning.

On New Year's Eve... the Fiesta Bowl block party takes over Tempe on Mill Avenue.  Lots of food vendors, contests, live music.  

Check out this website to see what's happening Fiesta Bowl-wise around the area ahead of the game itself.


On your way to the stadium... you may want to check out THE CERRETA CANDY COMPANY!!  Yes, there is a relation.  :)  My father is a 3rd generation candy maker. His grandfather made candy out in Canton, Ohio.  Now his father and brothers are at it too...right on Glendale Avenue.  You can also find Cerreta's Chocolates at Safeway and Fry's stores along with gift stores at the Phoenix Airport.  I'm always so proud when I see them.   And if you try them... you'll know why.  I don't even have to be biased to say...they are INCREDIBLE.   My faves are the French Mint-- top seller-- and the Peanut Butter Pizazz-- Pb and Chocolate.   Ya can't beat 'em!   The candy factory offers tours and has a retail outlet.  They do private and group tours.  Give them a call to make sure they're open when you want to come by.  www.cerreta.com  (623) 930-9000

Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo is a fun event for the entire family.  They have trails of lights for you to discover.


Desert Botanical Gardens http://www.dbg.org/

Hike Camelback Mountain

I love the drive on Lincoln Blvd right in front of Camelback Mountain.   Camelback Inn is a great place to check out too, even just to grab a bite at one of the hotel restaurants or get a massage at the spa.

The W.  The W is one of my favorite places to people watch.  It has a great upstairs/outdoor patio.  It is Scottsdale to the fullest.  You'll know what I mean when you see it. 

I hope you guys enjoy your stay in my hometown and Gooooooo Soooners!!



Hi friends!

I shot my next "Jaime's Favorite Things" yesterday.  I will be featuring Broadway Wine Merchants at 8th and Broadway.  David Lack is the owner and he is one cool cat.  He greets everyone who walks in the door with a smile and a "hello".   While I was there, I realized how many customers' names he knew right away.  This guy is all about customer service and he really knows the stories behind all the liquor, wine, and beer he sells. I find this helps me out a lot because I am a very efficient shopper.  When it comes to errands, I am usually in and out of places.  David will greet me at the door.  I'll tell him the occasion and he'll lead me straight to a couple great and affordable suggestions. His recommendations have always been winners whether for gifts, parties, or parents.   I'm in and out of there in ten minutes or less.. and David or one of his employees is carrying my new purchases out to my car!  Ya just gotta love that! :)  The story airs Thursday December 30th, New Year's Eve.. Eve on The Primetime News @ 9.

Broadway Wine Merchants is open Monday through Saturday 10am - 9 pm.  It will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.


824 North Broadway Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-6009
(405) 231-0031


I hope you all have a very safe, happy, and blessed holiday with family and friends.  Thank you so much for letting me share in your lives with you.   And here's to a great 2011!!


Blue Seven Story Link

Hi Friends!

I am in a commercial break on this lovely Friday evening and wanted to give you the link to the story about Blue 7.   That place is just too much fun!  

Send me your favorite things at jcerreta@okcfox.com.

The next Jaime's Favorite Things airs December 30th on Broadway Merchants.

Have a great weekend!





I can't remember how I first found Blue 7... but once I did, I just kept going back.
This place has the most eclectic mix of products.   I have a friend who
has very particular taste.  He happens to like a certain chair designer.  In Blue 7,
I found a very nice pen that had all these chairs on it.   And guess what,  they were
chairs by the designer my friend loves.  He couldn't believe it when I gave it to him.
I couldn't believe it either!! I also got a former colleague of mine a picture frame made
from recycled computer keyboard... which got a lot of praise in the newsroom.  

The biggest thing about Blue 7, to me, is it makes you smile.  The items are creative and
thoughtful, a lot of them are local, and many are nostalgic.   You can get something goofy
or something really nice.

Caleb Arter owns Blue 7 along with his wife.  He says he never knew he'd be in retail,
but absolutely loves it. They recently opened up a jean bar which has 200 different
styles of denim for both men and women.   

They also carry:

Purses by matt and nat  
Hobo Wallets
Toms shoes
Nixon wallets and headphones
The cutest little scissor and tweezers you ever did see
Alam business card holders
Classy and cool pens
Eco cups that look like Starbucks plastic cups or styrofoam
only they're reusable!!

I can always find an awesome gift at Blue 7.  This place just makes me happy... just
writing about it.. I want to run up there and SHOP!!!
Next time, on Jaime's Favorite Things, we are going to do a little shopping for New Year's Eve.
I'll take you to Broadway Merchants.   It's a little liquor shop where you always
get greeted with a smile.  Thursday, December 30th on the Primetime News at 9.

Blue 7
7518 N May Ave # A Oklahoma City, OK 73116-3247 - (405) 604-5199
Open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm

P.S.  both SHOP GOOD and Blue 7 accept the "Keep It Local" card and offer 10 percent discounts
with the card.  Woot!

I'll put pictures from my shoot on my facebook soon.  facebook.com/cerreta

New Favorite Thing Tomorrow

My next favorite thing is a place where I love to find gifts.  Not only is it super close to work, but Blue 7 also has such kitchy and unique gifts.  The owner, Caleb Arter, is a leather worker and used to contribute his designs to the store.  That is... until he bought it five years ago!  Now he's having a blast at "market" finding all sorts of cool stuff to bring back to Oklahoma City.  I ended up buying a small light up Christmas tree made from an old computer circuit board.  A 9V battery acts as the stem!  So cute.  I picked up a little gift for my brother-in-law too.  He's a finance guy and he doesn't read this blog... so I can tell you what it is!  I found this rubber calculator at Blue 7 that looks like a chocolate bar.  Super cute.  I spent just 12 bucks there and walked out with two great gifts... and yes, I did a little shopping on the job.  ;)   It's one of the perks.  So, tune in tomorrow for much more on Blue 7.  They have something for everyone. 
In case you want to check it out on your own... here's the address and phone number.

Blue 7
7518 N May Ave # A Oklahoma City, OK 73116-3247 - (405) 604-5199
Open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm

We'll have a preview for you tonight.  Then Blue 7 on Jaime's Favorite Things Thursday Dec. 16 on the Primetime News at Nine.
See you on the news!

Coming Soon...!

Hi Everybody!

I stopped by SHOP GOOD over the weekend and the Falks say a lot of you have been visiting the store since the segment on them aired.  I love hearing that!! Thank you!

My next "Jaime's Favorite Things" will feature Blue Seven.  It's a place I always go when looking for a really unique and interesting gift.  I challeged the folks there to help me find the perfect gift for a boss, co-worker you don't know well, boyfriend/girlfriend and... for the in-laws!  I'm excited to see what they come up with for us.

My next "Jaime's Favorite Things" airs December 16th on the Primetime News at Nine. 

See you at 9!



Hi Friends!

I hope you enjoyed my first "Jaime's Favorite Things".  I am already having so much fun collecting ideas, learning how to blog, and talking to people about some of Oklahoma's treasures.

If you recognized SHOP GOOD tonight, you may have seen it in the Plaza District. It recently moved to 9th and Broadway in August.  But already, owners Audrey and Justin Falk tell me they are loving their new 'hood.   With neighbors like Iguana Grill, Sara Sara Cupcakes, and Pachinko Parlor's patio literally in their front yard; they are having a blast.  And speaking of a blast you gotta love the train that screams by just steps from the Falk's business which doubles as their home.  They live right upstairs!!! I asked how they sleep with the train's whistle so close and they say they get their zzz's just fine.  They may just have to pause during a conversation from time to time to make sure they don't miss a word.  The train just seems to add to the character and charm of 9th street.  

SHOP GOOD's eclectic collection of clothing, kitchen accessories, glasses, wallets, jewelry, etc. make it so much fun to shop there.  In just 20 minutes, after a lunch at Pachinko Parlor,  I managed to get presents for a neighbor, my mom, her friend and I had to buy one of their cute cuffs for me too.  I am a cuff fanatic!!  And I love that Audrey's friend's mother-in-law makes them.   There is such personal story and cause behind everything in the store.   

Buy for a Cause: 

The Spero Project contributes cards and Christmas ornaments to SHOP GOOD.  The organization helps refugees from places like Burma transition to Oklahoma City.  The women are paid to make gift cards and ornaments.  While they create alongside women from Oklahoma, they learn to communicate non-verbally and pick up a little English too. http://www.thesperoproject.com/

Cool whistle necklaces from Falling Whistles help rehabilitate child soldiers in Congo.  http://www.fallingwhistles.com/ 

Sseko Designs creates sandals that "give twice", as they say.  Money from sales goes to help educate women in Uganda.   $42 for a pair of sandals. http://www.ssekodesigns.com/

Audrey's friend runs Village of Hope Uganda.  Orphan children in Uganda hand make beautiful necklace beads created from recycled paper and magazines.  I can't imagine how much work goes into making just one bead!  Then there's the varnishing and stringing of the necklaces.  The orphan children are paid for their work.  And they get to choose how to spend their money like putting it toward building a school or even a well in their town.  Necklaces start at $15. http://www.villageofhopeuganda.com/

SHOP GOOD also features the really fun, trendy merchandise of Toddland and Dear Creatures.   Audrey says she was interested in Dear Creatures because that's the clothing line actress Zooey Deschanel tends to wear.   Prices run from about $22 to $99.  http://www.dearcreatures.com/  

Toddland just has really cool stuff from wallets to t's.   I saw a 5 pound Gummy Bear in the store from Toddland and it also has a bunch of mustache merchandise which seems to be huge right now. :) http://www.welcometotoddland.com/

For every product not directly tied to a charity,  the Falks donate themselves.  They choose a new charity every season.   Right now, it is The Tapestry Project in Oklahoma City which rebuilds run down homes for low income families across the metro. http://www.thetapestryproject.org/

SHOP GOOD it's one of my favorite things.  I love that it's locally owned, features locally made products, and gives back to local charities.  And, I have to tell you,  prices are very reasonable too.   I am always leery about the prices when I walk into a boutique.   The prices here made me smile.  
To watch the segment go to 
http://www.okcfox.com/newsroom/top_stories/videos/kokh_vid_2528.shtml .


3 NW 9th Street
Oklahoma City, OK, 73102
Mon - Sat
11:00 am - 9:00 pm

I'll also put pictures up on my Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/cerreta
And follow me on Twitter:  @cerretanews

"Jaime's Favorite Things" will air every other Thursday.  My next segment airs on December 16th!!   

P.S.  I want to hear your ideas too!  Email me at jcerreta@okcfox.com. 

See you soon!!


"Jaime's Favorite Things" Debut!!

Hi guys!

I am so excited about this new segment.  I get to take you to all my favorite places around town.  I love finding new venues for eating, shopping, learning, or just plain looking around.  It's the story behind these businesses along with the passion of the local business owners that I find attract me most.  When I find those people and places, I am a loyal customer to the core!  I hope to show you Oklahoma City's gems through my eyes... and I want to hear about your favorite places and things around Oklahoma too!! So email me with your ideas.  Maybe I'll join you for your favorite game of frisby golf or a tour of your grandfather's ice cream parlor! 

Tonight's debut of "Jaime's Favorite Things" kicks off with a little place nestled between Pachinko Parlor and Sara Sara Cupcakes on 9th Street and Broadway in Oklahoma City.  It's called SHOP GOOD.  The store has cool, hip products that everyone will love and every purchase gives back.  SHOP GOOD supports so many charities both locally and globally, it is an inspiration. 

Tune in tonight!! "Jaime's Favorite Things" will air every other Thursday on the Primetime News at Nine.  I hope you love my favorite things as much as I do! :)



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